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genxlib's Journal
genxlib's Journal
December 22, 2021

Just a word of warning

I heard from two different people today that they tested positive for Covid19 after getting a negative rapid test.

Maybe that is a coincidence but appears that Omicron could be going undetected by the quick tests. Rapid tests have always been more faulty but I am getting the feeling that they might be giving us a false sense of security on this particular wave.

It appears the good Dr. Fauci was right when he said the Rapid tests might have issues with this variety.


Even testing before gatherings might not help keep the virus away.

Stay safe.

December 17, 2021

Time to surrender in the war on Christmas

I mean we were never fighting it anyway but clearly we lost.

This season, there are 146 NEW Christmas Movies out! Not new showings or re-releases. New, never before seen movies. Almost all of them schlocky rom-com, save-Christmas, find-love, Hallmark cringey swill.

We never stood a chance. We have been overwhelmed with superior weaponry and troops.

It was a pleasure (not) fighting by your side but it is time to wave the white flag my comrades.

I am just hoping we don't end up in a POW camp forced to watch all those movies. That would be a violation of the Geneva Convention for sure.


November 10, 2021

I have a question about Rittenhouse trial

I am always appreciative of the various expertise that we have around here so this one goes out to our legal experts.

I understand that there is a feeling that Rittenhouse will be found not guilty because he had reason to be afraid and act in self defense.

OK I get that...BUT

To what degree is that fear a valid defense in the context of an illegal act. If someone robs a liquor store, they are not allowed to shoot the clerk when he pulls out a bat to defend the register. It seems that being in the act of a crime would nullify any claim of self defense.

So the question is, to what degree is a person like this responsible for putting himself into that situation by carrying an illegal firearm into a volatile situation?

Sure seems like some gray area there.

November 3, 2021

The unmentioned electoral factor

I see lots of wringing of hands over underperforming Democrats but I see one major factor being overlooked.


Specifically I mean COVID. People are exhausted from it and just want to move on. We keep trying to do the right thing and it does nothing but generate hatred.

In a kind world, people would want to wear masks to protect others. We do not live in a kind Country.

In a sane world, people would get the vaccine of their own accord. We do not live in a sane Country.

In a smart world, people would avoid interactions and crowded conditions. We do not live in a smart Country.

Time and time again, we have to be the adults in the room and enforce measures that should be followed of their own accord.

The vaccine mandate is the perfect example. People should just get the fucking shot but we can't just do what is right. So after we fell short of the goal and people kept dying, we had to be the adults and make people do it. And then we have to absorb all the backlash and get blamed for airline cancelations, staffing shortages, supply chain issues, etc. It is infuriating to me.

It is terrible way to expend political capital and I think there is a an under appreciated political cost to it . And I think it goes back to the election last year as well. People just wanted to be done with it and many bought into the candidates that told them it should be behind us.

It is like the classic stereotype of divorced parents. The single mom has to provide decent food and enforce homework while the weekend Dad spoils them all weekend. It is why we are constantly governing in repair mode because the voters always come home to us Sunday night after eating cake and ice cream all weekend.

We may as well be called the "Eat Your Vegetables Party".

October 26, 2021

So this is cool

My friend John Englander is a pretty well known author and lecturer on Sea Level Rise. His name has popped up on DU a number of times so I know a few people here are familiar with him.


So he was interviewed by Captain Kirk on his show "I Don't Understand with William Shatner"


I think that is cool.

Go John

October 22, 2021

Maybe I'm missing something but this bothered me

So I saw this trailer yesterday and it just seems wrong. I love Will Smith and it seems well done. But I just recoil at the idea of telling the story of two accomplished women and making it all about their father. It is the very definition of paternalistic.

In truth, I am a middle aged white guy so maybe my reaction doesn't matter. It just seems unfair to the strong and competent women that should be the center of their own story.

What say you?

October 13, 2021

Shatner going into space is everything that is right AND wrong with the Universe

On one hand, it is a heartwarming story for a cultural icon to bring his illustrious career full circle at the delight of his fans.

On the other hand, it is a grotesque waste of resources. Or at best, a publicity stunt attempting to hide the insidious nature of a bunch of billionaires wanting to leave the planet that they have helped screw up.

I know..."lighten up Francis",

I can't help when my cynical side takes over.

September 28, 2021

Tesla has jumped the shark

This is just a terrible idea


OK, I think they may have actually jumped the shark several years when they introduced the Cybertruck https://www.tesla.com/cybertruck but at least that could be written off as a niche market.

Now they are screwing with the functionality of one of their mainline cars for the vanity of how it looks. Obviously it just stems from the fact that they think the cars will drive themselves which is crazy in itself.

September 14, 2021

Apple must think we are stupid

"They" have an "important update" to the iphone Ios that everyone is trying to get me to download and install.

Well I don't know what is in that update so why would I put it into my phone?

It came out way too quickly because apparently there was some kind of emergency dangerous vulnerability.

I even read that they can use it to track everything you do!

Well I have done my own research and I am not going to take it.

Based on what I have read, I should just open one of those random texts and click on the link provided. Lucky me, I have one that will also enhance my penis size!

So you sheeple can do what Apple demands you to do.

I am making a stand for Freedom

August 24, 2021

Ohio State to Require COVID Vaccinations

Ohio State has made the leap into the vaccine mandate world. My daughter is a Sophomore there so this makes me very happy.

They had tried to be reasonable by not mandating, but strongly encouraging it through differentiated testing and isolation protocols. But the jackasses in the Ohio State House tried to make it illegal for them to do that. The only caveat was that ban on different treatment only pertained to the vaccine while it was not approved. I was hoping that they would pull an FU on the State House fuckers and take the policy even farther when it became allowed. And so it has come to pass.


As students return back to campus for fall semester, Ohio State announced Tuesday afternoon that it would require Buckeyes to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Ohio State President Kristina M. Johnson said in an email to the campus community that students, staff and faculty members are all now required to have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by Oct. 15. For people receiving a two-dose vaccine, both doses must be received by Nov. 15.

"There is strong support for this requirement in our community, including student, faculty, staff and university leadership," Johnson said in her email. "From the beginning of the pandemic, we have made data-driven, science-based decisions and followed the guidance of medical and public health professionals, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local public health partners."

This is a big deal as one of the largest public universities in a solidly red state.

This is going to light up the parents Facebook page but I will be drinking in the conservative tears.

Well Played Ohio State

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