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Gender: Female
Member since: Fri May 20, 2011, 11:28 AM
Number of posts: 17,600

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I don't like trolls.

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Did you know that President Obama's inauguration address was the most divisive and partisan ever?!

According to Sean hannity at his opening comment tonight.

A good read about how members of Move on.org and the Tea Party came together - Transpartisanship

If we could all realize that the monied power brokers are dividing us and encouraging the division so they can conquer us.

"It was a mind-blowing political tableau: a co-founder of liberal bulwark MoveOn sitting in her Berkeley living room, laughing, sharing homemade blueberry scones and occasionally agreeing with a national Tea Party figure.

Truth is, MoveOn's Joan Blades - clad in Lululemon yoga pants and clogs - and Mark Meckler, sporting a leather cowboy vest, boots and a belt buckle larger than a baby's head - have been talking online and over the phone for a few years now. Quietly, until now.

"Transpartisanship" is the genteel word for what they're doing. Blades has been involved in similar types of projects for about a decade, but this is a fairly new school of political thought, which posits that people can come together to find some common ground without abandoning their core beliefs.

The gathering this month marked the first time Blades and Meckler had met in person, and each brought two like-minded friends. The occasion was the latest installment of Living Room Conversations ( www.livingroomconversations.org), Blades' latest national transpartisan project that she co-founded with former GOP operative Amanda Kathryn Roman, who lives in New Jersey."

(If more and more of us realize we have a lot more in common and that our brought and paid for politicians are out of touch, we can move this country forward into the 21st century)

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/politics/joegarofoli/article/MoveOn-founder-Tea-Party-figure-meet-4204384.php#ixzz2ILIiARXx

The right is freaking out that Biden kicked lyin Ryan's ass!

On CNBC Kudlow is saying the debate was won by Ryan in the first ten minutes. Earlier some supposed "Democrat" that worked for Neuburger Berman (a wall street whore) was attacking Biden for interrupting Ryan. I'm enjoying that the Wall Street guys are upset.

They are not happy in right wing world because Joe was strong and kicked Ryan's butt. There narrative is ruined by Biden is a joke. I was so proud of our Vice President that he threw off lying Ryan and destroyed him. The only thing I was disappointed in is that Biden didn't remind people about how Bain is the reason a lot of people lot their good paying jobs and Rmoney profited off their misfortune.

Today on the street they are passing out free Bloomberg Businessweek and by presenting facts are making a case for the President to be re-elected. It is a special election issue with an X on it. Go online or get one it will be a great issue to push in a right wingers face.
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