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Ireland:The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge named in honour of the mother of President John F Kennedy

The new road includes Irelandís longest bridge, at 887m, crossing the River Barrow between counties Wexford and Kilkenny.

It is named the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge in honour of the mother of President John F Kennedy.

The opening was performed this afternoon by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar with Rose Katherine Kennedy Townsend, a great-granddaughter of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and grand niece of the late president.



Chairman of Kilkenny County Council Peter Cleere described the bridge as "an engineering wonder", which will attract visitors to the area.

Chairman of Wexford County Council Michael Sheehan said the opening marks "a new chapter" and means the region is "now ripe for a new era of investment, industry and interest".

The Kennedy family homestead at Dunganstown is less than 2km from the new bridge and it was the late presidentís sister Jean Kennedy Smith who suggested naming it after their mother.


David McWilliams EP42: The Giant Global Housing Swindle...... (Fantastic explanation) Recommend

From Davos to balance sheet recession this week is all about economics. Join us as we explain how the wealthy get rich in bust economies and how regular people become poor in boom economies

I would seriously recommend this to DU members, McWilliams has such a great way of tying stuff together.

I'm in Paris. It's after midnight and getting through elephant doses

of vodka. Je suis plein d'amour pour toutes 😀.

David McWilliams EP40: USA, IRAN and the 3 M's that precede wars. A must listen episode re Iran v US

McWilliams explains the origins of where the Middle East conflict now, better than anyone I have heard so far. I would highly recommend people listen to this episode in particular. McWilliams is an economist with an extremely laid back way of explaining complex issues.

"This week has been dominated by news of the rapidly escalating conflict between Iran and the United States - today we breakdown where it came from, what it means and what might be coming in the future - including the 3 Mís that usually precede wars"

Or on Stitcher

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