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Initech's Journal
Initech's Journal
November 21, 2023

Mixed reactions as Javier Milei wins Argentina presidential election

Reactions have been mixed as the world reacts to the election of libertarian outsider Javier Milei as the next president of Argentina.

Taking a chance on the eccentric economist’s programme of radical reform after decades of economic stagnation, the Latin American nation handed Milei an overwhelming victory on Sunday.

His election heralds a dramatic shake-up of the country’s economy and institutions amid public anger over high inflation and record poverty rates under the centre-left Peronist coalition.

“I am a man of democracy, and I value nothing more than the popular verdict. I trust that tomorrow we can start working with Javier Milei to guarantee an orderly transition,” said outgoing President Alberto Fernandez.

“I congratulate Javier Milei for bravely representing the will to advance and prosper that lives in the hearts of Argentinians. He knew how to listen to the voice of young people and the fatigue of millions of neglected and impoverished people,” said former President Mauricio Macri.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Fuck you Milei and fuck you Putin. The bad guys win again.

BTW John Oliver's explanation of Milei:

November 12, 2023

The man accused of attacking Nancy Pelosi's husband was caught up in conspiracies, defense says

After his arrest, DePape, 43, allegedly told a San Francisco detective that he wanted to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage. He said that if she told him the truth, he would let her go and if she lied, he was going to “break her kneecaps” to show other members of Congress there were “consequences to actions,” according to prosecutors.

DePape, who lived in a garage in the Bay Area city of Richmond and had been doing odd carpentry jobs to support himself, allegedly told authorities he had other targets, including a women’s and queer studies professor, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, actor Tom Hanks and President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

The professor, who is also expected to testify next week, was DePape’s main target and DePape went to the Pelosis’ home to have Nancy Pelosi “lure her out,” Linker said.

San Francisco Police Acting Lt. O’Connor, who helped process the crime scene, testified she collected a sleeping bag and two backpacks from the Pelosis’ patio that DePape allegedly brought with him. Items in the backpacks included a sledgehammer, zip ties, gloves, duct tape, cash, a Canadian passport, a Canadian birth certificate, men’s clothes, a video game console, and two inflatable, multicolor unicorn costumes, she said.

WTF! I knew this guy was crazy... but two multi-colored unicorn costumes? I feel like MSNBC buried the lead on this one. I need to know more.
November 4, 2023

GOP Rep. Zinke proposes bill to ban Palestinians from entering US

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) introduced a bill Thursday that could ban Palestinians from entering the U.S. and possibly expel those who are already here.

Zinke, who served as secretary of the Interior Department under former President Trump, introduced legislation called the Safeguarding Americans from Extremism Act.

The legislation would require the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to halt granting visas, asylum and refuge for people who have a Palestinian Authority-issued passport. The bill would revoke the entrance or visa for individuals who came to the U.S. after Oct.

“This legislation keeps America safe,” Zinke said. “I don’t trust the Biden Administration any more than I do the Palestinian Authority to screen who is allowed to come into the United States. This is the most anti-Hamas immigration legislation I have seen and it’s well deserved. Given the circumstances, the threats to our immigration system and the history of terrorists abusing refugee, asylum and visa processes all over the world, the requirements in this bill are necessary to keep Americans safe. This bill does exactly that.”

This is some seriously scary shit here. Fuck Ryan Zinke.

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