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gopiscrap's Journal
gopiscrap's Journal
July 25, 2016

please don't get lost in the cesspool of all the side bullshit

I was a hard core Bernie Sanders supporter, still am. He so much reflects the views I stood for when I ran for US Congress many years ago! That said:

These six words scare the hell out of me: 1) Trump
2) The United States Supreme Court

That alone should send a shudder down your spine.

We can deal with all the other bullshit after the election. We have to win this campaign. Put it aside til December.

July 19, 2016

I have been a Christian all my life but I woke up this morning

believing in Karma. Here the GOP have put Michelle Obama through hell for 8 years and then of all things they parrot her words at their hatefest. Couldn't have turned out better!

July 14, 2016

13,000 posts

for my 13,000th I just wanted to say that I am so glad I am a Democrat specially this year and have enjoyed my time at DU both learning, chatting, debating and laughing sometimes. Looking forward to 13,000 more posts

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Frankfurt am Main
Home country: Germany
Current location: Tacoma, Washington
Member since: Sat Jul 18, 2009, 10:55 AM
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Ran for US Congress from the left. Led a City of Tacoma initiative and won with 64% of the vote. The initiative was a liberal initiative in blue collar town and we were projected to get 29% of the vote, we received 64%. Spent 3 years leading a peace and justice project in Tacoma

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