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U. of Idaho may stop providing birth control under new abortion law


U. of Idaho may stop providing birth control under new abortion law
Employees could be charged with a felony and fired if they appear to promote abortion, according to new guidance

The University of Idaho’s general counsel issued new guidance on Friday about the state’s near-total abortion ban, alerting faculty and staff that the school should no longer offer birth control for students, a rare move for a state university.


“In this new and evolving legal landscape, how these laws will be enforced remains unclear,” the University of Idaho’s general counsel wrote in the Sept. 23 message to all university employees. “Accordingly, the university and its employees should be aware of the potential risks and penalties associated with conduct that may be perceived to violate the laws.”

Because the language of the law is “unclear and untested,” the message reads, “we are advising a conservative approach here, that the university not provide standard birth control itself.”


“I think there’s a lot of fear,” said the employee, who said she cried in her office after receiving the message on Friday afternoon.

“I think about the resident hall advisers. This is the kind of advice they give out if students are sexually active and not ready for a family,” she said. “Now it’s the kind of thing that could get them fired and charged with a felony.”

Mastriano doubles down on abortion restrictions during Pa. governor race


And in recent days, he seems to have abandoned that warier approach to the issue.

At a demonstration opposed to abortion rights, Mastriano told a local TV reporter that abortion was “the single most important issue of our lifetime.” He also made the case explicit during a Thursday-night call with abortion-rights foes hosted by the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania.

"All of our issues are important. And the pro-life issue’s the most important,” he said. “We can fulfill and achieve most of our desires in protecting life when we win on eight November.”

Mastriano repeated that abortion would be decided by the people, adding that “this is your chance to change history.” But he made clear that the stakes for abortion rights in his own election were high.

He pointed out that earlier efforts to restrict abortion — like a so-called “heartbeat bill” that would bar the procedure after 6-weeks — had been unable to surmount a veto. But if elected, he said, “I look forward to signing into law either [a] heartbeat bill or the fetal pain bill” which would also limit abortion access based on contested assertions about whether a fetus feels pain.

SFFD responds to tweet of picture of firefighter wearing shirt modified to read " let's go Brandon"


A San Francisco Fire Department firefighter is facing disciplinary action after a tweet on Saturday showed him wearing a "Let's Go Brandon" T-shirt on official department business, according to KPIX-5.

Mandelman and the SFFD public information officer, had photos of the firefighter, along with two others, at Noe and 18th streets, asking: "s this the new official uniform of the SFFD?"

Less than an hour later, the SFFD PIO responded on Twitter, "This is not the official uniform of the SFFD. This will be handled immediately. Thank you for bringing it to our attention."


Univ north Carolina apologizing for this..handcuffing Sikh student because of his ceremonial knife


Trump's "keep America gay" gaffe goes viral


"I had a miscarriage last night and the first thing I had to do was Google if I broke a law"


California cities took over their houses, then a private company drove them into debt :


Leonard Powell lives in the Berkeley home where he raised six children and worked on a novel with his dying wife. But he barely recognizes the place. Powell can see that his fireplace is gone, the Redwood wainscoting has been removed and new tiles cover the floor.

And he’s stuck with a $1 million bill for upgrades he didn’t want. “I’m not denying the house needed work,” Powell said. “But it didn’t need all that.”

He lost control of his house after the city of Berkeley sued him for code violations and asked a judge to appoint a receiver to fix the problems. The company, the Bay Area Receivership Group, then made the decisions about what to renovate and how to do it.

Powell isn’t only paying for home repairs. Half of the money he owes comes from administrative and legal fees, which ballooned in part as he contested the receivership in court. That’s roughly $500,000 for charges like sending emails, answering phone calls and showing up to court.

“Obviously there’s a profit motive, but the people who love you most are the neighbors,” BARG receiver and president Gerard F. Keena II

Read more at: https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article265457561.html#storylink=cpy

Teens Ding-Dong-Ditch world class cyclist on eve of big race..he spends night in jail for assault

Cycling World Championships Marred By Alleged Ding-Dong-Ditch Assault


Mathieu van der Poel entered World Championships week as one of the strongest contenders to win the rainbow jersey in the men’s road race. It would not be an easy path. ______

This could have been his year. It was not, as he abandoned the race early. He did so because he was arrested and charged with assault after two teenage girls kept ding-dong-ditching him.

Van der Poel’s plan was to get a ton of sleep before the race. “I went to bed early and many children in the hallway of my room found it necessary to knock on the door continuously,” he told Belgian outlet Sporza. “After a few times, I was done with it. I didn’t ask so nicely to stop.” That’s euphemistic language, but basically everyone who knows what happened and has commented on the incident has agreed that van der Poel went too far when dealing with the rude teens. “There were children in the corridor playing and he went out to ask them to stop, but obviously not in the right way,” Alpecin-Deceuninck boss Christoph Roodhooft said.

New South Wales police, however, were more specific in their statement. “It’s further alleged the man then pushed both teenagers, with one falling to the ground and the other being pushed into a wall, causing a minor graze to her elbow,” a spokesperson for the cops told the Guardian.

Van der Poel has denied that he pushed anyone. Still, aside from the severity of van der Poel’s confrontation with the teens, the basic layout of the facts is pretty extraordinary: Two rowdy teenagers were playing, as the Australians call it, Knock and Run or Nicky Nicky Nine Doors on the hotel room door of one of the best riders in the world, said elite rider got so mad he crossed some line in dealing with them, he was up all night at the police station, and he didn’t finish the race.

Trump praised DeSantis' shirtless body as "all muscle" in 2019. Now calling him "fat"



GOP candidate Majewski doubles down on the lies. No record of combat because classified

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