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Thomas Hurt

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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 12:59 PM
Number of posts: 13,489

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Just when does the voting and transition obstruction of Trump and his enablers

cease to be wishful thinking, a scam, denial, and become criminal?

Just how far can Trump push, even when he ultimately fails, who is going to hold him accountable for this or any of enablers for that matter?

Right now, I am blown away with what this nutjob is trying to do.

I should not be surprised. I myself said he would TRY to stay if he lost. Still freaking me out.

Vote counting information by State from the NY Times.


Serious Question: What are the odds the nutjob tries to declare himself President for life...

in the next day or two.

Per NPR this morning....

an impeached President, who has overseen a pandemic incompetently, 200K plus dead, rampant corruption, who is a pathological liar and utterly amoral etc. has had an......."unconventional presidency". (rolls eyes)

Voted this morning...

Got there 30 minutes early and I was 12th in line. By 5 of the start time the cars and people were swarming in.

No Trumpers trying to stir up people. Everyone wearing a mask.

45 minutes all in, including the wait time.

Fuck Trump

Why does a proper christian wife like ACB use a hyphenated maiden name...

Was just on The Hill, some of the christofascists have already written off Donnie...

and of course liberals murdered him. New comments are loading at one every two seconds. They are freaking out.

If the rat bastard dies, he will be an instant martyr for RWNJs

What are the odds, that Trump will suffer any symptoms from CV?

I am not up on this information. What does his positive test actually mean? Nothing? Doesn't matter because it will all be covered up?

Basically a month before, the election the sitting President comes down with this bug, and it could cause more chaos than the fool wanted.

Can he do his job, such as it were? Will Pence have to step in.

Regardless of you sympathy or lack thereof for Trump, this could be one big mess.

A taste of the christofascist response to Rittenhouse's arrest...

Right wing poster on the Hill:

"A 17 year old kid dropped 3 domestic terrorist, two of them while He was on the ground being attacked."

Kyle Rittenhouse is a race hero to conservatives in the country.
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