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Member since: Sat Apr 2, 2005, 03:11 PM
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OMG! Florida really is the penis of America!


Hey what's with this Thursday Night Amazon Prime commercial?

I thought there was supposed to be a football game or something?

1776 Movement Intentionally Clogs VA Suicide Prevention Line To "Free" Jan 6th Protestors

One of the things that the (mostly white) Jan. 6 defendants are experiencing for the first time is how slowly the justice system can move when you are considered too dangerous to release back into the public. The general angle that most insurrection apologists have taken is that the attempted coup d’etat at our nation’s Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, was a no harm, no foul violation of civility. Things got out of hand. While many of the people there were talking about hanging Vice President Mike Pence and stopping Congress from making the electoral votes of the 2020 presidential election official, things got broken because everyone was having a grand old party time.

The fact is, these MAGA folks broke a lot of laws. Most of the laws these folks broke—running the full gamut of trespassing and vandalism to outright sedition—are federal laws. As such, right-wing fascists have been crying about how they are being treated by the legal system. In the case of the Jan. 6 defendants, there is ample video and social media evidence placing them at these scenes of all the crimes they are being charged with.

On Monday, Daily Beast reporter Zachary Petrizzo reported that “members of the 1776 Restoration Movement were back in Washington, D.C., this morning, and part of their activities included trying to flood the Veterans Crisis Line with bogus calls urging the D.C. jail to release Jan 6th rioters.” This comes just two months after the Office of Veterans Affairs (VA) made their Veterans Crisis Line (VCL) even easier to remember and contact.

The group that purports to want to restore the United States back to 1776 decided the best way to protest the Jan. 6 participants who are still being detained and who are also veterans was to jam up the VA crisis line. The group stipulates that the many “political prisoners” in the Proud Boys, who happen to also be military veterans, are not receiving medical care in the prison. Besides the fact that there is no evidence that this is a thing that’s happening, there are some real questions as to whether or not the folks who may or may not be pleading guilty, or found guilty, of sedition against our government, should even have veteran benefits anymore.

I honestly can't imagine what a fucking low life piece of utter dog shit you have to be to intentionally clog the suicide prevention hotline. All it does is make you look like a horse's ass and utterly pathetic. And it doesn't help your case at all. God these people truly suck.

This sounds like the worst festival ever!


Also too are we going to overlook the irony of a taco truck being present at a Trump festival?

Conservative Commentator Nick Adams Wants Kid Rock to Drop an Album on the Same Day as Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift revealed that she’ll be releasing her 10th studio album, Midnights, on Oct. 21 at the 2022 VMAs on Sunday night (Aug. 28), and now, conservative commentator Nick Adams has turned the announcement into a political conversation.

The pro-Trump author took to Twitter on Monday (Aug. 29) to suggest that Kid Rock — who is also an avid supporter of Donald Trump — should release a new album on the same day as Midnights. “People are craving real music with thought-provoking and emotional lyrics. Who better to give it to them than Kid Rock?” he wrote. “I GUARANTEE his album would outsell and outclass hers!”

In 2021, one in every 50 albums sold was Swift’s, according to MRC Data, and she was the country’s second most-streamed artist following Drake. Swift sold 2.4 million albums last year, 2.17%, up from her leading 1.89% in 2020.

That’s not all. After hearing that he was trending on Twitter, Adams doubled down on his thoughts with a video. “Kid Rock is an American bad ass alpha male and Taylor Swift is an American embarrassment and the world’s largest polluter. I stand by every word!” he captioned the clip, before adding, “Raise your children to be like Kid Rock and Kyle Rittenhouse, NOT Taylor Swift and Harry Styles!”

LMFAO, alpha male my ass. I saw the seating chart for Kid Rock's Oct. 1st show at Glen Helen in San Bernardino. That place holds 60,000 people. The place is half empty! Tickets were going for $30! They couldn't give tickets away! Meanwhile Taylor could sell out multiple nights there and a few at SoFi and come out ahead in the deal. WTF is this guy smoking?

The propaganda is the problem.

Look as much as all of us here want to see Trump go down for potentially committing treason, we need to have an honest conversation here. We're not going to get anywhere or see real progress being made in this country until we have an active and honest discussion about the damage that the conservative propaganda and echo chamber is doing to this country. Now you might say "Oh but if we go there, we're policing free speech!!!".

