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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,879

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The boog

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Grandson asked his mother as she stirred soup at stove.

Are we eating this Mom, his mom our oldest child replies no Iím gonna cook it to completion then throw it in the trash.

Grandson just shrugged his shoulders and walked away I did get a hey pap.

Don junior is selling Bibles unbelievable

If this was commented on let me know Iíll take this down.
I canít post clip from my I phone it is on patriot takes it posted on twitter 12/30/2022 10:56 am.

It is the we the people bible yes junior maga America first my scrawny polish ass , Daddy paid more taxes to chyna than murica.

I'm ready to go back to work week of the ninth.

I canít or do not want to be in the house once the fellas are back in school a lot of great memories of my wife. I bid 07:00 start Monday to Friday yard jockey / rail yard shuttles probably open myself up now to more overtime weíre union. Eighteen informed me he will be staying at home to attend a local university once he graduates high school.

I ran into a blueberry pie today at the store

I brought it home yet I forgot the Vanilla ice cream.

The craving for Pepperidge farm cake is gone.

Reason sleeping dogs and their farts one chocolate lab who Iím spooning in bed at moment with my leg over his slab of lab and a golden pup stretched out laying into my back.

I'm in bed thinking about.

The Pepperidge farms layered chocolate cake thatís in the refrigerator.

I guess dating in your 50's is like trying to find the dumpster fire you can be compatible with.

Having coffee this morning with friend of ours she worked with my wife she was informing 19 & 18 and i that itís a challenge. She told us one guy wanted to have sex after the first date reason he paid for lunch.
I was well we all were laughing she told us he was cute in kind of a troll way even with the hair growing out of his ears and nose she said.

These next two years of republican house is gonna be like an episode of jerry springer.

Having coffee reading the news.
Disgusted with the idiots you know youíd think Boebert winning by such slim margin she would straighten up yet no.

And McCarthy and Jordan and my former sycophant congressman Scott perry all acting like they will get to the bottom of Hunter Bidens laptop and the LGBTQ caravans invading this country. And they all supported trumps attempt to destroy our madisonian democracy.

Like my grandma used to say hold on the rooster always comes home to roost , now we all stand by and wait on special counsel Jack smith good call Mr Garland.

Or with these clowns if bullshit was music the repigs be leading a brass band instead of being in politics.

Or if my aunt had balls sheíd be my uncle lead or get out of the way.

Picked up two of the grandsons last night Zeppelin O clock today.

Daughter and son in law are in medical field physicians assistant and a nurse anesthesiologist they have to both work today so yesterday was Christmas actual.

And today is December 26 subterfuge on Santaís part in the date and in our world the boys are almost six and four so we loaded up the toys they wanted to bring. The boys and Pap and their Star Wars mandalorian and rouge one figurines we all camped out on air mattress on floor we toss sleeping bags over it that way i can keep both wood stoves burning through the night.

Mess hall is open early eighteen and nineteen were up early we did gifts last night Santa left gifts here also for the grandsons , eighteen received a text from a friend last night who I fondly nicknamed Jimmy page junior hey can we jam tomorrow text read (dude my mom and dad gave me a new epiphone a 59 les Paul reissue itís sweet )

Unfortunately Mr Page junior parents informed him he has to attend 08:00 Christmas breakfast then they will drop him off , poor kid parents and their need for Christmas tradition so Zep O clock has to wait.

The grandkids grandma and aunt are coming here today our son in lawís mother , we were gonna do ham yet Grandma Gabriela and aunt Camilla gave me text grocery list yesterday and I filled it and that they will be preparing here today Beef birria tacos they will teach me how to make this delicious dish.

So have a good day Du community with those you love if youíre alone hit me on Dm tell me Iíll listen Iíll check in periodically.

Merry Christmas in advance to all.

Look man I found food ,Dunk pup on our walk.

So we went into town to walk at the park behind dollar store along the stream some nice paths there. So my WOOF ran to the dumpster behind dollar store and found some trash they pitched I then I had to leash him to drag him away from his find.

Several packages of hot dogs
Some frozen pizzas
Several bags bread

In the car I had to explain to pup i said you know the find does not mean that you actually hunted down the pogey bait like your wild relatives do to survive i just got side eye from him that look Man youíre full of shit.

Enjoy the holidays with those you love if youíre alone then I hope you can have nice Christmas if you wanna chat my DM is open so you can have someone to chat with tomorrow ,and remember and be thankful weíre not living in a hole like those in Ukraine trying to stay alive and warm.

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