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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
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Rand Paul tweet. OMG!!


I just can't deal with this crap anymore. A literal Russian asset is in the White House destroying America, and freakin Republicans like Rand Paul are accusing Obama Admin of committing crimes worse than Watergate?!!!! If they worked to stop Trump from getting elected, they deserve a medal for trying to stop a fascist dictator from overthrowing the US.


I'm definitely convinced 1) Russian has kompromat on most of the GOP in Congress and has threatened them and 2) Mueller will be fired next week and America will collapse.

Watching Joy in for Lawrence

She again is debunking the Uranium One nonsense.

Wow, I know most of the basics, and I've seen her brilliant debunk a few weeks ago, but just the way she lays it out makes it even more so insanely ridiculous at how stupid Republicans are for pushing it.

It's literally a fabrication of Breitbart, Bannon, and the Mercers. A completely lawful transaction that was approved by 8 other federal agencies besides the State department, as well as John Huntsman, Trump's current Ambassador of Russia.

It's just so frustrating how sick these people are!!!

Tips on moving to other countries.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to emigrate to another country? Been wanting to do this for years, but I've become more desperate recently. Are there any countries that are easier to get in than others?

I know it's nearly impossible for most 1st world countries unless you have a super high skill set. Unfortunately, I work in the hospitality (hotel) industry and the performing arts, which leaves me with almost no options.

Would I be better off trying to do a program in something like medicine since lots of medical professions are needed in other countries?

My parents are looking to retire to another country as well, but unfortunately they want English speaking countries like Canada or Ireland which don't offer retirement visas. If they were able to get in somewhere, would I have a better chance of emigrating to where they are since I'd then have a close connection to the country?

Wish I had a job/business I could do remotely so I could move without needing a work visa.

I know my options are pretty slim, but just thought I'd start a discussion on it. I envy people with EU citizenship who can move around to lots of different countries.

Schiff on CNN talking about attempts to shut down Mueller.

He's horrified at how Republicans, especially in the House are trying to shut down Mueller in defense of Trump.

Rod Rosenstein to testify to House over Mueller team emails

I know we're all excited about Doug Jones, but this has me really worried.

A stack of emails was sent to Congress from some on Mueller's team who called Trump a loathsome human being and an idiot.

Obviously, we agree that's very true and everyone has an opinion, but this is also going to intensify the calls from Fox and Republicans that Mueller's investigation is biased against Trump and needs to be shut down.

Nunes Cleared by House Ethics

Just posted by CNN reporter on twitter.

They claimed he didn't mishandle classified info. How the heck can he not have violated ethics? He's literally an accessory to treason by trying to cover for Trump!

I'm so fed up with Republicans never facing consequences. Why do we always get screwed by evil people?

On MSNBC, 4 Dem Senators call for Franken to resign

Ugh, this is very bad. We're going to lose a Senate seat it looks like. Franken gets railroaded by suspicious allegations, while Trump and Moore get no consequences.

House Republicans Prepare Contempt Action Against FBI, DOJ


This crap makes me so mad. Nunes is recused from Russia investigations and is under an ethics investigation. How the heck are these people getting away with this crap?

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