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riqster's Journal
riqster's Journal
August 16, 2013

While You’re Bashing Russia for its Homophobic Laws, Remember…

"A lot of Americans agree with Ol’ Pooty-Poot. You might think we are oh-so-enlightened, but don’t kid yourselves: all too many of us still hates them some LGBT folks. Haters in and out of government."

More at the link, including some truly vile American homophobes:
August 15, 2013

Kasich the Krooked (Cross-posted from Politics 2013)



"In brief: The Kasich set up a secret agency, packed it with his buddies, stole our tax money to fund it, and is pocketing cash from the deals JobsOhio has been quietly cutting."

Of course, since it's Ohio, and Ohio is a one-party state, nothing will be done. Hell, we had a confessed and convicted criminal for a governor, not so many years ago. Bob Taft. And the Reeps kept him around until his term expired.

More at the link.
August 15, 2013

Kasich the Krooked


John Kasich has been caught stealing from Ohio taxpayers. So, of course, nothing will be done about it: it's Ohio, after all.
August 14, 2013

Know your Fallacies!

Saw this elsewhere on the Internets, and thought that it could be useful here as well.
August 14, 2013

Texas Says: We Won’t Discriminate, We Just Want to Rig Elections


Holy shit, they have no fucking shame at all, none at ALL. That's their response to the DOJ's allegations of discrimination against people of color in their illegal and corrupt electioneering activities. Snips:

"And they say it straight out, with no shame at all. The state of Texas is fighting the DOJ, hoping to keep the courts from blocking them from screwing tens of thousands of citizens out of the right to vote. Their “logic” works like this: “We aren’t discriminating against people of color, and never did, really, well, maybe we did a little bit but not all that much,and we willnevereverever do it again. Honest. Pinky swear. But we ARE trying to rig elections so Democrats can’t win”. From the article:

“Shortly after the Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Act decision, Texas moved to reinstate restrictive voting laws that had previously been blocked by the feds. As far as it’s 2011 redistricting plan goes, the state’s brief argues that’s all in the past, and it was a partisan issue rather than a racial one anyway."

"Texas “Republicans” see absolutely nothing wrong with election-rigging, screwing voters from the other party out of the right to vote, and subverting the electoral process for partisan gain. In their minds, it is perfectly OK to steal elections. And that is truly frightening.

Criminals saying that their crimes are no big deal are always scary: murderers who say “God told me to kill that doctor”, child rapists who claim “it was her idea”, and so on. The creepiest crooks are those who simply fail to understand that the law of the land applies to everyone, or even think that their crimes are legal when they commit them because, well, just because. Texas is saying that they can completely destroy the democratic process, so long as their primary intent is not to discriminate on basis of skin color."

More at the link.
August 13, 2013

Obama’s vacations and golfing by the numbers (Crushes the GOP Script)


An analysis of Obama's time off, compared with Shrubbie, Bubba, and Ronnie at this point in each man's term. Good stuff to whack Repubs with. One teeny bit of the article:

August 13, 2013

People Worship Weeping Tree In California, Tears Are Actually Insect Excrement


"A growing number of Catholics in Fresno, California believe that a tree outside St. John's Cathedral is weeping God's tears."

"Fresno arborist Jon Reelhorn told KGPE-TV that there's a scientific explanation for the falling liquid... the excrement of insects known as aphides or tree lice."

"Despite the explanation, some parishioners remain convinced that there is something more to the tree. "They can say it's this theory, that theory, the tree does this every year, it's odd when it happens when there is bunch of people praying."

More at the link.

August 13, 2013

Why American Needs Health Insurance Reform. And Why You Need Affordable Health Insurance.


A short story proving that everyone does, indeed, need health insurance. A young, healthy person got bitten by a snake. For 18 hours in the hospital, her bill was $55,000.00.

More at the link.
August 12, 2013

Steubenville Rape Grand Jury: Back in Session, Still Keeping Quiet.


"Slow and steady. And quiet, no leaks. Here’s hoping they bust a lot of rape freaks."

Not much at the link except for a few source links.
August 12, 2013

Anti-Tax Zealots Almost Get Themselves Killed, then get Rescued by Tax-Funded Services.


"Hannah Gastonguay and her husband decided that it would be a spiffy idea to endanger themselves and their two preschool-aged daughters by setting sail for a Polynesian island, that presumably would not spend their tax money on anything they didn’t agree with. Amazingly stupid from the beginning, and they just got dumber as time went on.

As one of the tax-funded public servants who has been caring for their idiotic selves said, “”They were looking for a kind of adventure. They wanted to live on a Polynesian island but they didn’t have sufficient expertise to navigate adequately”. They ran out of food, got lost, and were saved by sailors, ships, and helicopters, at least partly paid for by the governments of Venezuela, Japan, Chile, and the United States."

More at the link.

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