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hay rick

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Member since: Thu Jan 31, 2008, 11:08 PM
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Paul Krugman estimates the price (in dead bodies) of "freedom" in Florida.

Paul Krugman Twitter thread from November 13 unrolled.

Can Ron DeSantis effectively challenge Trump? I have no idea. But one thing I hope doesn't get forgotten in the horse-race coverage is DeSantis's major achievement as governor: the unnecessary death of around 20,000 Floridians 1/

Here's how I get that number. Compare Covid deaths by state since Jan. 1, 2021 roughly when vaccines became widely available. (2020 comparisons distorted by early carnage in New York areas when we didn't know it was airborne) 2/

By state, deaths since then are FL 59,170 CA 70,565 NY 35,247 But CA has a much larger population than FL, NY a slightly smaller one. 3/

Adjusted for population, the Florida-equivalent death toll was FL 59,170 CA 39,217 NY 39,551 So states that didn't have governors promoting Covid disinformation and anti-tax propaganda lost far fewer people the equivalent of ~20K excess in FL 4/

Why didn't DeSantis pay a price for this? Because Covid victims die out of the public eye, offscreen as it were. A resident of Florida is ~20X as likely to die gratuitously from Covid as a resident of NY is to be murdered, but crime makes headlines while other deaths don't 5/

And no, it's not about freedom. We're not talking about lockdowns and restrictions at this point, just about lifesaving shots that DeSantis deterred people from getting. Truly awesome 6/

The Book of Genesis, Sistine Chapel, etc. updated by Ron and Casey DeSantis.

It's crude. It's sacrilegious. It's a DeSantis campaign commercial: https://twitter.com/i/status/1588539069243473924
The mass media may be too embarrassed to give this video the coverage it deserves. Also, there's a risk it could derail the DeSantis narrative that they have been busily assembling in advance of the 2024 presidential campaign.

This video should not be confused with a random exercise in repulsively bad taste. In fact, DeSantis has been carefully crafting and refining his message with the objective of claiming evangelical Christians as his dependable base.
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