I got news for ya - thanks to the conservative echo chamber, they're banning books. They're attempting to police free thought because of "wokeness" - a term coined by a batshit crazy news network that is out for one party domination. Don't believe me? Just look at what's being done to drag shows right now. Hell, Trump even floated the idea of bringing back concentration camps. Thanks to the conservative echo chamber, we have school board members hanging out with terrorist groups like the Proud Boys and flashing white power signs. Even Nazism is fashionable again. Look, the conservative echo chamber is taking the US on a path towards genocide and apartheid - something we didn't think was possible even 10 years ago. And those of you who are saying "It can't happen here!", oh yes it can. And it's being enabled 24 hours a day.

Conservatives don't know what they want. They're being constantly fed lies from Fox News, AM radio, megachurches and internet sources like Lindell TV and Infowars. When you're fed lies that long, you start hearing and seeing and believing whatever they tell you. Which is why conservatives think that a Hungarian Nazi (yes, he really is a Nazi) is a model role model for how future conservative leaders should behave. That's scary as hell.

Here's the thing - every abuser has their enablers. Trump is an abusive, psychopathic, insane man. So are his underlings and yes men Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott. But like all abusers, Trump definitely has his enablers. And his enablers are the echo chamber. His enablers are Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Mike Lindell, Alex Jones, every mega church pastor in the country. OAN. Newsmax. Tons of right, far right, and super far right podcasts. Pick your flavor - they're all out there. They convince their flock day in and day out what their boy is doing is right, and anyone who attempts to come after them is an anti-American socialist nutjob.

But the direction that the conservative echo chamber is taking this country in is dangerous. Election denial is a powerful drug and we may be seeing a lot of it. We may be in uncharted in 2024 if DeSantis or Trump refuse to concede. Which is why we need to have a frank and honest discussion about the conservative echo chamber. And you know why it's called an echo chamber? Because every talk show out there has literally the same guests. And they repeat the lies until people eventually start believing them.

The conservative echo chamber is killing the planet and turning people against each other. It enabled Trump and his abusers to inflict even further damage than one may realize. Hell personally I've lost friends and relatives to this bullshit. It makes it so people can't have a civilized discussion with each other. It makes it so people can't lose an election gracefully, everything has to be a conspiracy now. But if conservatives are going there, we need to call them out and who's enabling them. We need to do something about it, and we need to now. Because tomorrow may be too late.

Armageddon Update: We Asked Nice

Man Titus nails it again! Trump committed treason - repeatedly and he is getting away with it, it’s truly disgusting!

You have reached: GREAT MAGA KING STATUS


ROFLMAO!!!! These dipshits really expect us to take them seriously when they do ridiculous crap like this? It's like they are playing some really fucked up RPG or something. Hey MAGAs - we're laughing at you, not with you.

This is who the GOP wants to replace Liz Cheney with - a Q Anon conspiracy theorist loser.


Seriously, Q Anon is a cancer. It must be eradicated as fast as possible. Fuck these people.

Trump says 'temperature has to be brought down' after Mar-a-Lago search

Former President Trump said on Monday that his aides reached out to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to offer “whatever we can do to help,” saying the “temperature has to be brought down” after a spike in threats against law enforcement following the FBI’s search of his Mar-a-Lago estate.

“People are so angry at what is taking place,” Trump told Fox News.

“Whatever we can do to help — because the temperature has to be brought down in the country,” he added. “If it isn’t, terrible things are going to happen.”

The FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago one week ago in connection with its investigation into whether Trump violated the Espionage Act and other federal statutes. Agents seized 11 sets of classified documents from the estate, although Trump has claimed he declassified the material.

The search has set off waves of criticisms of the FBI and DOJ from Trump and his allies, who argue the investigation is politically motivated. Some have called to defund the agency.

A new intelligence bulletin reportedly warned of a spike in threats against federal law enforcement following the Mar-a-Lago search, referencing an incident on Thursday at the FBI’s Cincinnati field office in which an armed man tried to breach the building and later died in a standoff with law enforcement.

OMFG! Trump stole nuclear secrets and information about our covert agents at home and abroad! He doesn't get to walk away from this with a slap on the wrist.

And then he goes on fucking Fox News - the one organization that brought us here, that is almost single-handedly responsible for the fragile state that the country is in, to tell everyone to calm down? Ha! Talk about preaching to the choir, bud. LMFAO, this really is a cult.
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