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Make your own SCOTUS:

This was on Twitter so I used the names that popped up there.keith Olberman is on my court which should be a hoot.

(Pooh is my hero!)

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Fri Jun 29, 2018, 06:19 AM (0 replies)

So, you found out Steve Schmidt is a Republican?

I have no idea what some of you assumed. When Trump began his reign, there were certain people in the GOP who opposed him from the start. A couple of others are Ana Navarro and Evan McMullin.
They have consistently harsh critics of Trump and scathing in their comments. I NEVER assumed they were suddnly going to change their long-held views on many policies and I doubt if they thought those of us on the left would either.

What was immediately clear to many of us even before the election was that Trump was going to try to run roughshod over the Constitution and impose his own views by circumventing the normal procedures set in place to deal with issues. He would do his best to become a dictator and do lasting damage to the US in any number of areas. That has been proven true and has been much worse than some imagined.

I was and am willing to work with Schmidt, Navarro and others to try to thwart him and use any method to defeat his proposals. He is a grave danger to democracy and we need every single person we can muster to oppose him. Lawd, even George Will openly said to vote for Democrats. If that doesn’t tell you how dangerous they think he is on every level, nothing will. In addition, they have gone after those assholes like that post turtle McConnell who aid Trump with their support of his methods.
I welcome the day when we can again fight with Schmidt and others about policy 24/7 without the worry that the country will come apart. We feel like that at times during our fighting with them, but it has become crystal clear that Trump is on a completely different and scarier level than anybody we have ever encountered in office.

No I am not going to hold hands, sing Kumbaya, and blithely vote against everything I have worked for. I will make common cause with them to DEFEAT TRUMP AND HIS ENABLERS. We are never going to reach his 30% hard core moronic supporters. However, the presence of Schmidt and others who vocally and harshly condemn him can reach that crucial group who have or are changing their minds about him. The opposition to Trump by those who that group have respected and followed can make it easier for that crucial group to also not just change but to add their voices to resist him.
I say they are crucial because as I have stated, we need every person we can find to openly dump Trump. When it shakes out and hopefully we start bitching at them again we will be looking at the opposition composed of the usual asshole attitudes we have always dealt with but who are not openly committing treason without a second thought.

I never in my life thought I would be fighting alonside of a Schmidt or a Navarro because we ae facing a clear and present danger that makes it easy to see who really believes in this country’s founding principles.

So, you can go about your business as if it is the usual bs we ae dealing with and pretend it’s just a SNAFU. It is so much worse than that. I really don’t expect for anything to appear to be normal again in my lifetime. I do hope I can feel that we are on the right path again and trying to undo the damage caused by Trump.
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Jun 27, 2018, 10:21 PM (10 replies)

This is for a laugh on this heavy news day.

I watch youtube clips of the shows like American Idol. Every now and then you see somebody with real talent. OR you can see some performers that can make you laugh for different reasons.
This little girl has a bit of talent and you will never guess what she is going to sing. This brightened my day.

Meet Sophie!

Fank you!
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Tue Jun 26, 2018, 02:32 PM (1 replies)

23andMe said to be donating DNA kits to help reunite immigrant families

The online DNA service you use to find out your ancestry may soon help reunite immigrant families.

23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki has agreed to provide DNA kits to help reunite families separated at the US border, reported the San Jose, California-based Mercury News. The idea came to life after Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democrat from California, approached the DNA-testing company on Thursday.

Under the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy on immigration, more than 2,000 children have been separated from their families after entering the US illegally. Following widespread outcry, Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that will allow families to be detained together, and he reportedly said Thursday authorities will be told to reunite previously separated families. Given that children and adults who cross the border together aren't always related, as the Los Angeles Times reported, 23andMe's DNA kits might help to reunite the children with their rightful parents.

It’s a start.
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sat Jun 23, 2018, 01:43 AM (6 replies)

Russia news disappearing?

It ain’t going anywhere. Mueller can still work.

Plus, if they think Russia news is worse for them than those pics of those kids, they are crazy. Yes, Russia is more serious legally, but this is devastating for them in elections.

Play that tape of those kids. And yes, I WILL use that in elections. If you say, I am exploiting those kids, damn right. I am exploiting the precarious situation they are in to have a better chance of doing something to help them.
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Thu Jun 21, 2018, 02:56 PM (8 replies)

Butterbean - 3 weeks

Well, I have had the Bean for 3 weeks. Last weekend I took the baby gate down. They had no intention of meeting each other through it or going over it. Each side has just enough wariness to make them go slow. Suits me.

The night I took the gate down, there was no ungodly war so it stayed down. They all began looking in other rooms. Bean found a nesting place she liked in the front room. There is still some hissing when they get too close but not a real angry warning. I think Tater and Moonpie wanted to check her room and make sure I wasn’t giving her special treats.

Several days ago, I woke up and Bean was on the bed with me. She likes to nestle on my right side. This was the last major hurdle. There is lots of room but they have to arrange themselves. Tater is already comfortable flitting from place to place as is her wont. Moonpie has started showing up but she is still a little leery.

Bean and Tater were on the bed and Bean reached her paw out and tapped Tater. She has made that motion before. She had cat buddies so I think she always wanted friends. I guess over time they will get closer.

I took them all to the vet. Moonpie and Tater needed shots and I wanted Bean to be checked. They are all in good shape. Bean has a bad tooth that needs fixing but the vet said I could wait a little while. I won’t wait too long but the more time she stays put, the better she will be. Prolly fix it in the fall.

3 weeks ago, Bean disappeared in her room and only came out to use the litter box and eat. After 3 days I began to see her. Moonpie and Tater hissed on sight even though they weren’t near her.
Been a lot of progress. Prolly be more too.
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Fri Jun 15, 2018, 03:39 PM (10 replies)

The Summit- Butterbean, Tater, and Moonpie

The Summit started yesterday. The opening ceremonies were weird.
From what I can tell, Butterbean really wants the meeting. She talks to them every time she sees them. I have a baby gate up to keep them separate and allow them to have more contact. Butterbean is approaching the gate and has started going near it.

Moonpie came to the gate yesterday. Apparently she did not see Butterbean. She was watching me and then she meowed and Butterbean answered her. The look on Moonpie’s face was priceless. Her eyes were HUGE and she locked them on Butterbean. I wish I knew what they were thinking. They all have the same coloring and I don’t know if that is playing any part. After a while, Moonpie slunk off into another room. She did not return.

Tater came by later. Now mind you, these were the 2 cats who had fits to see what was in this room especially Tater. She noticed Butterbean right away and the staring began. They started meowing back and forth.Tater did this for a little while then she hissed softly 2 times and left. She kept going back and forth in front of the gate and turning her head quickly to see in.

I left the door open and the gate in place. They could probably maneuver around it or over it, but they have not been so inclined. The meowing back and forth is not aggressive. The hissing is subdued.

Nothing woke me up so whatever they did overnight was done quietly. Today was more of the same. Tater and Moonpie would drop by and meow. Butterbean would answer. Butterbean is getting more comfortable going closer to the gate. She meows when I have left and I think she wants out but none of us knows what will happen.

I was watching tv and Tater was sitting with me. She saw Moonpie’s butt which was near the gate and she started hissing. I think she thought Butterbean was loose. She also hissed randomly while sitting beside me. Who knows what that means?

So on we go. This is progress of some kind. Hopefully, they will talk and work out things between them. I am going to try to get them closer but at some point I may let Butterbean out. Gonna be interesting.
Here is Butterbean’s formal portrait:

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sun Jun 3, 2018, 12:48 PM (12 replies)
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