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There's a new unit of Trump measurement:


What's a "thousdand"? Any guesses?

In case we need any further proof that the RFK Jr campaign is a Steve Bannon gaslighting attempt...


Saying the quiet part out loud?

Fox is responsible for a lot more than election lies.

Fox News is the "We report, you decide" network. But they don't want anyone to actually make an informed decision or have an independent thought. They are largely responsible, since 1997, as to how we got here in the first place. They rigged three presidential elections. They stole the Supreme Court and the states of Florida and Texas from us. They divided the Senate and have kept it divided. They hijacked the House in 2022. And it will continue to get worse. Yesterday's settlement was but a mere slap on the wrist, and a slap in the face to America. The election lies are but one product coming from Fox.

Every hate-filled conspiracy theory. Every victim of a mass shooter and the families and communities that have been affected and torn apart by mass shootings and the lies coming from the NRA, the gun industry, and right wing politicians. Anyone who's ever been bullied or harassed at school because they're LGBT. Anyone who's been the victim of a hate crime. Any black person who's been shot by white supremacist police officers just for going about their day. Every public school teacher and school board member that's been harassed by insane Christian conservative parents. Anyone who's ever been evicted because of out of control home owner's associations. People that are homeless because of policies that benefit billionaires and not the working class. Every family that's been divided because of the hate-filled partisan rhetoric that airs nightly. Anyone who's had to get an abortion for health reasons. Every border town who had to pay for Trump's ridiculous fence. Every city who's had to pay the clean up fees from the obscene piles of trash left by MAGA enthusiasts at Trump's hateful rallies. Every victim of COVID-19 who died at the hands of the disinformation being spread by Sean Hannity, Trump, and Fox & Friends. The list goes on and on. Fox is responsible for all of this. They don't offer any solutions to these problems either. They just create chaos and that's it.

And now Fox News looks like it's making moves towards committing genocide. Aided and abetted by the batshit crazy candidates they help elect, like Marjorie Greene, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, and so on. And they actively enable and embolden Trump and Desantis. Despite their best efforts to move on from that disaster of an administration, the GOP just can't shake the stink of Trump off of them. Back in 2019 and 2020, Fox News was literally controlling Trump's every move and he had a nightly Batphone to Sean Hannity, and the chaos he created was good for their ratings.

If, god forbid, the GOP takes back the White House in 2024, we have to be prepared for the worst. They will commit crimes against humanity and there would be nothing to stop them. This would include things like mass murder, mass imprisonment, public executions, and worse. The concentration camps weren't built in a day. It started with draconian legislation and discrimination. We've seen how this movie ends. It's a damn shame that America is engulfed in such hatred because of this piece of shit network. Rupert Murdoch is a terrorist and he needs to be taken down. We have to stop them at all costs in 2024.

Patriot Mobile PAC Deploys Bartons' False History to Inspire School Board Takeovers

In 2022, right-wing cellphone company Patriot Mobile launched a political action committee through which it spent over $600,000 supporting school board candidates in Texas. All 11 of the candidates it backed won election, prompting Patriot Mobile President Glenn Story to brag that because of their efforts, Christian conservatives “took over four school boards.”

In March, Patriot Mobile, which bills itself as “America’s ONLY Christian conservative wireless provider,” organized an “Equip and Educate” event in Grapevine, Texas, that focused on “The State of Public Schools in America.” While Patriot Mobile claims that the event was organized “to equip citizens with the tools needed to preserve our union and educate them on all facets of important issues facing America,” the company’s choice to have Christian nationalist pseudo-historian David Barton and his son Tim Barton serve as keynote speakers suggests that providing the audience with accurate information was not a primary concern.

Predictably, the Bartons teamed up to deliver a presentation on “The History of Public Schools in America” that was rife with the sort of disinformation and false history for which they are known.

Tim Barton, who shares his father’s penchant for blatantly misrepresenting history, did precisely that by repeating his father’s false claims about the public school curriculum in New Jersey in the 1800s.

As Right Wing Watch reported in 2022, David Barton routinely cites a document from 1816 that he claims shows that all public school students in New Jersey were required to memorize Bible passages, hymns, and sermons as part of the state’s public school curriculum. Barton’s claims are nonsense, as the document he cites was produced by the board of directors of the Free School Association of Elizabeth-Town, which was an organization that oversaw Sunday schools in the state, not public schools.

Patriot Mobile can go get royally fucked. We need to get these MAGA cretins out of our school boards before they do any further damage.

Massie introduces bill to end gun free zones


They don't care. At all. What a bunch of truly sick psychopaths.

Clarence Thomas's Billionaire Benefactor Collects Hitler Artifacts

When Republican megadonor Harlan Crow isn’t lavishing Justice Clarence Thomas with free trips on his private plane and yacht (in possible violation of Supreme Court ethics rules), he lives a quiet life in Dallas among his historical collections. These collections include Hitler artifacts—two of his paintings of European cityscapes, a signed copy of Mein Kampf, and assorted Nazi memorabilia—plus a garden full of statues of the 20th century’s worst despots.

Crow, the billionaire heir to a real estate fortune, has said that he’s filled his property with these mementoes because he hates communism and fascism. Nonetheless, his collections caused an uproar back in 2015 when Marco Rubio attended a fundraiser at Crow’s house on the eve of Yom Kippur. Rubio’s critics thought the timing was inappropriate given, you know, the Hitler stuff.

“I still can’t get over the collection of Nazi memorabilia,” says one person who attended an event at Crow’s home a few years ago and asked to remain anonymous. “It would have been helpful to have someone explain the significance of all the items. Without that context, you sort of just gasp when you walk into the room.” One memorable aspect was the paintings: “something done by George W. Bush next to a Norman Rockwell next to one by Hitler.” They also said it was “startling” and “strange” to see the dictator sculptures in the backyard.

How is he still on the bench? Fuck Nazis.

Target of "Lock Her Up" Movement: 0 Felonies, Leader Of "Lock Her Up" Movement: 34 Felonies


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