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To the MAGAs complaining about Trump getting banned from social media:

Let me make something perfectly clear: You are *NOT* entitled to social media accounts. Social media may be free speech, you can argue that point. But the corporations who control the platforms you use - whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc, are privately owned companies. They own the sites. They make the rules. They can determine who gets to use their sites, through this thing that literally all social media platforms have called a "Terms Of Service Agreement". Which is a set of rules that can dictate who can and cannot use their sites. And you most likely didn't read it.

And let me say this as someone who has moderated multiple message boards in my tenure on the internet in terms that you can understand. Think of it like your driver's license. If you use your driver's license irresponsibly - whether you get in a DUI or you get in a serious accident, or even arrested, you can have that license taken away. Getting banned for using your account irresponsibly, whether it's through death threats, racist / sexist language, or harassing people, is like getting a speeding or parking ticket. The more tickets you accumulate, the more of a case that the owners of these sites have for taking away your account.

That's how it works. Every single site you've ever been to on the internet has at least a basic set of rules. Even those far right websites, like Parler, GAB, and Telegram have TOS agreements, even if they don't necessarily police or enforce the speech rules. Yes, a user who makes death threats, uses threatening language, and harasses people whether it's racist or sexist, would be considered a risk to the owners and moderators of any of these sites. It doesn't matter what their platform or message is. By calling for violence, and repeatedly harassing people, Trump acted irresponsibly and Twitter and Facebook acted accordingly.

Irresponsible behavior isn't tolerated on the internet, period. It doesn't matter who you are. If you're an abusive jerk, you will get found out and banned for it. And yes, our previous president repeatedly engaged in irresponsible behavior. It finally took a massive act of violence for him to get the axe no matter how many times he was called out on it. The internet may be the new public square, but we still have rules and decency standards. You can make up all the conspiracies you want about things like "shadow banning" (whatever that is) but they simply aren't true.

If you can't understand how to follow the rules, then maybe you need to go back to pre-school and kindergarten and learn some basic manners, and see how quickly not following the rules and repeatedly flaunting your boorish behavior gets you sent to the principle's office. You're not getting banned or de-platformed because you're a conservative posting conservative views on the internet. You're getting banned or de-platformed because you're an abusive jerk who repeatedly breaks the rules. And that's not on the companies who own, run, police, and advertise on these social media sites. That's you.

Cypress College professor on leave following viral video of heated exchange with student

A Cypress College professor is on leave after a Zoom video of a heated discussion with a student who called police “heroes” in class went viral recently.

The incident took place during a recorded online session and began after student Braden Ellis gave a presentation on cancel culture and police for a class on verbal communications. In the discussion that followed, the professor interrupted him multiple times, not agreeing with his support of law enforcement, according to the video.

A nearly three-minute clip of the exchange — which was widely circulated online and has since garnered national attention — begins after the presentation.

Throughout the discussion, the professor interrupts the student and presses him on various points about policing in America.

“I think cops are heroes and they have to have a difficult job,” Ellis said in the video. “But we have to have …”

At that point, the teacher interrupts, asking, “All of them?”

“I’d say a good majority of them,” he responded, noting that there are “bad people in every business.”

Fuck you Fox! Thanks to this BS my school is on lockdowns and is getting death threats because of this exchange.

Newsom: No new COVID deaths for LA, first time in 410 days!


This is great news!

LMAO! Former Guy is now reduced to being the MC at a hotel dinner theater!


This would make a great "how it started/how's it going" meme!
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