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Gender: Female
Member since: Fri May 20, 2011, 11:28 AM
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I don't like trolls.

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Ironic the SC took away voting rights from minorities and gave marriage rights to Gays

It's bittersweet for me. I live in San Francisco I am happy for my LGBT friends but so sad over the lost of the VRA. Now it appears the republican have a lockdown on our country electorally. So sad and so happy at the same time sigh

Switched over to Fox after I heard news about them gutting the voting rights act. They were gleeful

It is a sad day for minorities in this country. I hope the backlash in 2014 will be so fierce they don't know what hit them.

I am also very angry and want to do something about it but living in California where we are a solid blue state I feel helpless I can't help my fellow Americans preserve the right to vote without the extreme right trying to taking it away.

I suspect the next attack will be on women's voting rights since they are now being nvolved in our uteruses in several states. It wouldn't surprise me if they tried to do this. That said the 5 who voted will be scorned forever in history and they will have lost the respect of whole lot of folks. They are mud in my mind now. Citizens United was horrible this is a slap in the face to minorities in this country. A really sad day.

Will there be massive riots and protests if the Supreme Ct rules against the voting rights act?

And affirmative action?

After watching Chris Hayes covering the origin of how this got to the court and the shadowy funding as a minority myself who is older I will take to the streets if they rule against people of color.

Right now in this country we are a tinder box. Women losing their reproductive rights,people being pissed about NSA surveillance, lousy paying jobs, congress voting to cut Snap. I see major cities going ballistic liken Brazil.

We are tired of our congress not addressing our needs, no job legislation but willing to spend 30 billion on a fence instead of rebuilding our infrastructure. I can the the wildfire of people so angry they explode.

My sister who is not political junkie told me yesterday that 2014 will be a blood bath

For republicans. Last year I was freaking out about whether President Obama would get re-elected my sister told me that Romney was a mean person and would not get elected. Also she told me Meg Whitman would not get elected Governor of California.

My older sister listens to NPR only and watches MSNBC occasionally but reads a lot of mainstream magazines. I am the political junkie and am constantly fretting about the republicans. The one thing she said is people don't like mean politicians and this whole tea party thing will blow up in the GOP faces as services get cut and people look around their communities with people suffering. She said if you watch the regular news the only people talking bad stuff is republicans, President Obama is more optimistic.

I hope she is right.
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