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KentuckyWoman's Journal
KentuckyWoman's Journal
February 20, 2016

I honestly don't care what they did 40-50 years ago.

if you guys were judging me based on who I was and what I did in 1960 something you'd probably not be so impressed either. You would hope someone who's been around that long would grow and improve over time but EVERYONE evolves in some way.

In 1960 something I was just as full of narrow minded prejudiced backwards thinking as the rest of my social group. Thank the gods my parents saw fit to bring an exchange student from Hong Kong into our house and into our school. It made a big difference. Once I got out of that town and away from home my true open, accepting and inquisitive nature really blossomed.

I would expect that and much more from someone who's been bumping around in DC for awhile.

February 15, 2016

My dreams of rainbow colored unicorn farts.

I was raised in the eastern hills of Kentucky on a 200 acre generational family farm near a dinky little town not even most Kentucky people ever heard of. We just got a stop sign last year.

I have a LOT of wing nutz in my family. Some even believe Obama killed Scalia and plans to start up a war on our soil so he'll never have to leave office. Otherwise sane, functional human beings. Obama the big black boggieman will live on in infamy with some of the racist jerks in my family. Nothing said or done will convince them. Alex Jones is a prophet.

But - nearly all of them are disgusted with the Republican party. A good many now agree Bush lied us into war. They agree the corporations and wall street is a menace. They are sick of DC politics that reward investors and speculators and punish actual work. It's their biggest issue this time out. Not guns, not gays, not abortions. Even racism is secondary. It is all about the economics. Even the healthcare debate is all about the economics.

They mostly like Trump but some of them, astonishingly, are listening to Bernie. Undecided, but listening. Most are in the anyone but Hillary camp, but they don't seem to mind Bernie "the commie socialist" to quote my sister in law.

And so we get to my fantasies of rainbow colored unicorn farts. Where we actually end up with a Trump vs Bernie general election. Turnout shoots up to 80% of registered voters and the lines of cars waiting to find a parking spot at the polling place go for miles. No matter how you slice it, it puts DC on notice the American people are pissed as all get out. Bernie wins. America wins.

You may now laugh or flame as is your pleasure.

February 7, 2016

Dear Hillary, you are wrong about the ACA.

In the last debate you said

"To tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back into that kind of a contentious debate, I think is the wrong direction,"

With respect - you are wrong. Aside from the fact no one is talking about tearing it up and having nothing...... NOW is the time to have this contentious debate. People are suffering under the weight of sheer greed all along the line in providing medical care. '

People are suffering under the weight of the sheer greed at the top - period.

For the last 30+ years I've watched administration after administration sell out the workers of this country. Your husband was one of the Presidents who participated in the "race to the bottom". The intent may have been to benefit workers but the opposite has happened. Investors have done fine. Workers have suffered. Worldwide.

I understand you want us all to just behave and take whatever the elite decide to give us. NO I WILL NOT. I will yell and scream and bitch and moan and fight with my last breath if that is what it takes to get a government that represents "We the People." ,

February 6, 2016

I don't fucking care how much they paid her.

You can bet if I had the star power to get paid $157 Million a year to talk for 15 - 20 minutes every couple months then I'd do it in a heartbeat and not apologize for it. She shouldn't be asked to.

Here's my problem with this.

1. "I'm not establishment."

Yes you the fuck are. Own it. Market it. You are claiming you have the inside track to get shit done where Bernie can't. Ya, well, that means you are establishment. You've got people paying you a shitload to talk. Just market the fact you have a close relationship with big money guys and plan to use that for the common good. Quit your bullshit over this.

2. "I'll look into it."

Really? You plan to function as Commander in Chief with that lack of decisiveness? Bull effing shit. YOU are the kind of person not afraid to tell a Secret Service agent to fuck off when they've earned it. I have no doubt whatsoever you could practically rip the gonads off Vladimir. You are as tough a woman as I've ever heard of and I respect that about you. So stop with the crap.

Yes I understand part of the deal with politician is the BS. THEY need to understand that we are sick of it. Yes we do need someone capable of triangulating and outmaneuvering the bad actors in the world but you can't go around bullshitting the people you want to work for. Not on this kind of stuff. If you do, we won't believe we can trust you to do what you say you'll do.

And that is my problem with Hillary. For all her talents and potentials... and she has MANY.... I just don't trust her to come through for me and mine. I'll vote for her in the general if I have to because I think she'll hurt me less than the Republicans.

Not exactly the best endorsement.

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