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James Murdoch resigns from Newscorp.


Disagreement over direction of editorials.

Brexit : The UK is SO screwed in negotiating trade deals. MPs Vote to Give Up Control.

MPs Vote to Give Up Control Over Trade Deals

In parliament last night, MPs were given the opportunity to insist that they have oversight over all of our brexit trade deals, and a vote on the final agreement. They turned down the opportunity. Ironically, it was the pro-Brexit MPs who voted to give up control over our trade deals, which means they can own the collapse of British jobs that it will cause.

So essentially, Johnson can agree to anything, to get a trade deal, and the details of the deal can't be divulged for 5 years, or when the new rules come into operation.

So Trump can screw the hell out of the UK in trade negotiations (which he will), but it can't take effect until after the end of the EU Withdrawal agreement at the end of the year, by which time Trump will hopefully have lost.

UK Government Panic Over imminent Russian Report Release re Brexit

It may end up being a massive embarrassment for the Johnson Government, but as Bozo is entirely shameless, I'm sure he'll get over it.

However, here is the background

and this where the story has moved on

The Lincoln Project raised $16.8m this quarter.

NEWS w/ @AshleyRParker: The Lincoln Project raised $16.8 million this quarter and will soon expand to include ground operations. They plan to next target GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Joni Ernst (Iowa), Thom Tillis (N.C.), and Lindsey Graham (S.C.). https://t.co/ZDXveFQU8i
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