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Gender: Female
Member since: Fri May 20, 2011, 11:28 AM
Number of posts: 18,404

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I don't like trolls.

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What is the biggest lesson you learned that no one teaches

I came across this writing a few days ago and it has stayed with me.
I agree 100% to what this writer penned.

What is the biggest lesson you learned that no one teaches?

Arguing with a fool proves there are two.

The easiest way to wait for something is to forget it exists.

Leave, when a promise turns into a sorry.

The worst type of loneliness is the loneliness you feel when you are with people.

There are no rules of attraction when it comes to meeting your match.

You don't need to compromise on your standards, the right person will come to you.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

A toxic person only changes their victims, never themselves.

A conversation about how you feel is not supposed to end in an argument.

Someoneís effort is a reflection of their interest in you.

You can be the whole package at the wrong address.

Facts over feelings. Donít let your emotions play with your intelligence.

Alex Ferman from Quora

Did Sarah huckabee call for the overthrow of the Americangovernment tonight

Or if Iím crazee?

President Joe Biden doesn't give a shit anymore tonight,

Today I read to a second grade class about a black boy who experienced being at a bus terminal

In the south that had a whites only and colored only water fountains. The black boy drank the water out of the colored fountain and it tasted terrible. The white boy next to him drank out of the whites only fountain. He started fantasying that the whites fountain water was better tasting. He tricked his grandmother and took the bus a few days later to try to drink from that white fountain. He finally drank from the white fountain and the water was also terrible tasting. At the end he noticed the pipes were connected and the water was the same. As I was reading this I thought The right wingers heads would explode hearing this story and ban the book. More than half the class were white students, 1 Black child, 1 Hispanic and the rest Asian. They really enjoyed the story and I didnít think any of them felt guilty. They were not upset but curious why they had two water fountains. We had a nice discussion. Then I read them a book about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. I took great delight that I educated my students about our countryís history and none of the white children were upset or ashamed but enlightened instead.

That is why the right wing hates discussing history like slavery and segregation. They are the ones feeling guilt not those of us who know that those who donít know history are doomed to repeat the past.

Someone posted a picture of TFG with a big black box over his face recently

Can you repost it?

I want that picture to use as a screensaver for a friend!

THis just is a perfect example of how Fox grooms people to be outraged about bs stuff

That maybe one person make a critical comment and they blame us for someone elseís opinion.

Fox is the groomer network!

I think he's going to implode soon

All those lies and rhetoric are eating at him as he gets more desperate to perpetuate it. Something bad again is going to happen and heís going to get the blame.

Perhaps even a nervous breakdown live on air. He has a psychotic way about him.

This is so sad

I feel so embarrassed now that when I was young I wasn't either all black or white. I hated being a person who could be identified both ways. The black girls were so mean to me in high school because I had pale skin and nice hair and the white girls didnít know what to make of me. I had many different friend of ethic backgrounds who accepted me fortunately. In college I expressed my angst To a professor who told me I was a person of the future. I had hoped by my age there wouldnít be so much racial bigotry but here it is in full force Vomited up everyday by an illegitimate president stoking the flames. And itís so obvious he has emboldened the police even more to racially profile an obvious black man who is just living an authentic lawful life.

They are brain damaged at this point

So much brain washing has damaged their brains and destroyed neurons. And their pre frontal cortexes ( reasoning, empathy part ) are permanently paralyzed.

They are truly goners.

My husband works with quite a few of them and they are unreachable..
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