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HR1/VRA does NOTHING to help AOC in NY, Padella in CA, Booker in NJ or Durbin in Illinois.

They're in solid blue districts/states, where they have little to fear either way.

So who will HR1/VRA help and potentially keep their seats ?

Kirsten Sinema in AZ, Conor Lamb in PA and JOE MANCHIN in WV, amongst others in Red and Purple States where Republicans are still in control. If the new Republican voter suppression laws succeed, their seats are in imminent danger.

This media narrative that the Democratic Party is hanging on Joe and Kirsten, when they are the very people who will benefit from HR1/VRA !!! It would be professional suicide for either of them not to agree with getting this through the Senate.

With one Reconciliation Bill left to be used in 2021, it must be changed to HR1/VRA/S1 from the

Infrastructure Bill.

I say this for a number of reasons :

1 Red States are trying to pass widespread voter suppression laws.

2 If HR1/VRA/S1 is left to next January, I fear (with potential court challenges), there may not be time to properly protect the Nov 2022 Elections, and there is NOTHING more important than that, now that the Rescue Bill is going through.

3 With a 1.9TN Covid package, there is every likelihood that the US Economy will be roaring back by the end of the year, to be the bolstered by an Infrastructure Package in Jan 2022.

4 Once the Voting Rights Bill is passed, I would still introduce the Infrastructure Bill, and now with earmarks back, make it excruciating for any Republican to vote it down. If they don't support it, they will be ads made in heaven.

5 by passing HR1/VRA/S1, and the elections are protected with voter suppression tricks outlawed, Republicans will need a distraction of something like Infrastructure money. To me, this is the proper sequence.

6. I believe Joe Biden when he said he wanted to bring bipartisanship back to Washington, and I believe that's why he decided on Covid Rescue followed by Infrastructure, but it surely must be clear to him now that McConnell has no intention of cooperating on anything.

So which do you want to see next ?
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