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HR1/VRA does NOTHING to help AOC in NY, Padella in CA, Booker in NJ or Durbin in Illinois.

They're in solid blue districts/states, where they have little to fear either way.

So who will HR1/VRA help and potentially keep their seats ?

Kirsten Sinema in AZ, Conor Lamb in PA and JOE MANCHIN in WV, amongst others in Red and Purple States where Republicans are still in control. If the new Republican voter suppression laws succeed, their seats are in imminent danger.

This media narrative that the Democratic Party is hanging on Joe and Kirsten, when they are the very people who will benefit from HR1/VRA !!! It would be professional suicide for either of them not to agree with getting this through the Senate.

With one Reconciliation Bill left to be used in 2021, it must be changed to HR1/VRA/S1 from the

Infrastructure Bill.

I say this for a number of reasons :

1 Red States are trying to pass widespread voter suppression laws.

2 If HR1/VRA/S1 is left to next January, I fear (with potential court challenges), there may not be time to properly protect the Nov 2022 Elections, and there is NOTHING more important than that, now that the Rescue Bill is going through.

3 With a 1.9TN Covid package, there is every likelihood that the US Economy will be roaring back by the end of the year, to be the bolstered by an Infrastructure Package in Jan 2022.

4 Once the Voting Rights Bill is passed, I would still introduce the Infrastructure Bill, and now with earmarks back, make it excruciating for any Republican to vote it down. If they don't support it, they will be ads made in heaven.

5 by passing HR1/VRA/S1, and the elections are protected with voter suppression tricks outlawed, Republicans will need a distraction of something like Infrastructure money. To me, this is the proper sequence.

6. I believe Joe Biden when he said he wanted to bring bipartisanship back to Washington, and I believe that's why he decided on Covid Rescue followed by Infrastructure, but it surely must be clear to him now that McConnell has no intention of cooperating on anything.

So which do you want to see next ?

Brexit : The sell off of the NHS to American healthcare companies begins.

Another Project Fear becomes Project Reality

An American health corporation has been handed a contract to take over the running of GP surgeries that provide services for over 375,000 patients in the London area. This issue was raised by local media and the shadow health secretary in the House Of Commons, however the Health Secretary Matt Hancock ignored the issue.

An Irish Soldier describes World War One, 1988

Fascinating and chilling interview. Jack Campbell of The Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 16th Irish Division on The Late Late Show by Gay Byrne (who was Ireland's Johnny Carson)


An Irish Soldier recalls World War One, 1965

Johnny Burke from Ballinislow, Co. Galway talks about his experiences during the First World War,
including a heavy defeat to the Turks in the Mesopotamian campaign. During a break in the fighting to bury the dead Johnny recalls meeting with Turkish soldiers.

Johnny fought first in France after the retreat at Mons. From France Johnny went to Mesopotamia where the British army suffered a heavy defeat. Johnny praises the Turks for allowing time for the dead to be buried. During the amnesty for the dead to be buried Johnny met some of those he had been fighting. His memory of the Turkish soldiers is of the poor condition they were in.

Johnny Burke also recalls marching through the desert to Baghdad and to Falluja.

Al Franken podcast with Norm Ornstein is a must listen re Legislation

Democrats want to pass in a 50-50 Senate. It's a clarifying show, some good some not so much, but all of it a battle

ps HR1 will require 60 votes.

Listen to Norm Ornstein & Al (Again!) on TuneIn http://tun.in/tk4PNe

Or YouTube

DOJ : Will Jeffrey Clark resign before he is fired ?

From his wiki bio, worked for Bush 2001-2005 and opposed regulation of greenhouse gases.

So he'd be no loss.

From Wikipedia

Attempts to overturn results of 2020 presidential election
Main article: Attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election
Unsatisfied that the Justice Deptartment disagreed with his charges of voter fraud in the 2020 election, in January 2021 President Trump floated a plan to replace the acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with Clark. Trump expected Clark would then reverse the decisions of previous Attorneys General, open an investigation, and pressure Georgia election officials to void Biden's win in that state.

Rosen and his predecessor William Barr had previously resisted pressure from Trump to interfere. Clark allegedly told Rosen and other top Justice Department officials that the Department should announce it was investigating serious election fraud issues; Rosen and his deputy Richard Donoghue rejected the suggestion, as the Department had previously determined and announced that there was no significant fraud.[13] Both men were unaware that Clark had met with Trump, until Clark later told Rosen that Trump intended to appoint him to replace Rosen. The Departmentís remaining senior leaders including Rosen, Donoghue, and head of the OLC Steven Engel agreed they would all resign if Rosen was removed. After Rosen and Clark presented their arguments to Trump in a White House meeting, the president backed away from the plan.[4][14]

Clark denied that he had plotted to replace Rosen or to recommend any action based on inaccurate material he read on the internet. He added that he could not discuss any conversations he had with Trump or with Justice Department lawyers because of legal privilege. He noted that in December he had been the lead signatory on the Justice Departmentís letter opposing a claim that Vice President Mike Pence had the power to reject electoral votes for Biden when Congress met to certify the result.

Poll : When will Trump resign in time for a pardon from President Pence ?

To me, Trump has only 3 options

- Do nothing, take what comes as regards any Federal crimes he might have committed, gambling that the Establishment won't want to bring that added shame to the country or fearful of dividing an already divided USA.

- Self Pardon, Cipollone and Barr have already warned him that a Self Pardon WILL be challenged, and would more than likely be thrown out by the SC, because it would otherwise, in effect, make a President a King/Be his own judge.

- Resign, in exchange for becoming the 46th President, Pence will agree to pardon him. This is still the most likely eventuality, as it takes Federal crimes off the table. Yes, he would still be liable for State crimes, but he would only be fighting battles on that front. He has no problem with pardons, and he has been laying the groundwork, so why not himself ? The only fly in the ointment, so to speak, is whether he values a pardon for himself over allowing Pence to become President ?

So with that in mind, when will he resign, to take a pardon from President Pence

If GOP Congressmen aided and abetted the Seditionists, and fear there's evidence out there, will we

expect Trump to pardon them too ? It would be a massive risk for them to hope nothing would be uncovered.

Y'all Qaeda


@VeritasInLux Replying to @jackshafer and @Bencjacobs

She might not still be seated as a member of Congress by then, if the reports of aiding and abetting Yíall Qaeda are born out.

@jackshafer ∑ 15h

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) just promised Newsmax to introduce articles of impeachment against Joe Biden on Jan. 21.

NO to the suggestion of Biden Agenda in the morning, Senate Trial in the afternoon.

MJ are talking about this and there seems to be a consensus of doing both at the same time, but to do so means that if this Senate Trial goes on for weeks (and Republicans will try stretch it out, creating as much hate/heat as possible), it HALVES the time spent on Biden's Agenda, and there is NO guarantee of a conviction !!!

Nancy Pelosi never goes into a vote without knowing the how many votes she has. She, Clyburne and even Biden want to wait until the 100 days are past.

They should stick to attacking Covid, organizing vaccinations, supporting the economy, confirming nominations during the first 100 days.

During that 100 days, more and more information will be coming out about what happened and GOP connivance in the sedition, and a better case can be made when sunlight is shone on this.

I understand the thirst for revenge, but it won't be taken up until Trump is out of office regardless, and even IF McConnell allows 17 Senators to break ranks and convict. What he REALLY wants is for Trump to be barred from running in 2024 because Republicans don't have the guts to do it. It's a trap.
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