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Dumb Criminals: Tresspassing Suspect Leaves Credit Card Using It To Jimmy Garage Door

WEST SUNBURY, Pa. (AP) — State police in Pennsylvania say a trespassing suspect used his own credit card to jimmy open a garage door, then left it behind when the homeowner suddenly appeared and startled him.

The important clue helped police arrest 41-year-old Brent Henry, of East Butler, on Saturday in Clay Township.

Police tell the Butler Eagle (http://bit.ly/19PtgTC) that Henry used the card to pick the lock at a friend's mobile home.

Police say the homeowner heard a noise and caught Henry, who ran away but left the credit card behind.

Police say Henry told them he planned to take some gasoline for another friend's car.


Dumb Criminals: Washington Man Attempts To Use Car Pool Lane With "Most Interesting Man" Cutout

FIFE, Wash. -- Troopers don't always stop people in the HOV lanes, but when they do, they prefer "dos" passengers.

A motorcycle trooper parked along the left shoulder of I-5 South in Fife Monday afternoon spotted a driver and rather unusual "passenger" pass by him in the HOV lane at 70th Avenue East. The trooper pulled the driver over and discovered the "passenger" was none other than a cardboard cutout of the actor who portrays "The Most Interesting Man in the World" in beer advertisements.

Trooper Guy Gill said the driver knew immediately that he was busted, but did say of the cutout: "He's my best friend."

Gill said they see sleeping bags and other props from people trying to cheat the HOV lane, but this was by far the best.


Stay thirsty my friends.

Where the Ted Cruz '16 Logo Really Comes From

Feel free to use and reuse.

John Oliver Exposes Corruption Involving City Municipal Violations

The man is batting 1000 lately :

Dumb Criminals: Michigan Teen Girls Bragged About Stolen Tip Jar On Snapchat


In St. Clair Shores, Dairy Queen employees say several young women swiped their tip jar full of cash.

"I thought, oh my gosh. Here I am giving away everything today and they're stealing what they can't get," says Dairy Queen owner Liz Hope.

The girls were not the appreciative customers Hope was hoping to get when she handed out free ice cream cones Monday in honor of Dairy Queen's 75th anniversary. She says that's when a group of five unruly teens walked up to her stand on Harper Avenue and collected their free ice cream cones, but instead of thanking her she says they took off with the tip jar.

"I think they have a lot of guts," says Hope.

"I turned around and I screamed to my boss. I was like, 'They just stole our tip cup!' says Alexis Demaria, who was waiting on the girls at the time.

Demaria stayed with the crowd lined up outside, while Hope and her pregnant daughter ran after the girls.


AP Issues Correction After Mistaking Robert Durst For Limp Bizkit Singer

A jimromenesko.com reader first flagged the error that looked like this on AP:

NEW ORLEANS (AP) – A Louisiana State Police trooper says millionaire Robert Durst has been booked on weapons charges in that state – on top of a first-degree murder charge lodged by Los Angeles authorities. Trooper Melissa Matey told the Associated Press that an arrest warrant was issued for the former Limp Bizkit frontman and he was rebooked in the Orleans Parish Jail on Monday under two new charges.

It was only after Romenesko asked the AP’s spokesperson to confirm the Robert Durst/Limp Bizkit error that the story was corrected:

The Associated Press reported erroneously that Robert Durst is a member of a band. He is a real estate heir; Fred Durst is the former frontman of Limp Bizkit.


On the plus side, this is the first anyone has talked about Fred Durst in years.

Dumb Criminals: DUI Suspect Walks Intol Police Car While Parked At Gas Station

BRUNSWICK, N.Y. (AP) -- It may have been the easiest driving while intoxicated arrest ever made by the New York State Police.

Authorities say a trooper was driving a marked patrol car Saturday night when he stopped to fill his gas tank at a convenience store in Brunswick, near Albany.

While the trooper was gassing up, state police say, a 50-year-old man from nearby Troy pulled in and parked next to the trooper's car. Police say the man got out of his vehicle and walked directly into the trooper's car.


John Oliver Destroys The NCAA On Selection Sunday

Dumb Criminals: Inmate Mails Threatening Letter To Obama To 1400 Pennsylvania Ave.

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A man convicted of child molestation has admitted mailing a threatening letter from a western Pennsylvania prison to President Barack Obama — albeit to the wrong address.

Joseph Savage pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to counts of threatening the president and threatening the president's family.

Prosecutors say Savage was awaiting trial in Fayette County Prison in October 2012 when he sent a letter threatening to "torture and murder" the president and harm a member of the president's family.

The letter was mailed to 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington. The White House is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. but received the letter anyway.


Rush Limbaugh: If Kanye West Sang The Oklahoma Racist Chant, It Would Be A Hit

Rush Limbaugh argued the racist chant by University of Oklahoma fraternity members would be a hit song if Kanye West performed it.

The conservative talk radio host was discussing the social media firestorm over the co-hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” who blamed hip hop music and rappers for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chant about lynching and racial exclusion, reported Mediaite.

“Twitter is blowing up,” Limbaugh said. “Twitter should be blown up, if you ask me. Some of the most repulsive hate and disgust in this country is on Twitter. Countless, thousands, millions of times a day. But beyond that, Twitter is blowing up angry as hell at Mika Brzezinski for daring to say frat boys at OU were simply mimicking a rap song.”


Context matters, Rush.
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