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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,881

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The boog

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Boog chocolate lab needs a lounge chair to sunbathe

My wife and Our daughters sunbathing today. My wife asked me if I could put suntan lotion on her back. And in backyard is our three grown daughters and my wife in lounge chairs and a chocolate lump in the fifth chair his sisters put a chair out for their furry brother .

Boog was Laying on his side I walked up and I got a wag wag. Hey man Iím hanging with my lady and my sisters. Man you have coconut scented sun tan lotion for the lady your wife my lady. Do you have any sun tan lotion scented pizza or hamberders for me. He is such a load as I sat on lounge chair and rubbed his muzzle. I love him so much he is a original load.

My letter to pat toomey and my Congress rep Scott perry

On the bounty on are military.

Dear coward Iíve noticed your position on the kremlin bounty on our troops


Told a trump supporter My neighbor

This is fuckery bounty on our men and women. As a vet they are my people I identify with them. Theyíre part of our military they give themselves and are part of something bigger than their individual selves duty honor country. Love for each of your rifle company plt brothers. And for once Iíd wish trumpig would collude with America. And I told him you belong to the traitors that still support him. He still borrowed weed trimmer line and walked away.

International brotherhood of furry moochers local 3

Sometimes it is local #2 today the Newfie is here so itís local # 3. These union members are very vocal. Reason bagels cream cheese cinnamon buns and two quiches on the breakfast bar. Now two members are pensioners the Golden retriever heís 12 and the chocolate lab heís 10. The Newfie is 5 Iím getting a lot of trash barking woofs and yap yaps, the yap is the golden. Come on man hook us up you are always down with union labor. Teamster dad Man.

Iím clearly the business agent / arbitrator in the grievance hearing and in this Furry union . And my wife is management. The vet said the golden and chocolate lab were 20 pounds overweight. I countered with itís not there fault itís quarantined weight / humans snacking. And that snacking is prior practice.

Question on weather

A question here in Pennsylvania these last several years. It seems to me that winters have become less severe. Then of late summer storms come building and thunder and lightning and strong winds now are really violent. And they just seem more intense summer storms. Than what we used to have. Has anyone else noticed this Iím 54 just seems different today the weather in intensity.

I smile I do love him,Picked up my great uncle to Bbq today ,he was a 187th rakkasan Korea.

And a friend of his from the old soldiers and sailors apartments. They both career military my great uncle 1950- 1977 and his friend usmc 1949 - 1970 both were senior NCOís upon retirement. Both later served Vietnam in infantry units and my great uncle later with teams on his second tour. Today weíre Bbq a party for them in honor of Korean War. Itís just my way in hey I respect them. See I got lucky never had to go war as kid in infantry. What I was told Collin Powell talked asshole regan out of ground troops Central America. If true I owe him General Powell a thank you.

Upon picking them up they were outside old soldiers apartments seeing them I smiled. And they both were wearing with pandemic mask the hat and t shirts Korean War. I ordered and dropped off for them last Saturday. A first marine hat and t shirt and a 187th rakkasan hat t shirt. As they climbed into Tacoma I asked them is it big band night here at the apartments. You both dressed to the nines. I got a reply from the retired marine fuck you kojak as I have been shaving my head bald in pandemic.

So we stopped at tobacco shop to get two cans each of tops tobacco and two tubes each of filters. I got my great uncle a rolling machine for cigarettes for Christmas. Then to the beer distribution for 3 cases of Pabst blue ribbon. And old Milwaukee 3 cases for the gunny.

Upon arriving at house they immediately started on the deviled eggs and now are both drinking playing nickel dime poker with the boys. And they have go outside to smoke. I lit the grill weíre doing honey bbq chicken beans corn coleslaw baked potato today. I gave my uncle a new pair of sneakers I ordered two pair off Amazon as we both like to walk for exercise.

I told my boys make them have good day these guys are a different breed. And donít let your great great uncle talk you into wild cards shit playing poker. You get what the house deals you. I love them both old warriors.

MacArthur sandwich for breakfast,Dammit Boog you are a chocolate Viking

A pandemic of a pillager a counter shark a chocolate norsemen.
So I went to make ham egg cheese sandwich this morning. And no bread somebody forgot to put it in the bread safe / bread box. So I just wrapped it in a slice of ham and ate it.

My great uncle used to call this a MacArthur sandwich just meat no bread when I was kid and he retired maybe 1976 -77 from army he is 87 maybe 88 today. He served in Korea I wonder if the troops had no bread under Doug. Off to the grocery store in a bit. Iíll probably take the chocolate menace the pickup Is our Viking long ship.

Just putting this out for those of us afflicted with alcoholism

Had a tele appointment with my doc this morning. I have been taking naltrexone for booze and have had decent run on maintaining sobriety. Around end of May I noticed I started thinking of drinking.

So he switched me to acomprostate end of May. And reading on this medicine it has been in use quite awhile. And it balances the chemicals in our alcoholic brains. So it has once again leveled me out as naltrexone did.

I used to hit AA taking naltrexone even though I was not doing cold turkey I do learn from my fellow alcoholics. And now with pandemic no AA so i just wanted put this out. Even out of pocket the cost is like $30 month supply. Iím humble in this affliction just wanted put this out for us who suffer.

Pizza for breakfast I told boog the vet said he is overweight

Boog - it is my quarantine 20 pounds Man the weight gain. We have 5 humans here and I snack with them. This is clearly malpractice so come on share the pizza.

Drooling and wag wags man shares he says Iím 10 my running days are over Iím retired.

Glenn Kirschner believes A full bench will hear

Judge Sullivan refuses to dismiss Flynn case told to by my wife.

A update at 07:12 my wife read this on glen Kirschner twitter account
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