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Treason vs Betrayal

With people wary of using the Treason word, it occurred to me that Betrayal might be a better fit i.e. Trump is betraying the American people and the Constitution.

I was looking up the difference, and came across this thread from 2010


Is there a difference between treason and betrayal ?

It seems to me that treason is used in the context of law and that betrayal in more general. Am I right ?



Treason is indeed an offence under English law. It has been a capital offence since 1351 and includes essentially helping one's own nation's enemies (so a French person can't be accused of treason against Britain). However it includes such miscellaneous offences as arson in the royal dockyards and raping the queen or female heir to the throne.

Betrayal, fortunately, is far less dramatic.

But what can be considered betrayal, is it the same as "disloyalty"?

If you accuse a president of treason and betrayal, should I assume that betrayal is a synonym of disloyalty? He was not loyal to his nation, for example...

It might be easier with examples. Let's say a president allowed a rival country access to military secrets - that would be treason. He might also break his election promises (to reduce unemployment, build more schools, or whatever) - that would be betrayal but not treason. A president can betray his electorate without betraying his country. Treason is if you like a subset of betrayal

Say YOU were Vladimir Putin, and you had masterminded an amazing plot to put your boy into the Oval

Office of your no 1 enemy, and you had his party (while controlling all parts of the legislature) too afraid to take you on, but it re-energised the opposition. What would you do next, bearing in mind that if the Democrats get even one branch of the executive back in November, everything will be exposed, you won't be in control, AND there is the expectation that by Jan 2021 at the latest, draconian revenge will be taken on you personally and those who helped you ?

(and let me re-state, there is little doubt Putin and his henchmen will/must suffer a terrible price for what they did).

My own view fwiw, is that he has made this calculation and is going to quadruple down on the mid terms, in the hope that the GOP will hold the House and the Senate. I don't see he has a choice.

Brexit News and stuff






Rick Wilson talks about Trump, AOC, 2020 Dem Candidates, Harris, Bernie, Biden and more

I can guess some will go berserk with some of what he has to say, but we should bear in mind that people will come to the fore during the primaries who we may not have expected.


Unposted Financial Disclosures for Trump Admin officials/nominees inc Bolton/Kudlow/Scavino



Fox News N/A Salary $569,423
Gatestone Institute
N/A Board and
advisory fees $155,000

Counter Extremism
Project United N/A Consulting fees $165,000

American Enterprise
Institute N/A Salary $240,000

And a load of Speaking Fees


Kudlow & Co., LLC
N/A Owner's draw
(business income) $782,000

Why I'm not a Socialist

Interesting David Pakman video. You may argue with the accuracy but it's good that someone is discussing this

Wendy Sherman on with Lawrence said the only money would be money laundering, but we know it's more

than that. It was also the Carter Page/Tillerson/Rosneft angle, where Trump was going to get a cut of the Exxon sanctioned Oil deal, as well as the Trump Moscow hotel. Who knows what else ?

The Treason Trump and the GOP are doing isn't about politics, it's about money.

Matt Gaetz is trying to appear intelligent and thoughtful....

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