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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
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The boog

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In bed with a dunk pup , I love sleeping with the furry boys.

Especially when you roll over in bed and get stabbed by a bone that has been buried into the blankets.

Italian sub dressing recipe.

Gonna do homemade Italian subs Saturday for college game day found this dressing recipe gonna try it.

1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup vinegar balsamic or white.
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp dried basil
2cloves garlic crushed or 1tsp of garlic powder.
1/4 tsg of Xanthan gum optional
Then you mix it up and let it sit for 15 minutes.

So here in central Pennsylvania itís hard to find a decent Italian hoagie problem is the bread ,Like you will have in Philly or jersey or Brooklyn itís the water or philly accent worter.
Although the local store has started carrying amorosa hoagie rolls.

Was on my way home yesterday saw two grown men kicking this young kids ass.

I stopped my car jumped out got involved that kid had no chance against the three of us.

Lasagna soup I'm gonna try and make this.

18 showed it to me so here goes and itís all by eye in how much you use cuz it has no measurements.
Brown meat Iím using ground beef and Italian hot and sweet.

Sautťed diced garlic onion in olive oil.

Stir in tomato paste marinara and spices and broth Iím using beef stock.

Then break lasagne noodles into halves or quarters.

And combine ricotta mozzarella Parmesan cheese mix in bowl and serve over soup.

Iím going to add garlic bread as side.

Gonna try this maybe Saturday or Sunday. We are on an Italian cuisine bender ravioli and meatballs tonight.

Walking the Boog the chocolate lab and Dunc golden retriever.

A guy on our walk we ran into said something like they both look like life is good to them because of their furry chonk as he gave them scratches.

You know what these two are just victims of being big boned. Sad part is I could tell they were not into the walk why because my two sporting water dogs weíre getting wet from the rain.

This shit sucks man weíre getting wet we are not savages, we love a walk yet the conditions have to be just right. We got home and Dunc climbs on couch stretches out gives a big sigh Iím like seriously I expect so much from you.

? When you cut a piece of pie with furry K9 pack do you find yourself cutting a larger piece.

As in cutting a larger piece of pie is I understand my obligations as I have to share with the apex predators.
Seriously man you skimped on cool whip with the pumpkin pie last bite.

And as I give them last bites of pie I wonder at times should I be worried, if these three Woofs ever figure out Iím made out of meat and bones should I start sleeping lightly maybe with one eye open.

These kids today just ask the most ridiculous questions

Example we were in garage and my son asks dad why are you keeping these old screws in this bucket and nuts and bolts in this bucket.

Answer I may need them someday geez.

Son then askís and you have this box of fuses dad we have a circuit breaker

We did when we first bought the house like I said ridiculous questions.

I received a call about Guitar lessons, tuition is free here at Dunc pup school of music.

A ramble because I been up since 01:00 boys are asleep.
So I get this call on Tuesday I did not recognize the name yet I answered because of the loss of my wife Monday night thinking it may have been a friend of my wifeís.

Last Friday I went into jam with our one sonís guitar class and this young kiddo who is in ninth grade was in attendance. Let me back up so the school district had two in service days this past Monday and Tuesday then thanksgiving break. So the schools music teacher called me Monday afternoon asking if she could give out my number for guitar lessons she knew my wife was in hospital I said sure.

In talking to this mom on Tuesday and she explained besides the school guitar class she would like to give her daughter guitar lessons. And after we talked here she graduated with our oldest daughter I thought cool young lady. This mom told me guitar center I think she said charges like $50 for a single lesson and another private instructor was around $40 a lesson.In thinking I get it as parents we want to do for our children you know especially this mom being the only income.

She then asked what I charged I said free , and Iím gonna be off for maybe a month or two so yes I can commit. I just ask that you are present doing the lessons and we can do weeknights after school, then later it will be Saturday or maybe Sunday once I go back to work. I then said Iíll be in touch next week yet I woke up Wednesday and I thought why sit around and grieve so I text the mother and she brought her daughter out.

And in meeting with them I smiled because the young mom was well I can pay for study materials and the guitar lesson books. I told her yea we donít have any of that we are unaccredited , I had 18 who also is on staff here and my guitar slinger print off different scale patterns and the circle of fifths because Dad doesnít know how to print from laptop to show and send home with kiddo. Also I brought up different sites online besides you tube I showed them a guitar site I belong to you always learn exploring the fretboard.

This young lady is using a squire strat they bought on Craigslist $75 used I sent her home with a Mexican strat I upgraded for her to use. Her Stratocaster needs a setup and new tuners and Iím gonna replace the nut, also I may just swap out pots and cap and yea probably the pickups sheís been playing for awhile mostly I think you tube as lessons so Iím comfortable in upgrading her guitar. I have couple sets of wound pickups single coils and humbuckers a friend of mine winds.

I have a set of his 65 grey bottoms in a Greco se 700 strat of mine and in the mexi I sent home with the kiddo i have a set of his what he calls his 69ís the 69ís both sets use Alnico 5 magnets 69ís take pedals really well and clean they are sweet in tone. I joke with my friend I said sign inside pick guard and date it and name your series of pickups. Like Abigail from fender I said if you make it these guitars will be priceless because of your pickups.

So after our lesson Wednesday kiddo asked when we can we do the next lesson how about Saturday I said young lady so 18 and I will be ready for kiddo. Our son said dad thatís the most I ever heard her speak as she is so quiet in school guitar class.

Thank you for your kind post over the loss of my wife.

It was posted in Veterans group thank you Dash one bravo in posting . Yet over these last few days I would read D.U. Community members comments and we thank you all for your kindness.

Unions and hiring if you have a criminal record.

Especially the trade unions.
Steam fitters pipe fitters
Iron workers
Sheet metal
As a teamster truck driver and working freight it is really not a trade or dragging trailers down the highway, throwing freight itís a young manís game so I would not recommend this as job. Iíve only ran into few dudes that did time working in my union.I donít understand why freight outfits wonít hire more standup ex convicts itís not the greatest job, one man that stands out in my memories in teamsters.

Poor guy caught a murder wrap and it was actually self defense and he was originally from Deep South where it happened and it was in the 1960ís and he is black. I always thought that explains why he was convicted racism, he ended up doing 12 years great guy later he came north I never asked him about it then it was just common we all knew he did time yet it was none of my business.

He actually brought it up once after we got off third shift having beers at local bar . He was a decent man and great friend ,I used work on freight dock with him when I first started in 87.

A lot of these trades will hire you if youíre a felon usually on case by case after knowing what crime you committed ,most definitely a no on rapist or child sex offenders or if you abused women or kids which is understandable nobody wants to be around these types.

And they feel if you leave your past in past then good to go , and you are hired in to apprenticeship. And the apprenticeship are four to five years you go to your union tradeís school for free and work and get paid as well.

A example my close friend I grew up with my age 56 now couple years ago after almost 300 months in the feds released to halfway house then later moved into a apartment my wife has.

At first upon release he actually worked as janitor, yet in feds he worked industrial maintenance crew and also worked in some industries that he learned to weld and on outside he joined tin knockers union at 52 and was apprentice and today he makes decent $ a lot more than non union sheet metal workers.

And belonging to union it gives you a chance to have a decent life a bite at that apple to take care of your family or if itís just you. And a lot of these folks what took them to prison Addiction and as a recovering alcoholic I sympathize with them.
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