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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 5,763

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Hey folks, DU member "herding cats" could use some DU love

Her mom lost *everything* in one of our California fires:


Please take a look and maybe kick her post? I know she'll appreciate it.

Thank you!

To those who worry that adding more SC seats will become a never-ending game of one-upsmanship

Consider this: if some vital rebalancing occurs during a forthcoming Dem administration and, hopefully, Congress, we may never again have to worry about such a far right-wing breed of Rs gaining power.

Think about it: if new states are minted (eg, DC), more SC justices added, the EC abolished (or repaired) and laws enacted that seek to undo the effects of decades of gerrymandering, the balance of power would be restored to one that much more faithfully reflects the population of the country as a whole--because we *know* with certainty that the current Republican party is an artificial construct, that would never have come to exist (much less survive or thrive!) in an organic manner (ie, as a representative body). It's like a genetically engineered organism that cannot exist in the wild, but must rely upon external forces to ensure its survival (unfair advantages). Remove that help and the organism dies (this is exactly the strategy that scientists use to make sure their laboratory organisms don't survive an escape from the lab).

Without unfair advantages (the EC, gerrymandered districts, Citizen's United, Fairness Doctrine, etc) the R party would be *forced* to move back towards the center, much, much more. Because they would have to fight on a level playing field for members.

So, if we get the chance to precipitate this, we should jump at it enthusiastically, knowing that, if done correctly, there won't *be* an opposition party that looks and acts like the current R party. That escaped artificially generated organism will cease to exist. We needn't worry about when it gets power again, what it will do--because it won't exist!

Does that make sense?

The Defense Production Act could have been invoked in February to make masks

That would have been the single, most simple, action that, imho, would have had the greatest impact on this pandemic in the U.S.

The early debates about mask-wearing--that precipitated the anti-masker movement--would not have happened, because it was the scarcity of PPE that led to that.

I hope Biden talks about this. It is such an easy concept to understand. This isn't high-tech, it is the lowest tech imaginable. That our industrial base--what remains of it anyway--wasn't directed to this effort, will ultimately be seen as the most significant failure of the response to Covid19.

It would have been such a simple action to take. And would have made, literally, all the difference in the world.

Cool Story Map of August Complex Fire (Mendocino)


BLM Map of California Fires


Where's All The Testing You Promised?

This one should be hammered hard daily. Seems to have fallen off the radar.

"I Did It. So What?"

Trump's new campaign slogan.

Lincoln Project, Meidas Touch, someone must make TV commercial

Showing ALL the times Trump used scare tactics, about Caravans of Migrants, M13 Rapists, Violent BLM Protestors, coming for your Suburbs, Coming for Your Guns, ETC ad nauseum.... and there are endless examples....

Juxtaposed to this SURREAL claim that Trump downplayed C19 because he didn't want to cause a PANIC!


Watch California's Fires - Live Cams: AlertWildfire.org


Stunning. Use the Timelapse feature (goes back 12 hours).

I just discovered this site during the Walbridge Fire here in Nor Cal, and have been glued to it ever since.

I was literally watching these cams day and night, waiting for the fire to run down a canyon to me.

Now that "my" fire is not an immenent threat, I'm still watching the other cams throughout the state.

The ones in Mendocino Forest and in the Sierra foothills above Oroville are.... horrifying and spectacular.

They also have a YouTube channel with some videos:

For example:


Would Trump lose his Christian base if he were to say

that Jesus was a "loser" for being crucified, that he liked saviors who didn't get killed, that he didn't understand why Jesus sacrificed himself?

I'd bet not.

I'd also bet that Trump actually *has* said those things.
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