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Member since: Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 5,367

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Did I miss our Christmas gift from lil Kim?

Or is he being a Scrooge today?

Backups on Android phone

I'd like to have multiple rollback options, as on a computer -- like "restore to (date)" -- how to achieve? Seems the backups just overwrite each other, so if you don't detect a problem soon enough, your backups are all contaminated.

Multiple accts on Android phone

How to have my phone appear differently for different accounts?

I thought this was doable using Google logins, but guess not.

It would be the equivalent of a guest login on a computer.

Maybe asking too much of a phone?

"And my attitude about my legacy is Fuck it," he said.

--Rudy Guiliani

OMFG something we can finally agree with Rudy on!


Android questions (phone)

Is this the correct forum?

I need to understand some things about backup, restore and sync.

Recently had to do a factory reset. Debating whether to just go with a clean slate, or to invoke the backup. Every other time I've restored, it seems only some things restore, but some things I really wanted were lost.

So now I want to thoroughly understand it all. Anyone here fancy themselves an expert willing to help?

My questions will likely be very specific. I need more than just generalized info. No computer available, only two Android phones.


The Christianity Today editorial's effect

There's a WaPo opinion piece today: "Why Christianity Today’s call for Trump’s ouster might not matter"


I thought, oh no, how could it not matter? I mean, just imagine if *just* the readership of CT stayed home on election day. That would be felt, wouldn't it?

But the WaPo article failed to make a strong case supporting their article title. In fact, below are the final three paragraphs of the article; these are the only parts of the piece that even suggest there might not be a mighty backlash, and it is very weak sauce indeed.

The WaPo piece actually makes a strong case that the CT editorial is going to leave a mark, a big fat red stinking mark on the orange 'peach.

And *that* is the gospel (="good news" ) for today!

We have no doubt that the evangelical operators who long ago cast aside faith and morality in favor of access to power are not going to be jolted out of their religious coma by an editorial. The evangelicals who view Trump as a bully of their own, a leader who justifies their grievances and normalizes racist and xenophobic rhetoric, will ignore CT’s admonitions and indeed vilify the publication. However, this should not minimize the importance of declaring that the emperor (both Trump and his idolaters) has no clothes. The public condemnation of Trump might at least begin a discussion among evangelicals about whether they have damaged their own religious values and credibility.

If CT sparks at least some soul-searching and prompts some Trump cultists to reevaluate their Faustian bargain, the publication would have made a major contribution both to faith and to the country. After all, it is not merely that evangelicals have kept in power a corrupt, disloyal and immoral president, but in that in doing so they have stained the reputation of “values voters."

A crack in Trump’s evangelical wall of defense that has the potential to split off even a small number of Trump supporters has the potential to deprive Trump of another term. One can only imagine the fury raining down on CT’s owners and editors. They have shown real courage here. We hope that their courage is contagious.

About that "continue in session from day to day"

“shall, at 1 o’clock afternoon of the day (Sunday excepted) following such presentation … continue in session from day to day … until final judgment shall be rendered.”

As the current Senate rules state above, does this mean that if the Senate were given the impeachment today, they would have to run the trial over the holiday break? Since there's specific mention of Sunday, but no other exception?

Can Impeached presidents still perform pardons?

What is that "...except in the case of impeachment" clause in the section about pardon powers?

Regarding the causality dilemma

As i understand it, the House has to take a vote before Pelosi can designate Impeachment Managers.

If the Senate trial cannot begin until House Impeachment Managers are designated, is there a way for the Senate to change their rules to circumvent this requirement?

How many words (tweets) in that Trump letter to Pelosi?

He's probably chafed at how much fun was made of his Tweetstorm the other day, so decided to do it the old school way, that's all.
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