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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 04:57 PM
Number of posts: 2,327

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Pelosi should restart an impeachment investigation

I know Dems are split on political efficacy but how do you ignore Bolton's allegations? These are essentially new charges in addition to reaffirming the Ukraine misconduct.
How do Dems say we see the criminality and misconduct but pursuing them now is inconvenient and possibly deleterious to our political future.There is a duty involved, oaths were sworn
Bolton must at least be called to testify immediately if the Dems are to retain the moral high ground. Force Trump to delay and deny, it can only serve to discredit him.

Biden debate strategy?


Biden is a better debater, you would think he'd want as many as possible? Logically Trump would avoid debating but it's Trump and his ego and illusions in play here.
OTOH, with a big lead in the polls, why give Trump a chance to get lucky if JB makes an unfortunate comment?
How do we get a fact check embedded in the debate, can only help JB?

Yesterday Trump asked to add a fourth debate, IMHO, JB should agree only if he gets a fact check concession.
Would not be surprised if we get zero debates after months of Trump posturing, don't really believe he wants to get in the ring with JB.

Don't Dems now have a duty

to start another impeachment investigation based on the Xi charges outlined in the Bolton book?

Maybe the Govs should call Trump's bluff?

"President Donald Trump threatened to mobilize the military to restore peace across the U.S. late Monday."

Anyone else see logistical problems if every Gov. accepts the help?

Every state is bending under the costs of increased security and the Moscow Mitch controlled fed paymasters are denying them more help. Surely the states might welcome not having the burden of huge increases in cop overtime. And to be honest, from what I've seen, cops aren't that proficient at crowd control. Waive the "posse comitatus" issues once so important to the RWNJ and let Trump deal with it, says I.
Just maybe the military might grow a pair and do the right thing.

Fabulous resource

I was looking for list of Trump administration acts of corruption and ran across this :


Just making sure it gets promulgated.

Biden caught on open mike

admitting sexual predator behavior.

Oh wait, that's the other guy.

It's the nature of Dems

to fight like cats and dogs. Eventually, they make peace and do what's best for country.

Quotes that apply:

"I don't belong to an organized political party, I'm a democrat."
Will Rogers

"Americans will always do the right thing, once they've exhausted all the other options."

Bernie , Putin and the stock market

Virtually undisputed facts:

Stock market hates BS.
Putin wants another 4 years of the Trump chaos.

As BS chances improve, the stock market should go down, Trump loses one of the few indisputable achievements of his reign of incompetence to help him win in November. So why would Putin be working for the BS campaign? Seems like a Catch-22?
Does that make sense, does anything make sense anymore?

Impeachment not subject to double jeopardy

Back into hearings, gather more evidence, Parnas and Bolton especially, build up the case and submit new Articles ASAP. Never quit attacking.

Post acquittal

Immediately announce new impeachment inquiries, send out subpoenas, hold hearings and get the entire process started again. It's not a strategy, it's their sworn duty to confront Executive misbehavior and they have tons to work with here.
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