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Eliot Rosewater

Eliot Rosewater's Journal
Eliot Rosewater's Journal
December 28, 2018

Idiot in chief puts Navy Seals lives in danger, because he simply doesn't give a shit.


He and his fan base have no concern, at all, none, for our military.

After making a holiday visit to US troops in Iraq, Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter of himself posing with Navy Seals – apparently revealing the special ops team’s deployment in the country, which is typically kept secret.

Trump’s video shows him with service members who appear to be part of Seal Team Five, whose faces are not covered or blurred, Newsweek reported.

Defense department officials told the magazine that information about where Seal teams are deployed is almost always classified. Trump, as commander in chief, has the authority to declassify the information, but typically the faces of individual special operations service members are blurred in official photos and videos to shield their identities.

I am aware this is already posted here. I am posting again because if Hillary or Barack did this the entire media and rightwing would go completely insane and

oh fuck, I give up
December 28, 2018

ICE Is Targeting Activists in Vermont. And the State's DMV Has Been Helping Them.


ICE Is Targeting Activists in Vermont. And the State’s DMV Has Been Helping Them.

ICE Raid
In October 2017, Vermont-based Migrant Justice scored a major victory in the organization’s campaign to extend labor protections to undocumented farmworkers in the state. After years of public action and lobbying, they reached an agreement with Ben & Jerry’s that established basic labor standards at the farms supplying dairy products to the company. Those standards included one day off a week, a minimum wage of $10 per hour, and accommodations that included electricity and running water — a milestone for farmworkers’ rights in Vermont. For many Migrant Justice organizers, who were themselves undocumented and had worked long hours in those dairy farms, the victory was personal.

Is there anyone in VT with political power who is PRO immigrants/migrants who could stop this?
December 26, 2018

Where is the DU Stat for how many are online at any given moment?

I am curious how big this board is as in actual online numbers.


250,814 user registrations and 78,852,782 posts since 2001

doesnt tell me what I am asking...btw
December 26, 2018

If Chief Justice Roberts and the SC interfere with the Mueller investigation

This entire country should LOSE their collective MINDS and hit the streets.


I originally didnt bother with the link, assumed you all knew


I shouldn't even say IF, he HAS interfered already.

December 26, 2018

Trump opposes rate hike because HIS loan will go up NOT because he cares about you!

Powell's Rate Hike May Have Just Cost Trump Another $1 Million


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s interest-rate increase on Wednesday may add almost $1 million to the Trump Organization’s annual borrowing costs.

The increase may raise President Donald Trump’s cumulative cost from the U.S. central bank’s hikes since his inauguration to $6 million per year, according to a Bloomberg News analysis of the president’s financial disclosures and property records.

I hope every American realizes his ONLY reason to oppose rate hike is his pocketbook. Should I add here that he has these loans and takes this position would be INSTANT impeachment, emoluments, for any Democrat living or dead.

December 18, 2018

I want a WOMAN president OR ELSE! I want a YOUNG president OR ELSE!

I for one want Kamala Harris as president and will work very hard for that up until I no longer can if that happens.

At no time however will I say it has to be a man, or it has to be a woman, or it has to be a POC, or it has to be a young person. That attitude helps the KGB and rump and the GOP, not us.

I guess i have to add THE TITLE IS NOT SERIOUS, IT IS MEANT TO SHOW what is WRONG with DEMANDING a woman or POC...


i.e. I want ANY democrat NO MATTER WHAT, and if I had my choice, yes it would be Kamala...

That we should NOT demand it be a woman or a POC or any category. That this is KGB inspired division.

December 15, 2018

Rump, McConnell, Ryan, the 5 on SC are actively trying to kill you.

And today they ramped it up, bye bye ACA.

Wonder when most of us will figure this out.

December 7, 2018

If proven to you someone is a relative failure at their job and you keep supporting

them, you are a victim of the cult of personality.

This is true about rump fans and some others. We are at a stage in our society we cant afford to do this anymore.

No matter how much we may like someone.

One of the reasons the right hates Obama so viscerally is he was very successful in spite of their unprecedented obstruction. He helped average people, over and over. They hate that.

December 6, 2018

I wonder how many bills/laws have been WRITTEN by and PASSED by your

favorite politician.

You can look it up as enacted legislation.

for instance, in a very very short period of time, Al Franken enacted 4 very important bills/laws or legislation



Some folks have been in government for a VERY long time and done little more than this, you can find out for yourself who they are.

Unfortunately the most active is Orrin Hatch, doing mostly bad things of course.

I suppose, for instance, if one was looking for a presidential candidate this might be one metric you could use to see just how effective they are in actual reality.

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