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Are_grits_groceries's Journal
Are_grits_groceries's Journal
May 31, 2018


I have had her for almost a week. There has been progress. The first day she found a couple of hidey holes and stayed in them. She was using the litterbox and eating so I took that as a good sign.
I know where her hiding places are but I’m leaving them alone. I think everything has been hard on her and she needs a safe place.
Saturday I began staying in her room. I had a pillow and I took naps at times. She began to come out and check on me. Then on Monday she stayed put right outside of a hidey hole. She let me pet her and she LOVED that. I have learned not to make sudden movements and to let her see my hands.
Now she will come out when I go in the room and call her. I will pet her some and then sit on the floor. She is now coming down to be with me. She wants pets and tummy rubs. She has been purring for several days now.
Tater has apparently decided that either she should be in the room supervising or I should be with her all the time. Miss Potato flung a huge fit and scared Butterbean into hiding. I have no idea what Tater was saying. Moonpie is still chill about all of it.
I will introduce Bb to them in a few days. I can tell that Butterbean wants me to stay and pet her. I think she is getting tired of being in there and alone.
I used my Ipad to take these photos. She was very leery of it. In one, she is a nanosecond from disappearing. In the other she is coming towards me.
I think that everything has gone as well as can be expected. So on we go.

Butterbean really seems to want to leave the room. I will start letting her meet M & T.
I am taking her to the vet for a general checkup. I want to make sure there is nothing that might be wrong that could be passed to the others. She has a lot if nasal discharge but it’s clear and she acts fine. She eats a lot.
This should be interesting.

Moonpie on the right. Tater on the left.

May 26, 2018

I am going to church tomorrow.

It is a United Methodist Church that my family were founding members of. Except for funerals, i have not been in years.

I am going to interrupt the service at some point and challenge the minister and the congregation to take action to help those kids who have been separated from their parents. I will be wearing a yellow armband and I will challenge them on that too.

Prolly get arrested. 🌹

May 25, 2018

Firing Mueller

Mueller is a very smart and careful man who has picked very smart and careful people to help him.

I am sure of one thing. If he is fired, somebody else is set to legally immediately take his place. Absent that, I believe he has a ‘Go’ button that will trigger massive legal action in multiple areas. Trump would rue that day.

May 24, 2018

I got the kitteh. Her name is Butterbean.

I got Butterbean. She came out of the carrier and cautiously began exploring. She keeps looking up and I have a cat tree to put together for her. She has found a nook to nestle in which is fine. I don’t blame her for being leery.

Moonpie stayed in her chair. Tater scratched at the door and demanded to know what was going on. I will keep checking on her and staying with her for a while.

As the Supremes said, “You can’t hurry love.” Or even like or remotely tolerate.

(I will send pics soon.)

May 24, 2018

I am getting a kitteh!

When my brother passed, we had to trap his 4 cats and take them to the Humane Society. Long story. Nobody could take them and 3 were sick and had to be euthanized. Sigh...

The one that remained was n 8 year old calico. I had been mulling adopting her but I had to wait until things calmed down. Right after my brother passed, my fave cousin who was my partner in crime since we were born, was told her cancer had returned. She had 2 weeks to 2 months left. So I went straight to spending my time helping stay with her.

She had brain tumors and it moved quickly. During the last week she became nore and more combative and I do mean combative. She could fight through the fog and be ok for moments. At one pause in the ‘discussions’’ she looked down at me and said “We aren’tgood nurses are we?” I laughed and said no we weren’t and never claimed to be. She passed in hospice a week later. That was the hardest thing I have ever done.

Meanwhile, after time had passed, I thought about that last kitteh again. I fixed up my spare bedroom for her so she has a nice place to stay while I introduce Moonpie and Tater to her. I went to see her and she is a chill, sweet kitteh. I was told I was approved to adopt her.

Gonna be interesting but I couldn’t leave her there.

May 14, 2018

Hurricane season has started.

There is a low near Florida that may become a tropical storm.
I will again post these vital instructions.

A low has formed near Florida that may become a tropical storm. It is the start of hurricane season.

"Official SC Law Enforcement Hurricane Instructions"
If a hurricane is imminent, this will be broadcast)

Warning to all South Carolina residents of a possible hurricane threat. The path of this hurricane is still unclear and may be a threat to our state.

Although meteorologists are predicting landfall somewhere to the north of South Carolina, state emergency preparedness officials are making two basic but important points:
(1) There is no need to panic.
(2) We could all be killed.

