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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,910

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The boog

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Was at diner this morning Meatloaf ideas.

Was talking to the owner she invited me back to kitchen to chat have coffee fine family now she was making meatloaf and she said she uses one egg per pound meat to keep it moist.
2.5 ground burgers
2.5 ground pork

Allís she mixed the meat with was eggs onions and bread crumbs I always thought to add ketchup or Worcestershire . Then she took the edge of her hand and creased down middle of meatloaf she said it helps it cook even.

Then she has a mixture that she whips up in bowl and pours it over top of meatloaf I wasnít allowed to know that secret and my takeout was ready.

For wraps or sandwiches,Trying chicken patties sauce today

Yellow mustard
I just bake Tyson chicken patties and cut them up for a wrap load it with tomatoes onion lettuce no cheese for me fellas yes.

Having a National Geographic moment eating a peanut butter jelly sandwich for lunch.

The Domestic Woof pack awakes from their slumber and starts migrating southward towards the kitchen in search of substance.

Notice the oldest domestic woof Mr big paws 14 in age deaf blind in one eye a golden retriever who leads the pack in migration because he was the first to awake and smell man eating peanut butter and jelly.

And then the 12 year old Boog who drools as man eats his PBJ and then the 2.5 years old Dunk pup who just tries look cute hoping man will make peanut butter bread.

A vicious bloodthirsty pack that terrifies a civilized society always on the hunt a hour after they actually had bowls of dog food ,this morning all three had leftovers pancakes and eggs yet never satisfied in quest for missing out on a mooch.

That new restaurant on the moon

It has no atmosphere.

Remote learning today for the high school awesome , I'll be able to annoy my guys with house vote.

They tell me Dad your age of 56 is showing , I said hey fellas how about dad chili and grilled ham and cheeses at noon to kick off the vote today or votes for Kev.

Kevin thought he was gonna be speaker also in 2016.

Just saying.

Website I found cookingclassy.com.

I love the soup recipes the creator is Jaclyn Bell.

May start wearing rain boots in bed.

Golden retrieverís are slobbering as they sleep.

Grandson asked his mother as she stirred soup at stove.

Are we eating this Mom, his mom our oldest child replies no Iím gonna cook it to completion then throw it in the trash.

Grandson just shrugged his shoulders and walked away I did get a hey pap.

Don junior is selling Bibles unbelievable

If this was commented on let me know Iíll take this down.
I canít post clip from my I phone it is on patriot takes it posted on twitter 12/30/2022 10:56 am.

It is the we the people bible yes junior maga America first my scrawny polish ass , Daddy paid more taxes to chyna than murica.
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