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Member since: Fri May 23, 2014, 02:42 PM
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What I want on Tuesday from Joe Biden.

I donít want fireworks as he walks onto the podium.

I donít want theatrical garbage to detract from substance, so please, no one armed pushups, no chest bumping GMD standoff at center stage, nor a refusal to be civilized through acknowledging trumps presence in a dismissive or disrespectful way.

I want the adult in the room on full display please. I want calm, collected responses to questions, with supporting data where necessary, but not to excess.

I donít want snickering or gasps of disbelief at anything that comes from the other lecturn no matter how pompous or assinine or incendiary.

I want a solid win and this is the way to get one. This debate isnít for the trump supporters really, itís for us. Itís to give out a little hope here right before things look like theyíre about to drop off the abyss.

Keep the faith. Donít waver. We may stumble across that finish line in January, but we will cross that finish line.

And Iím starting to believe that we might win it. 9000 ballots returned by mail this time 2016. 180,000 so far at last count. After heís railed against mail in balloting, I canít imagine the majority of those ballots going for him.

Watch the debate. Take what hope you need, and keep stumbling forward.

Edit*. GMD is a Glorified Monkey Dance. Typical bully posturing BS for those not familiar.

I don't care. Do you?

The bedlam is getting a little obnoxious really.

This latest about Woodward bearing some responsibility......just more shiny keys folks.

Do not lose focus please, everyone here needs to keep their eyes on the prize, the type of single minded obsession that I donít normally get to see from the Democratic Party. There is only one overarching thing that needs to be done.

We need to vote Donald Trump out of office resoundingly on November 3rd. Anything else fails to garner my attention, nor should it yours.

Donít allow the deflection that Woodward should have told somebody, he said it himself, he couldnít be sure if what trump was telling him was the truth. Add to that the fact that with a large portion of the population (not just trump supporters) you can only actually make headway with facts after the event/fact has already occurred .

In retrospect, love him or hate him, trump has some innate feel for the mob. He was absolutely right when he said he could have shot someone on fifth avenue and he still wouldnít lose any votes. We thought it was hyperbole, it turned out he underestimated his kill numbers severely.

Donít be distracted by folks saying ďwhat if...?

What if:

He wonít leave office?
The police/boogaloo boys cooperate and stage a coup?
McConnell poisons RBG and leverages Mike Lee into a SCOTUS spot?
He drops a nuke on DPRK?

Donít. Lose. Focus.


Vote early, vote him out.

Everything else is icing on the cake.
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