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Initech's Journal
Initech's Journal
March 3, 2023

Seriously, Marjorie, just move to Moscow and get it over with already.


I'm sure Vlad would love to have you in his volunteer army. You can live out your wildest 2A fantasies there.
February 20, 2023

So Marjorie Three Names is calling for a national divorce.

OK let's play her game then! So here's what would be on the table if the red states were to secede:

1. The red states would lose complete representation in the House, Senate, and Supreme Court.

2. The red states would also lose any support of the United States military for both domestic and foreign operations. And their bases would still be the property of the United States.

3. They would not get control of Washington, DC.

4. They would also lose any subsidy money coming in from blue states like California, Oregon, Washington, New York, etc.

5. They'd have to formulate their own government and write their own constitution (and come on, that infighting would be fucking spectacular to watch). They'd also have to create and fund their own military. Which, considering they don't like to pay taxes, would go broke in about a week.

6. Considering they don't believe in things like rules and regulations, their entire industries would fall apart.

7. Also since they don't tax anything, and don't believe in taxes their government would be broke in about a week.

8. Also since they don't believe in Social Security, there'd be no retirement money waiting for them either.

9. Also, also, since they don't like "woke" education and prefer dictators, it wouldn't be long before they turn into North Korea either.

So yeah I'd give their little experiment about a week before they go broke and turn into a third world country, and would be begging to return. And even that's being too generous.

February 15, 2023

Differences Between Left Wing Media And Right Wing Media 101:

This is for Marjorie Greene, Lauren Boebert, Ronny Jackson, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, and others in Congress who are outraged by the fact that DirecTV canceled OAN and Newsmax. Let's go over the differences between left wing media and right wing media.

Left wing media reports real news using things like "facts" and "logic". Left wing media reports news and facts without using outrage and fearmongering.

Right wing media reports the news through heavily manufactured and choreographed talking points, excessive fearmongering and fake outrage which is then filtered through what's called an "echo chamber". And it's called an "echo chamber" because there are literally thousands of shows and hundreds of networks out there that are all selling the exact same product. It's what economists refer to as a "perfectly competitive" industry.

Now let's go over what a fact is, vs what an opinion is.

A fact is something like "There have been 102 mass shootings since January 1st, 2023." Or: "Average global temperatures have increased by 1 degree Fahrenheit."

An opinion is something like: "The department of education is evil and corrupt and must be abolished". Or: "Rhianna's Super Bowl halftime show was demonic in nature".

Fox News, Newsmax, and OAN engage in the latter. They actively engage with the viewers and listeners through graphic imagery and outrageous headlines, which are designed to keep viewers afraid, docile and ignorant, while their nightly talk show hosts and guest stars tell you how to feel and what to think about given issues. That is not reporting the news. That is reporting opinions. This is active brainwashing and mental conditioning. The right wing does not want a well informed population that's capable of critical thinking. They want to keep people uneducated, ill informed, docile, and ignorant. Left wing media does not do that. But then again this is what happens when their favorite president brags about how he loves the poorly educated.

So right wing Congress people - some of which barely passed high school and didn't go to college - you don't need to investigate any further. You're not being silenced because you're a conservative. You're being "silenced" because your opinion channels are the voices of hate, racism, sexism, and division in this country. It's been like this since Rush Limbaugh and even dating back to when Joseph McCarthy was the house speaker.

Fox News, and other channels like it (and that includes streaming sources on the dark corners of the internet like Lindell TV and Infowars), keep people fighting with each other over bullshit culture war issues like M&Ms and Rhianna's half time show, while the right wing consolidates all the wealth and power in this country. It's how they were able to steal two presidential elections, Texas, Florida, and the Supreme Court from us. And they're gearing up to steal 2024.

People are tired of the hate and we want a massive change. This isn't 2016 anymore and your social media shit posting and trolling is so old that it can vote. No one wants to hear the hate and racism that you keep spewing. Turn down the fear mongering.

February 13, 2023

I think I figured something out about the MAGAs.

And the answer is simple yet complex. The answer? They're not happy. With anything.

No matter what the outcome of any situation is, they will find some way to spin it so they come out as the victim in that situation. It must suck to have that much of a victim complex. But that's what happens when you live in an echo chamber that feeds you nothing but hate, lies and propaganda 24 hours a day.

Like for instance this thing with the Chinese spy balloon. They wanted Biden to shoot it down. He shot it down. They're still complaining and now saying that the balloons may have had missiles or bioweapons. I mean come on, that's some conspiracy theory tin foil hat nuttery. And no, we don't give a shit about what Trump would have done. He probably would have started World War III.

