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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
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Mom fell and broke five ribs!

Earlier I had posted about mom coming for a visit from Costa Rica. Sheís 76 and has cirrhosis from diabetes.

Well she blew her diabetic diet, got stopped up, ammonia went into her brain and she lost her balance and fell and broke five ribs. I had set up a baby monitor so she could call me if she had to get up in the middle of the night. But she did not want to bug and tried to do it on her own. So so sad!!! And I feel horrible!!!

Poor little thing is so tough. She was trying not to be a bother instead of asking for help. She was in the hospital for six days and I now managed to get her in a skilled nursing facility. She only gets $590 per month social security. But she didnít have a supplemental health plan so sheís gonna owe 20% of her medical fees.

Iím trying to get her medical and Medicaid in California but they ask for our income since sheís staying here. I donít know how to avoid this. I donít want her to be in all this debt.

Does anyone have any advice on how to manage the system so that they count her as her own household. She doesnít live with me full time. She was here for a visit and fell and now will likely be here much longer.

Oh and to make matters worse they found a 5.5 cm lesion on her liver which was biopsied Monday. Waiting for results.

Poor sweet little thing. She doesnít deserve this!!!
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