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Within national parks is room—glorious room—room in which to find ourselves, in which to think and hope, to dream and plan, to rest and resolve. —Enos Mills

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DeSantis appointee ousted as Broward School Board chair; Parkland parent replaces him

Source: miami herald

By Raisa Habersham Updated November 22, 2022 5:20 PM

The Broward School Board’s political allegiances changed Tuesday morning when the board elected incumbent Lori Alhadeff as board chair, replacing Torey Alston, a Gov. Ron DeSantis appointee who was elected chair in August.

The vote was 6-2, with incumbents Alhadeff (District 4), Debra Hixon (Countywide At-Large Seat 9), Sarah Leonardi (District 3) and Nora Rupert (District 7) joined by new board members Allen Zeman (Countywide At-Large Seat 8) and Jeff Holness (District 5) in voting for Alhadeff.

Alston (District 2) and new board member Brenda Fam (District 6) dissented. Fam motioned to keep Alston as chair, but that became moot when Alhadeff, who was reelected in the Aug. 23 primary with 61 percent of the vote, was elected chair............................................................

Late last Monday, the board voted 5-4 to oust Cartwright after an audit revealed two vendors overcharged the district and parents at least $1.4 million, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported earlier this month.

The five who voted for her termination were the five board members whom DeSantis had appointed: Alston, Kevin Tynan, Ryan Reiter, Manuel Serrano and Daniel Foganholi.....................


Read more: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/education/article269081642.html#storylink=cpy

Local story but DeSantis is a rising Repug star--with a good chance he will run for President. Good to see the local folks putting up a fight.

NAACP Calls On Twitter Advertisers To Pull Ads As Trump Account Restored

This is a few days old but glad to see this.

Posted on Sun, Nov 20th, 2022 by Jason Miciak

NAACP Calls On Twitter Advertisers To Pull Ads As Trump Account Restored

No, “the people” have not “spoken.” A poll was taken on Twitter over a full day, without any notice as to the timing nor the stakes and without any real opportunity for an educational campaign as to the consequences of either “vote.”

Musk has spoken.

Now others want to be heard, including the NAACP, which on Saturday night called all advertisers to pause their campaigns on Twitter to ensure that they are not “still funding Twitter” after Musk restored account access to Donald Trump, who was effectively banned from all social media on January 8th, 2021, two days after the attack on the Capitol. The NAACP’s statement reads:

In Elon Musk’s Twittersphere, you can incite an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, which led to the deaths of multiple people, and still be allowed to spew hate speech and violent conspiracies on his platform. Any advertisers still funding Twitter should immediately pause all advertising. If Elon Musk continues to run Twitter like this, using garbage polls that do not represent the American people and the needs of our democracy, God help us all.

Johnson added a tweet:

Herschel Walker Delivers Unhinged Transphobic Speech the Day After LGBTQ Nightclub Shooting

Source: yahoo.com

Susan Rinkunas Mon, November 21, 2022 at 1:10 PM·4 min read

On Saturday, a 22-year-old man with a history of domestic violence killed five people and injured 22 others with an AR-15 at an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Some people were at the venue, Club Q, to mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a commemoration of people killed in anti-trans violence. One of the victims, bartender Daniel Aston, was transgender.

Some gun-loving Republicans offered their typical thoughts and prayers after the 34th mass shooting in the U.S. this year; others just carried on with the kind of homophobic rhetoric that fuels hate crimes like this. Herschel Walker, who’s currently campaigning for a December 6 runoff election in Georgia against incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D), went ahead with his wildly bigoted stump speech on Sunday in Carrollton, without acknowledging the shooting at all.

Here’s what Walker told voters yesterday, according to audio obtained by Jezebel:

“Do y’all know what the definition of an enemy is? A enemy is somebody that don’t like you. But they been telling you they don’t know the definition of a woman either. So think about that either. They don’t know the definition of a woman. But I’m going to tell you the definition of a woman. Because it written in my great book. It said ‘a man and a woman.’ And there’s a difference between the two of them. So that’s the reason men shouldn’t be in women’s sport—here’s a difference.

But then, yet, they trying to tell you a man could get pregnant. Get that out of your head. No, he can’t. No, he can’t. All they’re trying to do is take you down in that elevator, take you down in that elevator and lie to you. But I’m going to tell you right now, I’m not going to lie to you. I’m going to tell you, we’re in a mess. We’re in a mess because we put weak leaders in Washington. Weak leaders in Washington that not representing us.”


