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Des Moines' sewage is carrying twice as much coronavirus as it did two weeks ago

Interesting article. Is your local paper reporting this information?

The amount of coronavirus floating in Des Moines area sewage has more than doubled in two weeks, a new report shows.

The Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Authority has been sending in samples of sewage for coronavirus testing since July. Such screening offers a rough measure of how prevalent a virus is in a community. The answer in central Iowa: Very prevalent.

Des Moines' latest sample, taken on Aug. 18, had a higher concentration of coronavirus than found in 85% of samples sent in by other U.S. cities, the new report says. The concentration also was more than twice what was found in Des Moines' Aug. 4 sample, and more than seven times as much as was found in the area's July 19 sample.

The rising coronavirus levels in sewage come as the state faces surging infections and hospitalizations, fueled by the highly transmissible delta variant of the coronavirus.
. . .

More at: https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/health/2021/08/24/des-moines-sewage-carrying-double-coronavirus-as-two-weeks-ago/5578235001/

Staunch atheists show higher morals than the proudly pious, from the pandemic to climate change

I like this article....

Two recent events have shed an illuminating light on who is and who isn't moral in today's world.

First, Cardinal Raymond Burke, a leader in the U.S. Catholic Church and a staunch anti-masker/vaxxer, was put on a ventilator as a result of his suffering from COVID-19. Second, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations released its latest data-rich report, warning that "unless there are rapid and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, limiting warming to close to 1.5 degrees Celsius or even 2 degrees Celsius will be beyond reach."

The global pandemic and the rapidly warming of our planet — these dire phenomena are, above all, deeply moral matters in that they both entail care for the well-being of others and a desire to alleviate misery and suffering.

Now, while most people assume that such a morality is grounded in religious faith, and while it is certainly true that all religions contain plenty of moral ideals, in our nation today, it is actually the most secular among us who are exhibiting a greater moral orientation — in the face of deadly threats — than the most devout among us, who are exhibiting the least.
. . .
However, despite such complexities, the overall pattern remains clear: When it comes to the most pressing moral issues of the day, hard-core secularists exhibit much more empathy, compassion, and care for the well-being of others than the most ardently God-worshipping. Such a reality is necessary to expose, not simply in order to debunk the long-standing canard that religion is necessary for ethical living, but because such exposure renders all the more pressing the need for a more consciously secular citizenry, one that lives in reality, embraces science and empiricism, and supports sound policies — not prayer — as a way to make life better, safer and more humane.

whole article: https://www.salon.com/2021/08/21/staunch-atheists-show-higher-morals-than-the-proudly-pious-from-the-pandemic-to-climate-change/

Field of Dreams game was more than unbelievable. It was perfect.

It was a great night for baseball.

DYERSVILLE, Ia. — Let’s get this out of the way right now.

Thursday night’s Field of Dreams game was a showcase, an extravaganza, a happening. You can't even dream this stuff up, how magical this night was. The center of the sports universe, at least for one day, was smack dab in the middle of an Iowa cornfield way up here in northeast Iowa.

Put plainly, baseball's grand showing at the "Field of Dreams" movie site was our state’s greatest sports event ever.

Yes, I said it.

. . .

more at: https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/sports/baseball/2021/08/13/field-of-dreams-new-york-yankees-chicago-white-sox-perfection-kevin-costner-mlb-dyersville-iowa/5565683001/

Trump appointee at DOJ eyed scandalous Georgia election scheme

It's just one outrageous action after the other by the corrupt trump administration. I cannot imagine how bad things would be if Biden hadn't won.

In the wake of Donald Trump's defeat last fall, the then-president created a political crisis at the Justice Department, as the White House explored ways to use federal law enforcement to reward Trump with power he hadn't earned. The details of the crisis are still coming into focus.

ABC News ran this striking report yesterday, which is an amazing piece of a larger puzzle.

Top members of the Department of Justice last year rebuffed another DOJ official who asked them to urge officials in Georgia to investigate and perhaps overturn President Joe Biden's victory in the state -- long a bitter point of contention for former President Donald Trump and his team -- before the results were certified by Congress, emails reviewed by ABC News show.

According to the materials, which have not been independently verified by MSNBC or NBC News, Jeffrey Clark -- at the time, the acting head of the Justice Department's civil division -- wrote emails that would urge Georgia Republicans to take the Big Lie seriously.

. . .

more at [link:https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/trump-appointee-doj-eyed-scandalous-georgia-election-scheme-n1275944?cid=eml_mra_20210804&user_email=c5f9b0df177e6400ae9b464339eb89199d634c7b7fa3541aaa108b0ef11699c2|
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