Or take an issue like jobs / employment rate. In 2020, jobs were at the lowest point in history since the Great Depression because of the COVID outbreak. Now Biden's brought back jobs to one of the best unemployment rates in the last 40 years, and the MAGA response? They're complaining about inflation rates and saying that Biden isn't doing enough to protect consumers.

Or Rhianna's half time show. It was a pretty decent show and nothing really out of the ordinary happened. So what do they do? Complain about how it's not kid friendly enough. What do you want? The Wiggles to perform at the half time show? Kid Rock? Ted Nugent? Some Christian rock bands? Puke.

So how do you make someone change their attitude like that? All the MAGAs do is complain and obstruct. They are never satisfied with anything. Trump attracts people with anxiety issues who are disconnected from society and are constantly angry about everything. If you try to make the other side miserable or cry all the time, it is you who will ultimately be the miserable one.

February 10, 2023

Seriously, the app store ads are the worst part of owning a smart phone.

It's seriously like 25 different versions of the same game but with different characters. No, I'm not playing Matchington Mansion, or Evermerge, or Woodoku, or Hero Wars, or Fishdom, or Royal Match or any of these other games. And then even worse is that these ads take you to the app store with the intent that you're going to download them and they won't go away no matter how many times you exit them. And they seem to be getting worse with each update.

And no, a level on a matching game on a smart phone is not an accurate substitute for a real IQ test. And seriously, stop showing the fails too. Show when they actually win for once.

February 6, 2023

I feel like we're living in the movie Don't Look Up.

If you haven't seen the movie, it's on Netflix and it was nominated for Best Picture in 2021. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a scientist who discovers that a giant meteor is heading towards earth and will end all life as we know it.

But the biggest threat to humanity isn't a meteor. It's a megalomaniacal mad man with a global domination complex and his finger on nuclear weapons named Vladimir Putin who is currently residing in the Kremlin and refusing to give up power. He surrounds himself with genocidal maniacs like Demitiri Medvedev. And he's killed anyone who dares to speak out against him.

He's also knocking off the world's super powers one by one by weaponizing propaganda and turning people against each other, and steering countries towards fascist and authoritarian policies, and installing murderous wannabe dictators in countries like Turkey and Hungary. He tried it in the UK with Boris Johnson, Brazil with Bolsonaro, and the US with Trump. Right wing propaganda is a seriously powerful drug and people who fall under its' spell are constantly looking for their next fix.

But the propaganda wars are working in his favor. We live in a world where facts are replaced with conspiracy theories, and history is replaced with alternate history. Where up is down, good is bad, black is white. I never thought I'd live in a world where so many people think that Hitler is the good guy. What the hell did we fight World War II for then? Hate sells, and right now it's selling well. It's a very profitable business to be in. I learned in middle school history that propaganda was bad. Never thought I'd see what we are currently seeing, ever.

Seeing people turn in favor of Vladimir Putin and against the Ukraine is seriously disheartening. Seeing white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys enact terror on drag shows because Tucker Carlson told them to is also disheartening. Watching schools boards flip by getting crazy people elected who think that they're doing "god's will" banning books and CRT is truly beyond the pale. Seeing what Ron Desantis is doing to Florida and Greg Abbott in Texas is absolutely criminal. The right wing is becoming a very dangerous cult by embracing authoritarianism and merging with hardcore religious fascist ideals. The merger of church and state in the United States would be devastating beyond belief, and it would sink this country into a new dark age.

And it's also sickening to see people scream that they want freedom in one breath, while claiming they want a dictatorship in the next. That they believe in Christianity, but the real Jesus would be tarred and feathered and kicked out of today's version of Christianity because he'd be too "woke".

But I feel like I'm Leonardo DiCaprio in that scene where he's yelling at the news reporters that the meteor is coming for earth and it's going to wipe out humanity, and they want to go about living their lives like it's no big deal. We should be rising up as one to fight this genocidal hatemongerer and stop him from taking over the world. That's what we did in World War II. Trump and the MAGAs really showed how much America is divided and that if we continue down this path we won't be able to stand up against him as he finishes off Ukraine and moves towards Europe.

I see people spouting Fox News and other right wing conspiracy theory crap in public all the time and I just want to scream "YOU'RE ENABLING DICTATORS!!!! THERE'S A GUY TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND YOU ALL ARE FALLING FOR IT!!!!". We're witnessing the meteor take over fast. And we have to stop it any way we can, but too many people are distracted by the shiny objects on Fox News and Infowars. If we don't stand up to Putin now, he might just succeed. Turn off the propaganda. As the late, great George Carlin would say, that's bullshit, and it's bad for you.

February 4, 2023

Harriet Hageman (Q - Batshit) accidentally says the quiet part out loud.


