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Johnson makes 'unbelievably crass' joke about Thatcher closing coal mines

Prime minister denounced for comments on visit to Scotland, where he refused to meet Nicola Sturgeon

On a visit to Scotland on Thursday, the prime minister made a number of provocative comments, stating that a second referendum on Scottish independence is “about as far from the top of my agenda as it is possible to be”.
Speaking to reporters after a visit to the Moray East offshore windfarm, off the north-east coast of Scotland, the prime minister was questioned about Labour leader Keir Starmer’s remarks on Wednesday that there should be a “hard-edged” timetable for cessation of oil and gas exploration.

Johnson said: “We understand the importance to the north-east of Scotland of the oil and gas industry. The contracts that have been signed should not just be ripped up. But we need to transition as fast as we reasonably can.”

Pressed on whether he wanted to set a firm deadline, he replied: “Look at what we’ve done already. We’ve transitioned away from coal in my lifetime. Thanks to Margaret Thatcher, who closed so many coalmines across the country, we had a big early start and we’re now moving rapidly away from coal all together”.


Maybe not big news - Johnson makes an offensive shite "joke" while on a whirlwind tour to woo the Scots as self-declared Minister for the Union - but what's guffawed about in Scotland doesn't always stay in Scotland:


Bryan Elwick

Boris Johnson laughing about the closure of the coal mines in the 80s and 90s. He really does think it’s funny

The destruction and misery visited upon 100s of working class communities, some that still haven’t recovered today, makes him smile

He’s no friend of the Red Wall

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