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Member since: Fri Apr 17, 2015, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 3,160

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Out of pity, I will not post this in GD-P

Breaking: Bernie going to the Vatican to talk about income inequality

Heard on MSNBC

A long and consistent record

...and most likely a video of Her supporting it

The time that Chris Cuomo actually spoke honestly about Clinton and the media.


Given Bernie's victory in Wisconsin, and his recent landslide victories

It is really is time for Bernie to drop out and rally behind Her.

This is CNN. The most busted name in news.

A DU challenge

I challenge any DUer to look back at the posts of Hillary Clinton supporters, here and in Canada, over the previous 12 months, and find one, just one prediction about the Democratic primary race that turned out to be accurate. (I would do it if I contributed and had a star)

It is time for political pay back - Using the gift that Bernie has given us

The Clinton mafia cannot function without their bought and paid for Capo's, Soldier's and Associates. With each passing primary, after the election fraud-du-jour has been exposed, and the voters disenfranchised, we always find the fingerprints of the Clinton operatives. (I now understand the term "machine politics", and why Chicago is the way it is, and why Rahm is the Mayor)In many cases these are elected officials.

Bernie has already accomplished more in this race that I thought could be possible. An entire generation is plugged in to the voting process. The unbelievable skills of this generation with social media and telecommunications is changing the entire landscape of retail politics. And the pace at which this occurring is quite accelerated. Team Clinton, always fighting the previous battle, simply cannot get on the offensive, unless it is an attempt to slime.

These machine style operative are about to feel....oh, I don't know..the Bern? One such is Reverend Robert Vinson Brannum, Chairman Ward 5 Democratic committee. (202-256-8452).

With the local organizing expertise that the Bernie campaign has developed over the past year, (and who can argue with their results?), I imagine this is how we are going to flip seats in congress, (Canova WILL beat DWS), and flip out these machine operatives who are quite often world class sell outs hiding behind the fig leaf of public service.

Sorry Bernie, I can't debate you


President Barack Obama endorses Debbie Wasserman Schultz

President Barack Obama endorses Debbie Wasserman Schultz

President Barack Obama has endorsed U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who faces a rare primary challenge for her Broward/Miami-Dade congressional district.

It's no surprise that Obama endorsed his Democratic National Committee chair since 2011 -- but it shows that she is facing a challenge worth paying attention to from Nova Southeastern University professor Tim Canova.

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