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Member since: Thu Aug 20, 2015, 09:10 PM
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For our friends who are in the track of this storm

Here is a tool I used during Florence to keep updated on current and forecasted wind speeds and precipitation. It helps. Put in your zip or location and what you want to measure.

Good luck to all of you.


They always get riled up when they don't get their way.

They think they are entitled to everything and when they don't get it turn into spoiled brats.

I think Kavanaugh will withdraw before next Monday.

Just my opinion, but I don't believe in the end he will go through with it, assuming he is lying. Will he have the will to show up to this spectacle and try to lie his way all the way through it? How might it affect his appellate judge standing if he fails to be confirmed and new questions arise about his credibility and fitness to be a judge at all? This is a pretty heavy deal to lie your way through. It could be a lot easier at this point to just withdraw and walk away, and skip all this mess. If he does show up, I'm thinking he may rue the day he did. He has a lot at risk by going through this process.

For those in the hurricane Florence zones here is a nice wind/precip map

Just put in your zip code, date, time, what you want to measure.

I live in 27858 area and found my top wind gust speed to be 81 mph. Good luck to all.


Link to tonight's Florence detailed forecast from Eastern NC TV station

WITN in Greenville NC


Is anyone getting tired of hearing "Donald Trump is doing what he said he would do"?

Is this all for his racist and cruel policies? Because other than that I can't think of a damn thing he has done except a lot of damage.

This thought came to me while watching a segment on MSNBC this morning where they were interviewing voters in Missouri. They played a video which was mostly a bunch of asswipes praising Trump. One of them stated "Remember this. Donald Trump is doing what he said he was going to do" or words to that effect. When the interviewer asked him to elaborate, his answer was "watch Sean Hannity".

At that point I just had to change the channel to CNN.

Do we need to have a strategy to push back harder on this lie prior to the midterms? How can this lie be defeated? Or can it? Or does it need to be at all, i.e. are we just going to send more voters to the polls than they are?

So, who still thinks this doesn't fit the definition of treason?

The significance of the 12 Mueller indictments are now in full living color for everyone to see. To see what this "President" really is.

United Methodist Church members calling for church charges against Jeff Sessions


"Sessions is charged with child abuse, immorality, racial discrimination in separating children from their parents."

Peter Navarro is a ridiculous person.

"A special place in Hell"? Because everybody knows that the Bible condemns world leaders who don't agree with Trump to fire and brimstone.

How much more misplaced and over the top can rhetoric be than that?

Thanks to Dianne Feinstein

for introducing legislation to stop the separation of children from parents at the border. Is there any possibility to fasttrack it?
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