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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,880

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The boog

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Thank goodness for closed captioning on tv

So Iím catching up with Rachel and now Lawrence ari is pinch hitting for him but yea I have hearing aid. But it is great watching and understanding with the caption as our one son is figuring out Iron Maiden run to the hills on guitar. A whole house and he sets his amp up in family room.
Son - hey dad check this out

Dad - awesome son shine

I love our two teenage trash talkers

Especially when it comes to working out definitely competion with dad. This morning we pile into the car heading to the gym and it is closed they had a fire in a Office but will be open again tomorrow. My point in this ramble is now the boys their old enough to lift weights or use natilus and it is a common theme letís outdo dad. Even in middle school at gym class they have been working on upper body to try and match this 52 year old on pull ups or climbing the rope.

I always give them words of encouragement come on candy asses get your bum up that rope. Then one or both will puff up and give me a bump like you want some of this dad, and truthfully nope because if they both gang up on me Iím in trouble but hey I can still run my gums.

I'll always help a vet regardless haven't heard from him in a year

Ok accidentally hit delete on first post vets anyway I didnít have my glasses on. So last night around 0100 my phone was vibrating I keep ringer off but am a lite sleeper. Here it was a friend a former vet who found he was in tight spot to drunk to drive he couldnít get a cab and like me had no clue what lyft or Uber in how to contact. My friend and I were both graduates of u benn fort benning a joke on a nod to higher education. And weíre both teamsters union proud although we feel Hoffa jr is piece shit as president of our union.

I pick up phone I phone hey I hear you around can you come get me I am at this bar. I said Iíll be there in half hour mister I feel bad for my friend he is a widower at 53 a year older than me. His wife passed last year he is very lonely he as I picked him up had 12 pack you want beer man. No I am eating naltrexone it works letís just stop get some breakfast bro Iíll buy. He is so lost without his wife I feel for him I just gave him ride in to get his car this morning. I told him since you booked off work with hangover you can come for turkey chili tonight Iím gonna try and make corn bread you donít have to be alone friend.

Mississippi still thinking like

Theyíre living on a plantation geez

Any other vets watching this shit show on border

Tear gas rubber rounds children getting gassed from border guards , my heart broke seeing that little girl she was maybe four or five years old holding her mom after they got tear gassed that child was crying out of fear holding on to her mother man that ripped me up as a father.

Iím 52 years old our kids they are 32 29 25 three grown daughters and two sons still at home 13 and 14.

I find it disgusting I know understand border guards are not bound by possee comitatus or ucmj

Adoption is final for our one son DU community

Heading to chiliís to celebrate his call Codyís on party place adoption was final this morning. We now have the first mixed pollock in the Eastern European tribe as his mother is white and dad is black so now his last name has a lot of vowels we fell in love with him from the go first time we ever fostered.

Dad is doing tacos

On the road to Wembley I got a timeout playing guitar

You just think about what you did mister the look from our son and my wife. Boys are jamming and the one young man has been tossing out some hot blues with his telecaster a friend of our sons so we been bouncing riffs off each other.

So I wanted to call the original( cafeteria love )or (peach fuzz ) as these boys theyíre all doing no shave November

I was voted down by two fourteen year olds and a thirteen year old on song title. As artist were very complicated persons my wife asked me to either take it seriously or go load the dishwasher. I told her just wait until Iím famous then your not the boss of me.

Sound check And oatmeal

Our son had two friends stay over a young man who is in seventh grade a bass guitarist. And a young man who is in eight grade with him who is tossing out some cool blues turnarounds on his telecaster. Almost makes me want to put down the oatmeal and pick up my tokai Les , my wife just came downstairs in her night coat standing at the keurig needing caffeine She looked at me and smiled the smile of living in a circus.

As the boys run pedals and cables to amp heads and cabinets holding their bowls of oatmeal in the living room , thank goodness the amp heads are just 1 watt. We were going to go see a local college football game today but that has been voted to a no over the jam session. I guess the dogs and I will head to the family room for some couch action.

Himilayan bath wash and trout fishing

So I hopped into the shower and Iím like dam I forgot to grab replacement body wash. So I looked in my wifeís shower keeper and grabbed her body wash one of several. What the hey no big deal so now I smell like the himilayas, and now Iím asking the guys if they want to do some trout fishing and the General attitude is like dad itís 19 degrees outside I agree with them maybe Sunday. Saturday weíre gonna go see local college football neighbors son is starting linebacker.

Anyone else dogs have tryptophan hangover

Golden retriever is on couch sleeping his off the chocolate lab menace of the universe is between my legs on other couch snoozing away.

What a party man letís do it again wag wag
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