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Member since: Sat Apr 2, 2005, 03:11 PM
Number of posts: 98,632

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Mike Lindell Pleads For Help as MyPillow 'Crippled' by American Express

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a prominent supporter of Donald Trump's discredited claim that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, has claimed American Express has taken "our credit line from a million dollars down to $100,000" which "just cripples" the company.

The outspoken Republican made the claim on Monday during an appearance on the War Room podcast of Steve Bannon, who served as Trump's White House chief strategist at the beginning of his administration.

In July, Lindell claimed MyPillow had "lost $100 million" after major retailers stopped stocking its products in response to his 2020 election fraud claims, saying he was hit by "massive, massive cancellation."

Lindell provided financial support for legal efforts to reverse Joe Biden's election win and the MyPillow logo was included on TrumpMarch.com, a website promoting the January 6, 2021, protest in Washington, D.C., which immediately preceded the storming of Congress.

Womp womp! Eat shit, MAGA losers!

Texas sends 15th bus of asylum seekers to Los Angeles. It's the second in four days

A group of 45 migrants who reached Los Angeles Friday morning are the second to arrive by bus from Texas in four days.

Mayor Karen Bass’ office confirmed that the group of asylum seekers marks the 15th to arrive in L.A. since the first bus arrived in June.

The bus that arrived Friday pulled into Union Station shortly after 9:30 a.m. after leaving Texas around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, according to L.A. Welcomes Collective, a group of immigration advocates, faith-based organizers and city and county officials. The group of asylum seekers, which includes 13 families and 23 children, traveled from Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

On Tuesday, 40 asylum seekers from Venezuela and El Salvador arrived in Union Station, the L.A. Welcomes Collective said.

Hey Greg, stop this shit right now. It's not funny. You're a fucking asshole. Stay the hell out of my state. You're not welcome here.

Megachurch Pastor Jack Hibbs Launches Nationwide Campaign to Out LGBTQ Students

California Republicans recently introduced a bill that would require school districts to notify parents within three days of learning that a student is “identifying at school as a gender that does not align with the child’s sex on their birth certificate, other official records, or sex assigned at birth.” LGBTQ activists say that Assembly Bill 1314 would put transgender students at risk, but radical right-wing California pastor Jack Hibbs hopes to spread the requirement to school districts around the nation.

Hibbs—who just last month declared that he was “embarrassed” that he and other pastors are not being attacked for standing against “LBGTQ transgender lunacy” while “kids are being raped by the public school system”—posted an “urgent call to action” on social media Monday in which he announced that he’s launching a campaign to push back against the “demonic and dark satanic powers” that are supposedly “sexualizing” and “mentally abusing” public school students.

“We are launching right now a campaign to equip and mobilize every citizen to petition—every parent, every grandparent—to petition their local school board, no matter where they live … and demand that your school board adopt the language of AB-1314,” Hibbs said. “We are going to be instructing you shortly on how to do this in your town, requiring your school board to adopt AB-1314 verbiage. … I want parents to know that the school has to notify the parents before they do anything with your child that’s secretive regarding their health, their sexual questioning, whatever. Parents are to be notified.”

He went on to warn that the belief that this nation is a “democracy” is dangerous.

“A democracy steals your kids, kidnaps them, so to speak, at school and takes control,” he continued. “A constitutional republic says, ‘Wait a minute, we have a say.’ Here’s what we’re asking you guys to do: Get your pastors on board, your city council members on board, get your mayor on board, get the word out because we’re coming with this, and it’s going to be great.”

Fuck this MAGA conspiracy theorist genocidal scumbag and everyone like him. Also fuck the Chino Hills school board for enacting this policy. I hope they rot in the hottest of hells.

I figured it out. Fox isn't a news organization. It's a multi-level marketing firm.

Think about it. How do fucking idiots like Marjorie Greene, Ryan Walters, Ronny Jackson and Tommy Tuberville all make it into positions of power and profit from those positions? And we can't get rid of them? Well, they speak Fox.

Most multi-level marketing firms offer shiny prizes for those that speak the brand to the people that want to hear it. The people on the right that got into positions of power did so because they speak the language and rhetoric that Fox promotes on a daily basis. Fox is no different from say, Herbalife or Avon. If you sell enough product, you too can get the shiny prizes!

If you speak Fox enough, and to the people that actually listen to what you have to say, you too can make your way into any position of power you want. You want to run for your local schoolboard? Sure, watch Fox until your eyes bleed. And Sean Hannity will convince you that you know more about education than someone with a Master's degree in education! Want to make it even further and run for a state representative, governor, senator, representative? Sure. Just appear on Fox News and say everything they tell you. All day every day. Rinse and repeat. Get more vocal about it. This is how we get incompetent buffoons like Mike DeWine and Sarah Sanders in charge and we can't get rid of them.

Which brings us to the ultimate member of the Fox Multi-Level Marketing Company: Donald J. Trump. Yes, I don't need to remind you that Trump was once a registered democrat. That was until after 9/11 and he bragged about having the tallest building in New York. But Trump became consumed with right wing propaganda coming from Fox and it's affiliates 24 hours a day.

