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Eliot Rosewater

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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 11:41 AM
Number of posts: 29,671

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Wanna scare the crap out of GOP and Putin? PROMISE them we ALL vote DEM

no matter what.

Promise them using social media that we have had enough, and every single one of us is showing up, voting, and voting for WHOEVER the democrat is EVERYWHERE.
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Fri Jun 2, 2017, 02:30 PM (4 replies)

Imagine if Paul Ryan could NEVER put up any bill, including KILL MEDICARE or SOC SEC

This is possible, did everybody know that?

Here is how it works, if the Democratic Party controls both houses by ONE SEAT ONLY, no bill from any republican EVER sees the light of day NO MATTER what asshole liar dictator is in the Oval Office, which would be any republican, not just Trump.

So if a very BAD democratic candidate ran for a seat, no matter how BAD they were, for THIS reason they are better than any republican, no matter what.

Does everybody understand this?

If DNC controls both houses, NO bill that destroys the environment, working rights, civil rights, etc is EVER introduced, LET ALONE voted on or signed. No bill that privatizes and destroys Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps or SOCIAL SECURITY is EVER introduced!

I dont think everybody understands this.

When I say PUT UP a bill what I mean to say is get a bill passed, no GOP bill is passed if DNC controls unless it is bipartisan, which most are not and NONE of the ones attacking the stuff I mentioned would be bipartisan EVER.
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Fri Jun 2, 2017, 01:42 PM (12 replies)

Why is Rachel Maddow STILL sick?

I dont like it.
Posted by Eliot Rosewater | Wed May 31, 2017, 09:03 PM (87 replies)
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