Hurricane season is an exciting time to be in South Carolina. If you’re new to the area, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to prepare for the possibility that we’ll get hit by “the big one.” Based on experience, we recommend that you follow this simple three-step hurricane preparedness plan:
STEP 1. Buy enough food, beer, and bottled water to last your family for at least three days.
STEP 2. Put these supplies into your car.
STEP 3. Drive to Nebraska and remain there until Halloween.

Unfortunately, statistics show that most people will not follow this sensible plan. Most people will foolishly stay here in South Carolina. We’ll start with one of the most important hurricane preparedness items: HOMEOWNERS’ INSURANCE: If you own a home, you must have hurricane insurance. Fortunately, this insurance is cheap and easy to get, as long as your home meets two basic requirements:
(1) It is reasonably well-built, and
(2) It is located in Nebraska.

Unfortunately, if your home is located in South Carolina, or any other area that might actually be hit by a hurricane, most insurance companies would prefer not to sell you hurricane insurance, because then they might be required to pay YOU money, and that is certainly not why they got into the insurance business in the first place. So you’ll have to scrounge around for an insurance company, which will charge you an annual premium roughly equal to the replacement value of your house. At any moment, this company can drop you like used dental floss.
Since Hurricane George, I have had an estimated 27 different home-insurance companies. This week, I’m covered by the Bubba and Big Stan Insurance Company, under a policy which states that, in addition to my premium, Bubba and Big Stan are entitled, on demand, to my kidneys.
SHUTTERS: Your house should have hurricane shutters on all the windows, all the doors, and — if it’s a major hurricane — all the toilets. There are several types of shutters, with advantages and disadvantages:

Plywood shutters: The advantage is that, because you make them yourself, they’re cheap. The disadvantage is that, because you make them yourself, they will fall off.

Sheet-metal shutters: The advantage is that these work well, once you get them all up. The disadvantage is that once you get them all up, your hands will be useless bleeding stumps, and it will be December.

Roll-down shutters: The advantages are that they’re very easy to use, and will definitely protect your house. The disadvantage is that you will have to sell your house to pay for them.

Hurricane-proof windows: These are the newest wrinkle in hurricane protection: They look like ordinary windows, but they can withstand hurricane winds! You can be sure of this, because the salesman says so. He lives in Nebraska.

Hurricane Proofing Your Property: As the hurricane approaches, check your yard for movable objects like barbecue grills, planters, patio furniture, visiting relatives, etc.. You should, as a precaution, throw these items into your swimming pool (if you don’t have a swimming pool, you should have one built immediately). Otherwise, the hurricane winds will turn these objects into deadly missiles.

EVACUATION ROUTE: If you live in a low-lying area, you should have an evacuation route planned out. (To determine whether you live in a low-lying area, look at your driver’s license; if it says “South Carolina,” you live in a low-lying area.) The purpose of having an evacuation route is to avoid being trapped in your home when a major storm hits. Instead, you will be trapped in a gigantic traffic jam several miles from your home, along with two hundred thousand other evacuees. So, as a bonus, you will not be lonely.

HURRICANE SUPPLIES: If you don’t evacuate, you will need a mess of supplies. Do not buy them now! South Carolina tradition requires that you wait until the last possible minute, then go to the supermarket and get into vicious fights with strangers over who gets the last can of SPAM.

In addition to food and water, you will need the following supplies: 23 flashlights At least $167 worth of batteries that turn out, when the power goes off, to be the wrong size for the flashlights. Bleach. (We don’t know what the bleach is for. NOBODY knows what the bleach is for, but it’s traditional, so GET some!) A 55-gallon drum of underarm deodorant. A big knife that you can strap to your leg. (This will be useless in a hurricane, but it looks cool.) A large quantity of raw chicken, to placate the alligators. (Ask anybody who went through Hugo. After the hurricane, there WILL be irate alligators.) $35,000 in cash or diamonds so that, after the hurricane passes, you can buy a generator from a man with no discernible teeth.

Of course these are just basic precautions. As the hurricane draws near, it is vitally important that you keep abreast of the situation by turning on your television and watching TV reporters in rain slickers stand right next to the ocean and tell you over and over how vitally important it is for everybody to stay away from the ocean.

Good luck, and remember: It’s great living in South Carolina!

May 5, 2018

For a sweet laugh, watch this little girl critique the hairstyle her dad did:

“I like it but it’s wrong.” Lol

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