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Member since: Tue Nov 8, 2016, 02:02 PM
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Special Counsel's Office started up new website today

A nice footnote to today's events. Should be interesting reading in the days ahead.


Important thing to know about tax evasion charges

If you have comitted federal tax evasion, you have also committed state tax evasion because your state return is based on your federal income. So no pardon for Manafort because Trump can't pardon a state crime.

Why there is nothing campaign related in the indictment

They want Manafort to know they have him no matter what. Right now it's him and him alone. No reason for Trump to help him. Trump will distance himself from Manafort. He will twist in the wind, unless he talks. Which he will, in exchange for a light sentence and keeping some of his money.

Per Watergate, Trump cannot legally fire Mueller

The usual story of the Saturday Night Massacre is not the full story. Once the special prosecutor was fired, a congressman filed a lawsuit to have him reinstated. Under similar regulations to the ones Mueller was appointed under, the judge ruled that Cox could not be fired without a showing of good cause. Cox opted not to take the job back because a new special prosecutor had already been appointed and was pursuing the case. So nothing changed anyway.

While it's true that Trump has been attacking Mueller for conflicts of interest and what not, none of the things they've mentioned are actual conflicts of interest. Also, Mueller has been in office since May, the time to raise a conflict of interest legal challenge was in May, not when an indictment is coming. Trump may be dumb, but I am quite certain his lawyers and advisors have told him how the Saturday Night Massacre backfired on Nixon. Except maybe Kushner. Who was wrong about Comey, so he is probably just going to keep his mouth shut now.

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