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Member since: Sat Apr 2, 2005, 02:11 PM
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Please, sports reporters, for the love of god, stop the "Houston, we have a problem" jokes.

It wasn't funny the first time, it's not going to be funny the 500 millionth time. Stop it, now!

Fox News is deliberately responsible for what happened today.

There is no mistaking this. Everyone in the GOP and on Fox News - Hannity, Carlson, Watters, Ingraham, Pirro or Boebert, Greene, Kirk, Owens.... the list goes on and on. My point is that they have been "joking" or winking and nudging their minions to assassinate, harass,stalk, or threaten to murder democratically elected representatives and officials for the last 7 years now 24 hours a day. What the fuck did they expect was going to happen? You can't egg people on like that and expect that no one is going to act.

Just look at the kind of mind that Trump attracts. He attracts people who are disconnected from regular society. People who are angry. People who have personality and social disorders. He's made worshipping himself into a religion and inspires hate and harassment all over the world. Trump brought out the worst in people, and Fox News is deliberately egging them on 24 hours a day. They are denying election results and sucking up to religious fascists. They really need to be treated as an enemy of the state. They do not have the best interests of the United States at hand. It's some absolutely sick and twisted behavior and it needs to stop now.

This fucking bullshit will get people killed.

Fuck you, Mastriano, your sorry ass should be rotting in prison.

Even Chump's most hardcore supporters look bored.


David Barton: "The Constitution is a god-given document"


No it isn't, you brainwashed cultist morons. You're in a cult. Get over yourselves. This kind of shit is very dangerous. And any church that invites this lunatic to speak should lose its' tax exempt status.
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