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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 17,920

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What's the legal process to boot Greene out of the House?

Lets do it. Put the GOP on record.

Music Appreciation.

One of the best parts of DU. But I'd prefer a Front Page entrance and /Main/Directory for this forum. Quick access to great music, but let's not dilute the primary focus of this site.

And I really love MA.....it's elegant how you can read thru the posts and find a whole musical rabbit hole to explore...

Seems like we will be seeing 15-20 states working to maintain the status quo in 2021.

The status quo that keeps them in charge. This is where the real action is going to happen.

Reality Winner on the Reidout Next.

Does Pelosi assign office space?

If so, maybe she can relocate Greene's office to the House boiler room.

I Can't Get Next to You.....Temptations...

Thanks Covid...


Could Steve Schmidt be called as a character witness attesting to the corruption

of the Republican Party? There are a whole bunch - Rubin, Boot, Will - the sane part of the Republican Party. It doesn.t exist anymore.

I think Lawrence O'Donnell will be must watch TV over the next few months.

Gut feeling.

Every day, Joe Biden is proving how strong a Country we can be when competence

regains control. And Trump will dissolve as the stink sets in.

So what's the financial commitment this year?

In 2020, I spent a whole lot more than I ever did. I think I need to keep my investment infused.

There are no races, but how best to invest to maximize the future impact?
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