Trump cannot live without Fox. Yes, he says that he now hates them because they had to do the right thing and call 2020 for Biden. But that doesn't mean that he won't turn down the next 1,000 appearances on Hannity. Hell even 24 hours after denouncing Fox on his social media hidey hole, he had that super awkward interview with Tucker Carlson in prime time. Same with all of the other peons that they've installed into power, like Sarah Sanders, Mike DeWine, Tommy Tuberville, Marjorie Greene, Lauren Boebert, I can go on and on. They can't live without Fox. They are addicted. It is their vice.

So yes Fox is the ultimate multi-level marketing company. They trout out the shiny prizes in front of millions of viewers every single night. And those that are glued in enough think they can run for office. In return, Fox gets two things - they get power, and they get policy. The representatives and leaders that they elect are basically nothing more than glorified content creators for Fox. That's why the House is so fixated on things like Hunter Biden's laptop, despite that those of us who aren't tuned into the cult don't give a shit. They only care about what looks good for their News Corp masters. Otherwise if they speak out against them, they'll lose their jobs and be replaced with someone who is a cult bootlicker. Just ask Liz Cheney, she knows a thing or two about that one. Rupert Murdoch is pure evil.

I got to see Metallica at SoFi Stadium last night.

Holy shit what an awesome show! And SoFi Stadium is extremely impressive. Can't wait for night 2!

This is what the tour is like to give you perspective:


People flying on American Airlines say they want flight attendants to shut up about credit cards

Passengers are losing their patience with American Airlines, complaining that flight attendants are hard selling the carrier's credit cards on planes.

Several people on the r/americanairlines subreddit say they took flights on the carrier, and had bad experiences with flight attendants eager to make a sale. The airline offers a wide array of co-branded credit cards.

"I get it. The flight attendants make $50 on each approved applicant. They live in the same world I do and they need money. But they are getting too aggressive," a person with the username StudioLoftMedia wrote in a Reddit post.

"I have been tolerating this, but what pushed me over the edge recently was a redeye from LA to NYC, it was 5 in the morning and the flight attendant practically swallows the PA phone as she proceeds to wake up the entire aircraft and begin the 5 minute rant about why we need the card," StudioLoftMedia said in his post.

YES! I've been on a couple of flights lately (including one last week) where they've been pulling this bullshit. It definitely needs to end now.

Listen up, right wing conspiracy theory stupids:

Can we now agree after the devastating Maui fire that climate change is a threat to our very existence? And unlike imaginary space lasers or 5G cell phone towers, climate change is far more likely to kill you than just about anything else you can possibly imagine. We have to get to work fixing this, or Mother Nature is going to have far worse things in store for us that will make the Maui fire look like someone is playing with matchsticks.

Well I called it. The right wing never once cared about women's sports.

As evidenced by their hateful, mean spirited, and spiteful comments on the US Women's National Team losing. And especially the white male commentators lime Ben Shapiro practically had orgazams about this loss. Like the classless assholes that they are.

It was never about children or trans people. It was about eliminating entire groups of people from existing. The women's sports issue was just a scapegoat. The right wing hate machine is pure fucking evil.

The question we aren't asking enough: How did the GOP get to be so cruel?

I thought about that after reading Beto O'Rourke's post on Twitter calling out Greg Abbott for his cruelness regarding migrants at the Rio Grande. Which was then met with 1,000 replies all spouting the same stupid right wing bullshit conspiracy theories we've all heard 1,000 times before. Hillary Clinton's tweet about Abbott was also met with the same stupid conspiracy theories about adrenochrome. It's getting old at that point.

I mean, what kind of sadistic psychopath do you have to be to push starving women and children fleeing oppressed states back into the river? Or send them to another state to say "fuck you" so you get points on AM call in talk shows?

What kind of sadistic psychopath do you have to be to dox and threaten to murder teachers and doctors for doing things that you don't agree with under the guise of "protecting children"?

What kind of sadistic psychopath do you have to be to systematically deny and bully the victims of a mass casualty event such as Sandy Hook or Parkland because you value your weapons over the lives that they take and destroy from us, because a deranged idiot on social media told you the government was coming to take your guns?

What kind of heartless ghoul of a parent encourages their kid to bully someone else into suicide because they might be gay?

What kind of soulless sociopath do you have to be to get your jollies from making someone else cry just to get likes on social media?

What kind of heartless ghoul do you have to be to police what teachers can and can't teach? And banning what kids can and can't read on top of that?

What kind of psychopath do you have to be to not only boycott a store because they sell merchandise you don't like, but to then go destroy property and threaten to murder the employees and executives who work there?

And above all else, who gives these psychos a platform and enables their cruelty? The Christian right. AM talk shows. Fox News. Social media. They are the enablers of hate and the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one wants to properly address. It's time to start addressing it or the cruelty will continue.

Meme I made: Offensive flags

(this meme was made in regards to the talking point that liberals get offended by the flag. We don't. Just their obnoxious, in your face and incredibly fake version of patriotism.)
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