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25 Picks For Bernie Sanders' Vice President


Some of these are just plain foolish, a few could be contenders.

Lasagna Gardening

Hi all!

Just discovered this group, looks like the Rural group is kaput.

Anyone doing lasagna gardening? I'm starting some HUGE gardens this year, and trying this in the flower garden. I was able to get an entire bundled load of free flattened cardboard boxes from the local Amish store, so that will be my base. Then horse manure and bedding on top of that, leaves/twigs on that, more manure, then pine needles/leaves from our woods, and more manure/bedding (did I mention I have horses?). So green layers, then brown layers. Already getting the fence done (combination of gabions (lovely rocks free from my veterinarian), and dead cedar posts/rails from our farm). Easy and fun to build. Hope to start laying cardboard this weekend, snow should be melted. The flower garden will be about 200' x 200', with lots of mulched paths. Basically, redoing my front yard. I have all my seeds, and some transplants--very exciting! Trying to get the process going before planting in April.

The vege garden is a small pasture being converted. Much too big for lasagna'ing. I really don't want to go the Roundup route, but don't know there will be much choice. The good thing is I can get all the free wood mulch I want from a sawmill up the road.

What say you? Would like to post photos when I figure out how to do it.


What party are/were your parents?

One thing I've noticed over the years is that people tend to remain Democrat or Republican depending on their parents' affiliation. My mom was a die-hard Democrat from South Carolina. I have some good Republican friends who follow the political footsteps of their folks. My little brother turned rabid Repug. Go figure.

How many actually saw the light and changed to the Democratic Party?
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