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PufPuf23's Journal
PufPuf23's Journal
September 13, 2019

You did not answer my question.

Then why has Pelosi been consistent in making public statements moving public opinion away from impeachment rather than aggressively towards impeachment?

Pelosi has chosen to speak negatively of AOC (and others) through the press, effectively weakening them in the public sphere.

Pelosi should certainly be speaking to other members of the Democratic Congress (and her constituents in CA). How do you explain why Pelosi was booed in June regards impeachment at a meeting of the Democratic party in California in June 2019?

It is the Speaker's job specifically to influence public opinion and lead the party and nation. You are wrong that to influence public opinion and knowledge and to lead the party and nation is not part of Pelosi's job. If the Speaker does not take that role, who has that role? Are we a leaderless party? If anything, Pelosi has weakened the effort to impeach Trump. There is no question that Trump is worthy of impeachment.

You have had a pretty busy less than 6 months yourself talking down the movement within the Democratic party to impeach Trump at DU. You are an intelligent person.

September 12, 2019

Then why has Pelosi been consistent in making public statements moving public opinion

away from impeachment rather than aggressively towards impeachment?

Recall that Speaker Pelosi too impeachment off the table regards GWB.

Pelosi could have strongly suggested that members of the Democratic caucus support impeachment and go one by one to educate their own constituents starting well over a year ago.

It is a Speakers job to influence public opinion and lead the Democratic party and nation on the correct course.

September 6, 2019

Anyone else getting repeated robocalls from the Republican National Committee?

The last week or so I have been getting multiple calls a day from what is identified on caller ID as the RNC. If I pick up the phone, a voice asks if ***** not me is here, just a moment ago the call asked for "Jake". Then when I respond, the robo voice says this is a call from the Republican National Committee and POTUS Trump. We will update out records. Thank you. End of call. It makes no difference if I state I am not whomever and cuss or otherwise be hostile. Just surprise at this point the calls continue.

This is sort of a sore issue for me because the Democratic party seems to have zeroed out my zip code since 2016. I live very rural and remote but in California in a low population area in the middle of vast federal land area and the population is about 50% Native American. There are red necks and Trump supporters (a disconnect for me that a NA supports Trump but it is common among the older local NA and younger folks are much more concern with Tribal politics than State or Federal).

The paranoid part of me thinks the multiple calls are some sort of intelligence gathering operation.

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