These psychopathic assholes are out to destroy the government from within, especially the IRS and FBI. Fuck these MAGA / Q Anon / America First lunatics. We need to get them out of office now before something really terrible happens.
February 3, 2023

Armageddon Update: Why I'm A Democrat

Titus nails it again! The GOP just keeps sinking further into the abyss.
February 3, 2023

The biggest threat currently facing America isn't in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The biggest threat currently facing America resides in New York City and it's being broadcast to millions of homes every night. That's right - it's America's most watched news network, Fox News. Fox News actively engages every night in something called "stochastic terrorism". It's when people use a carefully coordinated series of images and words designed to scramble a person's brain and cause them to act out in ways not limited to and even including violence and death. Think of it like that brainwashing scene in Stanley Kubrick's classic flick A Clockwork Orange, except that it's not forced on you. People voluntarily choose to watch this crap.

Fox News is owned by Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch who has a grudge against any and all progressively run countries. Rupert is in the process of retiring and leaving the company to his son Lachlan Murdoch, who is steering things into embracing dictators and religious fascism that borders on Neo-Nazism. Free thinking and well educated populaces aren't for him. He wants things dumbed down to the maximum extent and things spiraling out of control. It's good for ratings. Fox News is actively brainwashing your friends, family, even Nana and Pop-pop and turning their brains into mush by actively using what I like to call "fear porn" - images of death and destruction combined with headlines like "SAN FRANCISCO IS BEING DESTROYED BY ANTIFA!!!!!" every single night. And it's an addiction for some folks who have this shit being fed into their brains 24 hours a day.

Fox News is also the opposite of everything good and anything that might indicate actual progress is being made on an issue. A ban on gas stoves? Preposterous! Crank those gas stoves up to 11 and inhale the fumes! Doesn't matter if you burn your whole neighborhood down or get killed in an explosion or die of asphyxiation, you're owning the libs! Ha ha ha ha ha! Mass shootings at an all time high? Don't ban guns, buy the biggest guns you can possibly buy! No silencers or safety measures either! Because exploding things is fun! Your truck that's the size of a house polluting the environment? Don't listen to liberal pressure! Break that diesel filter and let the smoke fly in the faces of your Prius driving friends! You see where I'm going with this.

Thanks to Fox News, it's emboldened your average Joes and Janes who think they can run school boards and city councils. But they can't and they're causing nothing but chaos. Which is absolutely intentional because they listen to Fox. And these subhumans are currently banning books that contain words and phrases that may inspire critical and independent thought, and any mention of something called Critical Race Theory, but they couldn't tell you what CRT is. Hell even their elected representatives couldn't tell you what CRT is. Other than it makes white people stupid because it teaches about America's racist past. Hell if German kids can learn about the Holocaust, American kids can learn about racism. This is why the GOP is morphing into the cult that it is. Independent thought isn't good for Fox's ratings.

Fox News is also inspiring violence across the country. Remember that horrifying mass shooting in Buffalo last year? The shooter directly named Tucker Carlson as one of his inspirations for doing what he did. Tucker Carlson also has had stochastic terrorist Chaya Raichick as a frequent guest on his program, who goes by the social media handle @libsoftiktok. Chaya Raichik was readily and very easily identified as an Insurrection participant. After appearing on his show, her followers threatened to blow up hospitals and murder doctors over trans care for children and some insane internet conspiracy theories, which were later not proven true.

Fox News is also embracing fascist authoritarianism all around the globe. Brexit? It was a product of Sky News. Which - drum roll - is an affiliate of News Corporation. Even Prince Harry in his recent autobiography knew that the Murdochs were bad news. Tucker Carlson loves him some authoritarianism. He loves the ideals of Viktor Orban and Tayyip Erdogan. When the GOP has their annual convention in a country that embraces authoritarian dictators and has said dictators speak at their convention, shouldn't that be a massive wake up call that something is really fucked up?

So if you wonder about this country's slide into the abyss, don't blame the terrorists in Iraq or Afghanistan because they'll probably never set foot on American soil. Fox News has also turned people mean and angry. You ever wonder why your friends are turning against you? Well again it's because they watch Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Greg Gutfeld, who have no sense of humor whatsoever. Thanks to Fox, we have our own home grown terrorists - the Proud Boys (ISIS), the III%ers (Al'Qaeda), and the Oath Keepers (Taliban). If you're looking for someone to blame, instead blame the Tucker Carlsons and Sean Hannitys and Maria Baritromos and Jeannie Pirros residing at 1211 Avenue Of The Americas in New York City. Stochastic terrorism is very real and it's very profitable, and it's a booming business right now. They're the real threat facing America today.

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