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Member since: Fri Sep 26, 2008, 09:10 PM
Number of posts: 12,912

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From The Guardian: Waterfalls and wonder: Uluru under rain - in pictures

I find these photos to be just the thing I need to provide a calm perspective in these
hectic days. I hope you find the same. Enjoy!


It's almost time for Full Moon Fever again! This month's full moon occurs on Sunday, March

28, 2021 at 12:48 pm Mountain DST here in the U.S. Don't miss it!

To help us celebrate here's Peggy Lee's rendition of "Fever".

Mental Health is very important to me and I know that it's important to consider it at an

individual and group level when discussing the need to control access to weapons in
general and guns in particular. To decide what types of guns a person has access to is
only part of the solution. To decide who gets to own a gun is the other important part of this problem.

The "debate" concerning guns gets a lot of press and attention so I'll just say that I'm
in favor of gun/ammunition controls.

What I propose to improve the mental health of individuals and groups goes far beyond guns. I'm going to provide the highlights of my ideas. If anyone wants a thorough background concerning mental health they'll have to get it elsewhere.

The history of the science of advertising shows that some people can be manipulated to
purchase a given product. In the same way, the history of the science of propaganda
shows that some people can be manipulated to behave in anti-social/non-productive ways to support some religious and political leaders who can properly be described as Cult Leaders.

Some mentally ill people wait a long time for diagnosis and treatment. But a Cult
Member has already self-identified as mentally ill and needing immediate intervention
to protect society. The law provides that these persons can be incarcerated in jails or
prisons besides the option of secure mental health facilities. It's up to individual judges
to make these decisions.

Welcome to the DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,
Fifth Edition. The DSM is used by psychiatrists, psychologists, other medical persons,
judges, lawyers, law enforcement personnel and anyone with an interest.

about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DSM-5

search results for "access the DSM-5 online":


about cults and cultists


Now that's plenty to keep most people busy but I just want to add the fact that these
mentally ill Cult Members can easily be manipulated with misinformation, lies and
conspiracy theories. If we can stop that then we're ahead of the game as far as keeping
dangerous people from getting their hands on dangerous weapons that are used
to attack individuals and groups they view as enemies.

NOTE: You don't have to be a cult member to be mentally ill. But anyone who commits
any individual or group murder can be correctly defined as mentally ill. Except that
the legal term is "insane".

Priotitizing my efforts to do what I can meant that this morning I decided to take steps to

correct a minor computer irritation I've had recently with unwanted navigation pop-up
menus appearing when I didn't want them or call them up with a right click.

Yes, after my morning reading of the DU and International news I was feeling quite
put out that I couldn't really do too much to change things except here in my own life.

So what to do with this unwanted menu problem? Was it a Microsoft Problem? Was it
an HP problem? Was it a Firefox/browser problem? After thinking this over for about
5 seconds I decided to install a different mouse. This didn't take much time as I went
to look in my Big Box Of Spare Computer Parts.

Hmmm... I found that I had a selection of a used corded mouse or a used wireless
mouse. I selected the corded mouse and installed it. Initial operation was good and the
operation improved after a little use. Good choice, I told myself.

After using some scissors to remove the cord from the failed mouse I replaced and putting it in the trash, I decided to write this. And the moral is, Do what you can when you can for yourself and others. And don't worry too much about the rest.

Happy computing!

I just got off the phone discussing my registration to receive the covid vaccine with a

person from the New Mexico Department Of Health. They said that the vaccine has just
been opened up to my age group (under 75 years old) so to just be patient and I should
get scheduled soon. That doesn't explain why my 38-year-old son got his first Pfizer jab
last Saturday. But the system is working.

I'm a determined and patient guy. I've been masking, distancing and sanitizing for
over a year now and plan to continue that even after I get my jab. So far so good!

It's already been a stressful day here in Albuquerque. When I got out of bed around 6am

I found that due to severe weather there was no cable tv and no internet but we still had
electrical power. Technology withdrawl is a terrible thing and though we're up and running
now there've been some recent power flickerings that reset our cable boxes and are
giving me an anxiety attack. It's a good thing I have medication*!

*stole that from Terry Pratchett

A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich, with Cicely Tyson, Paul Winfield and others, is a

powerful 1977 film that I'm surprised to find on my cable for my first exposure to it tonight.

I seldom post an original op recommending films but if you're not familiar with it be my

movie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Hero_Ain%27t_Nothin%27_but_a_Sandwich_(film)

book by Alice Childress:


full movie:


Sonny Honey Bunny got his first Pfizer jab today, sure hope soon it'll come my way.

But for the last year masking, distancing and sanitizing has worked a treat so I'll just
keep doing that even after I get my own jab.

Here's the situation on the ground today: It's sunny, 78F and windy here in Albuqerque with a slight dust haze. Hey, It's New Mexico!

The location of this vaccine venue is at The Pit, which is the UNM/University of New
Mexico spot for collegiate basketball. We'd already been given complete directions and
we had no trouble getting there.

As we pulled into the parking lot I saw an army of volunteers there to help out. We went
in the designated entrance and there were an army of volunteers and one paid and
uniformed campus security officer. There was no metal detector and no frisking but then
it was a peaceful crowd.

As we moved swiftly along in line another army of volunteers descended on us with
tablets to ask for names and birthdates to keep everything updated in the system. We
never had to show ID and Sonny handled providing the information.

As we moved along we were directed to a waiting vaccination booth. One person took
the verbal registration information while the other person did the actual jabbing. After
that was over we moved along with another army of volunteers in yellow vests and
each holding one red pom-pom directed us to a recovery area to wait our 15 minutes.
Other people had to wait 30 minutes but then nobody knows whose jab they're
getting until it happens.

While we were waiting I realized that I saw people of white getting it right, people of
brown who know how to get down and people of black who always know what's good
for Jack. Yes, it was a real Kumbaya moment.

On the way home Sonny approved of driving through for some burgers. No vaccine
side effects for Sonny, by the way.

And one last thought: After seeing this effective effort by peaceful, supportive people
we can all be sure that insurrectionists and seditionists are totally screwed!

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland 12 - 19 March

It becomes increasingly depressing to read the daily world news but I find an antidote
and reward myself by viewing photo collections like this. Just as entertaining is the penchant for puns that whoever writes these photo captions uses and is fully displayed
today. Enjoy!


From The BBC In pictures: Hidden depths of a life lived

This is just what I need today as an older guy. It's a photo essay featuring older men
and women who have lived and continue to live life to the fullest.

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