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Are_grits_groceries's Journal
Are_grits_groceries's Journal
August 25, 2016

Stop dumping on Rachel!

Lately, it seems to be the latest trend to dump on Rachel for any number of things. I cannot begin to list them all. It seems that she is to be thrown out by many and replaced.

Have you forgotten that for a long time she was the only voice on teevee even remotely calling out the RW and their lies? She confronted many people and skewered them with their on words. Many were afraid to be on her show.

She gave a platform and a voice to many we now see regularly. I am not claiming that she is perfect. However, this rush to throw her out is amazing. I know that this is not a reflection of all but it is a loud opinion.

She will always be one of the best no matter her faults.

August 23, 2016


I went OUTSIDE. In order to make these excursions more tolerable, I have begun to pretend I am in different places. Yesterday I was on Tatooine avoiding the Hutts and gathering intel for the Rebels. Last week I was trekking with Paul Atreides checking on the Spice mines on Arrakis. I may be TE Lawrence or Sir Richard Burton next. Life is never dull if you have a good imagination.

August 21, 2016

Distressed beyond words about a younger relative.

The following is a facebook post from her that began as a discussion about whether Hillary had a seizure. As you can see, it soon went far afield. It is so far afield that I believe she has fallen off her flat earth and hit her head.
I have known her since she was born and to see her spout this dangerous drivel is painful. I have argued with her before but her positions were much more moderate and even reasonsble in some respects.
I have not responded to this. It was not addressed to me. Nothing I say will change her mind. I am to the point of telling her that I am going to sit shiva on her because whoever I once knew is long gone.
I am biting my tongue to keep from flaming her. I may just tell her how very sad this has made me.

"Kinda funny, but not worth worrying over. He's already had an assassination attempt that barely got coverage, so I'd imagine he's on guard. The article said it looked like Trump was about to crap his drawers. I thought it looked quite the opposite. To me it looked like he was about to go after the agitator and secret service intervened and held him back. As for Hillary, it didn't even appear that much if anything happened. But you can't see everything in these videos. One thing I do know and this has finally come out in the mainstream is that many if the protesters (provocatuers) months back were Soros funded agitators dressed in Sanders tees and were blamed to be Sanders supporters protesting at Trump rallies (through one of his foundations like open society or media matters). Soros has also been caught through the email leaks (Hilary's) to have been part of the Ukraine mess which doesn't surprise me. Soros, a known and admitted nazi collaborator runs with Rockefeller, Kissinger, all the major bankers, members of the CFR, Trilateral commission, IMF, UN heads, Bilderbergers, and usual suspects. He is known for social agitation (funder of BLM), bankrupting nations, regime toppling, funding both sides of wars, etc... I don't know why these old coots are so evil, but they deliver many of the marching orders that our presidents take (and admit to). As crazy as it sounds, you'll never get the full truth on mainstream news outlets (if you think I'm full of it, explain to me why the Smith Mundt Act was repealed under the NDAA in 2012 legalizing all forms of propaganda on Americans.) Think of the gravity of that!!!! it includes school, higher academia, tv, print, and Internet news, and can include total fabrication, disinfo, misinfo, mixed truth and lies, false flags, repetition (mockingbird). I urge anyone to research this and you'll find some extremely shocking things. Does cnn, msnbc, or fox ever provide you white papers to read? The most reputable sources I've found that actually provide you the papers, links to govt/military documents are the Drudge Report, infowars, Breightbart, and people like Dinesh Desousa, Steve Pieczenik, Michael Savage, etc... If you want a list of credible insiders, I can give you more. Seeing where we are headed, they're growing every day. Many journalists have lost their lives trying to report the truth, so please be thankful for those literally risking their lives to offer it to you. Lynn, no one should feel bad discussing politics as long as it's done respectfully. It is our civil DUTY to be informed, and this means sharing information with others so they can be informed as there's so much going on its hard for any one person to keep up. We've trusted and been asleep at the wheel too long and this govt has gotten out of control and needs to be put back in check. That IS our duty to watch them."

August 17, 2016

The Most Dangerous Political Operative: Steve Bannon

Read this article to get an idea about how nasty this campaign could get.

He is levels below slime mold.

August 13, 2016

My brother is a moron.

He came over to pick some stuff up and he said that Hillary would be a disaster. I asked him why and he said she would start a civil war.

I rolled my eyes and asked him how she would accomplish that. He then told me she said she was going to shut down the NRA. I told him that she had never said any such of a thing. He insisted although he could not tell me when she said it.

Soooooooo. I asked him how she would shut down the NRA. That stopped him. He had to ponder that for a while before he said ' an executive order.' I told him those applied to the federal government and its employees and agencies. I also told him that a judge can issue a stay if they are brought to court and found to be lacking in some manner.

I asked him why he believed everything he heard and refused to find out what was really going on. I told him that there were plenty of arguments to be made not to vote for Hillary but all I hear is made up shit and that she is Satan. He just shrugged.

My brother has a BS in chemical engineering. He used to be able to think critically. Somewhere along the way his mind melted. I am not going to bother to try to correct him. He is certain he is right.

He likes Trump less but that is the only glimmer of sanity.

August 4, 2016

Elena Delle Donne of the WNBA's Chicago Sky told Vogue she was gay and engaged to be married.

So the most posted reply is 'Why did she have to make a big deal out of it?'
Ans-She didn't. It was part of the Vogue story and gawd and everybody reported it.

The 2nd most posted reply was 'Big deal. They are all gay.'
Ans-No they aren't. However, nobody on the teams freaks out about those that are.

I'm sure there are the expected vile posts but they can stay in the slime.

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