Read more: https://news.yahoo.com/herschel-walker-delivers-unhinged-transphobic-191000350.html

MTG has her House twitter account reinstated.

She has always had her private account on twitter. They never took that account away.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸
I'm the only Member of Congress the unelected big tech oligarchs permanently banned.

On January 2, 2022, they violated my freedom of speech and ability to campaign & fundraise crying "covid misinformation."

My account is back.

Go follow @mtgreenee
for MTG unfiltered


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸
I'm the only Member of Congress the unelected big tech oligarchs permanently banned.

On January 2, 2022, they violated my freedom of speech and ability to campaign & fundraise crying "covid misinformation."

My account is back.

Go follow @mtgreenee
for MTG unfiltered



First responders adopt dogs they helped rescue from Wisconsin plane crash

Miracles do happen. And a happy ending.

First responders adopt dogs they helped rescue from Wisconsin plane crash

The plane was carrying 53 shelter dogs when it crash-landed onto a golf course.


By Meredith Deliso November 19, 2022, 2:34 PM


The large twin-engine aircraft, which was transporting the dogs to shelters in southeastern Wisconsin from Louisiana, crashed on the golf course at the Western Lakes Golf Club in Pewaukee on Tuesday.

Three people and 53 dogs on board all survived, with some of the animals suffering minor injuries like bumps and scrapes. The three people were transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

In the days following the crash, several first responders who worked the scene have adopted the dogs they helped rescue.

"As soon as I found out all of them were okay, my first thought was that, one of them is coming home with me. So this is my little Lucky," Elle Steitzer, a firefighter and EMT at Lake Country Fire Rescue, told ABC Milwaukee affiliate WISN while cradling her new puppy.


"We have never had something quite like this happen before," Deswarte said. "It was a miracle that everybody really was OK."
Matthew Haerter, assistant chief at Lake Country Fire and Rescue, commended the pilot during what he described as a "relatively catastrophic landing." The plane went through trees, losing both its wings, before it belly-landed on the course..........................................

PHOTO: A plane transporting over 50 dogs to shelters in crash-landed at the Western Lakes Golf Club in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Nov. 15, 2022.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 @RepMTG IMPEACH MERRICK GARLAND!

I have a question. Has any reporter asked Marj WHY she asked for a pardon from Trump ??

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸


Replying to
Oh, poor Marg. A victim of a problem she created. Three days on the job and asking for a Pardon. Too bad the Donald didn't give it to you.



Kari Lake meeting with Trump this week at Mar-a-Lago after her election loss.

No doubt Lake is graveling for a big job on his campaign.







Trump exec says he feared firing if he spoke up about scheme

I hope the Court hits these folks hard where it hurts--in the pocketbook.

Trump exec says he feared firing if he spoke up about scheme


By MICHAEL R. SISAK November 14, 2022


Judge Juan Manuel Merchan declared McConney a hostile witness after prosecutors complained that he had been far more responsive to defense questioning, even though he was granted immunity to testify as a prosecution witness.

McConney, who still works for the Trump Organization and has a company-paid lawyer, acknowledged on the witness stand Monday that he’s been speaking with company lawyers about his testimony when court wasn’t in session. He said he even performed some tax calculations on their behalf Sunday night.

“I think it is pretty clear to the average observer, he is very helpful to you (the defense),” Merchan said. “On the other hand, it seems like he has a really hard time understanding the people’s questions and he has a hard time, frankly, giving credible answers.”

McConney is scheduled to return to the witness stand on Tuesday. As a hostile witness, he could be subject to several more hours of questioning as prosecutors seek to square his previous trial testimony and his answers to questions during eight grand jury appearances in the last few years.



Hannity and Huckabee say he's now unbeatable after that speech! They are kissing his ass.

I turned on Cnn at 10pm CT and Trump was still droning on and on. They had him on split screen in a box [I had the mute on]. Anyway I watched and later at the end Melania joined him all smiles. Bannon did also-towering about the many Trump body guards. Gosh, Bannon is tall.

Hannity and Huckabee say he’s now unbeatable after that speech! They are kissing his ass.

Fox News just cut off Donald Trump’s announcement speech mid sentence
Palmer Report
Most of you still haven’t figured out that these kinds of TV decisions are based on ratings. The real time ratings for Trump’s speech must have been terrible so Fox News pulled the plug.



BREAKING: Kari Lake says she won't concede.

At times lately I do not know what to believe on twitter anymore.


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