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People are largely just lost

The vast majority of people I know were union members until their jobs were shipped off to some slave labor country or else the company started "in-sourcing" short term labor from temp services at lower wages.

The unions at national level didn't see fit to organize to stop it. The government that allowed it and even passed laws to make it easier simply told the workers to quit being moochers and lazy bums and spend $1000s in debt (at a nice fat interest rate) to go get a college degree...... and then promptly rewarded companies who shipped college jobs out or imported cheaper labor.

People have just gotten to the point where they don't trust anyone but themselves. The expect the government to fuck them out of whatever small savings or safety net they've been able to cobble together....... home equity, IRAs, SSI, Medicare..... you name it. And when a candidate comes along and says the reason your safety net is in trouble is because of all these moochers over here, and if we cut them all off you will be safe...... well it rings a bell...... or rather a dog whistle.

Now a guy like Bernie comes along and says the reason your safety net is in trouble is because we've handed the "job creators" the nation's wealth on a platter and spent OUR money on weapons to kill kids and grandmas on the other side of the world they are very skeptical. They are convinced what little they have, in the form of a paycheck, will vanish if we dare offend the money people AND the one avenue of semi-security for them or their kids - a career in the military - might vanish as well.

The mantra people are voting against their interests is not accurate from what I've seen. The truth is more like people have become convinced the Democratic talking point that government can help is a lie....... based on what they consider life experience to date. Not that they trust the GOP any better.
Posted by KentuckyWoman | Tue Dec 29, 2015, 03:49 PM (3 replies)

Christmas Eve in my family gave me hope

Previously posted in THIS THREAD and moved to an OP at the request of Niyad.


The anti-bully campaigns in schools may actually be doing some good outside the school.

A cousin has been in an emotionally abusive relationship for some time. The guy is a master at treating her like shit then blaming her when her feelings are hurt, and looking like the good guy to everyone else. Over time he's convinced her this is better than what she deserves.

They played host to her sister's family.... which included 4 kids ranging in age from 8 to 18. Well the 8 yr old figured out the deal in under 2 days and enlisted her siblings. One day at the dinner table the jackass started his little routine and all 4 kids let him have it. Told him he's a bully. Told him he has no right to treat anyone that way. Told their aunt (my cousin) she deserves better, can do better, and should not have to live with this. Told their parents they should help her pack and take her back to their house until she can get divorced and back on her feet.

Being challenged the fucker's true color came out for all to see. Apparently the police were called and the 18 yr old of the kids was arrested..... released a few hours later to his parents as they were leaving town early. Of course it shot the hell out of Christmas Eve.

My cousin, their aunt, spent Christmas packing up her car and this morning arranging for a U-Haul and a couple strong backs. The financial cost to her in the immediate future will be incredible but she says the kids standing up and calling a bully a bully made her realize it's not just her. It's really him.

She has some mental and emotional work to do but I think those kids saved her......


Update since this post dear cuz has moved out, taken half the bank account and is staying with a friend she actually thought she'd lost years ago. Cuz says she'd been toying with getting the hell out for years but stuck it out because people don't divorce and plus she thought it was all HER problem. The kids were the spark and jerked her to reality.

Her soon to be X is has never been the violent type and we are crossing our fingers he'll let her go in peace and get some help.
Posted by KentuckyWoman | Mon Dec 28, 2015, 11:16 AM (17 replies)

Why I bought a star.

I do not have many posts but have been poking around in DU for years. My sister, DUer SmileyRose joined back when it was WhistleAss vs Al Gore. She eventually got terminal and asked me to keep an eye on the site for her. She love you guys.

Immediate I saw why. Despite the turmoil lately and the loss of some familiar names, I think this website has a valuable roll to play in my life. I've done everything from kill time, to play fight, to roll eyes at the games others play, to get a real education on issues or to simply open my mind to different viewpoints.

At the end of the day I am grateful to Skinner and Elad and Earl G and whoever else is turning the knobs behind the curtain for this platform. Also the DU community for everything you've given to me and to my sister before me.

And it did not escape my notice that I never saw that DU robot once during this last debate / DNC fiasco thingy. The investment in new hardware obviously paid off. Wish I could have given more to the cause.....

Posted by KentuckyWoman | Mon Dec 21, 2015, 03:26 PM (24 replies)

America is kind of scaring the shit out of me

Where in the blue ass hell are these people at Trump rallies coming from? What hole did they crawl out of?

Even in the back hills of Kentucky if a family member runs their face in such a bigoted way it is made crystal clear to them very quickly that kind of idea is unacceptable. Flap your stupid pie hole in public with that kind of hate you'll be pretty much shunned by the community.

Oh they'll tolerate you disowning your daughter if she takes up with a black guy. But people in the small east Kentucky towns are appalled and offended anyone would harass, spit on or attack a woman simply because she's wearing Muslim religious garb - or threatening to bodily injure someone because they "look muslim" or "look gay".

WHY are we tolerating this from any political candidate? We sat around the let Turdblossom get away with his little whisper campaign about McCain's black daughter and tolerated the Quitter's yapping about Obama being a terrorist and now we are going to sit around and let Mr. Bankrupt prove to us this whole country has lost it's fucking mind.

Honest to gracious if my husband was not eyeball deep in chemo I'd be pulling together a bunch of women in the most severest black niqab or burqa or whatever you call it and hound Trump and his supporters everywhere they go doing zagareet as loud as possible.

We have to stop this craziness. Black kids are getting shot every 5 minutes. Woman in scarves are getting spit on and threatened........... We didn't learn anything when Gabby got shot...........

Posted by KentuckyWoman | Wed Dec 16, 2015, 11:18 AM (93 replies)
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